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How to dress on Fridays this 2017

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It's a perfect day to say hello to Friday! I'd like to share with you stunning polyvore sets you can wear on Fridays. I think this is an ideal day for wearing something more comfortable and casual. For most people Friday is still a working day, that's why it's important to see how your co-workers are dressed before you create new look. See if open-toe shoes are allowed, if a printed clothing is considered to be okay, what about sundresses, jeans and jumpsuits. You need to get a sense for what is appropriate. I personally work in environment were denim is considered to be okay. Look for dark blue or black denim and style it with classic shirts and tops. Your shoes has to be comfortable, but not too much casual, that's why I still advise you to avoid flip-flops and sneakers. Take a break from heels and try on ballet flats, open to mid heel pumps, wedges, kitten heels or strappy sandals. Speaking of your tops, then you can express yourself a bit more freely, that's why you can say hellow to unique patterns and colors. A lovely pastel blouse worn atop structured blazer is a good start, but you can give a try to a feminine blouse, light color tank top worn under blazer, etc. Get creative and start combining your pieces together. Your silhouette has to be practical, not too tight or too loose, fabrics don't have to be sheer or too fuzzy, avoid too bright or too busy prints and colors. Still, you are not allowed to wear sweats, lounge wear, pajamas and other lazy clothing. Scroll down to see more.

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