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Insane booties and quick guide how to wear them in 2017

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Get ready for cold season, as I am here to share with you my favorite booties you can wear in 2017. This footwear is extremely popular, so why don't you give it a try? In the following compilation I gathered all my favorite designs and outfit ideas. You just need to choose the ones you like and combine them with your favorite clothing. Go for neutral color leather styles and pair them with midi dresses, like printed styles, boho inspired designs, 1970's, as well as sexy ones, etc. If you don't want to wear dress with these shoes, then you can add customized (ripped, patched, embellished) jeans by tucking, cuffing or wearing over booties. By the way, it's okay to go for loud color booties and have them teamed with classic denim bottoms. As I have already told, I do like bohemian frocks, so why don't you give a try to bohemian maxi gown by styling it with classy or printed ankle boots. When I say print, I mean stripes, flowers, as well as loud punk flourishes. How about teaming ankle boots with safari style jumpsuit? I recommend to stick to one color palette, so you can keep risks to the minimum. One head-to-toe color is one of the best ones to choose. Booties look awesome with mini skirts, all you need is to add short booties, so your legs look longer. Anyway, I think we should take a close up look at polyvore sets, don't you think the same?


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