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Stella (Stylist)

What Are The Best Shoes To Wear In 2017

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I was lucky to find all must-have shoes to wear in 2017. I decided to share with you all my favorite styles to buy for the next hot season. In this post are gathered beautiful flats, sexy heels and comfy sandals. 

Leopard print shoes

The first pair that drives me crazy is the leopard-print heel. Nowadays, this print is considered to be a neutral color, but I remember those times when everyone looked at you as on some kind wild animal! LOL! Keep attention to this bold print, It can be ideally styled with neutral separates. Go for one of these pretty heels for your one and only summer refresh! The hot months is perfect time to give these shoes a try. Shop them right now.

The Classic Sandals

Classic sandals are still in vogue. Keep in mind, this time of year is best for buying them. Why? It's still cold outside and best time to buy clothes for a season is out of season. From demure to daring, from kitted heels to sky-highs, from neutrals to extremely bright colored versions. I have picked up my favorites that are going to be popular this year, so you better be quick and grab the ones that you really like.


How much do you love your flat shoes? This footwear is so on trend and it's gonna be popular for many years. I see lots designers came up with fresh and new updates, offering us smooth suede lace-ups, mannish styles and bright colored versions. Check out my favorites and let me know your thoughts.

Men's Sandals

Men's sandals are back in vogue. If you thought that Birkenstocks is the only mannish footwear, then you were wrong my darling, there are thousands of chic styles to buy.

Floral Shoes

Florals is the same as leopards. They are already timeless must-haves. I found my favorite designs that for sure will make you happy. Here are my perfect picks to help you find your favorites. As you can see, there are pretty chic floral styles in flat designs, as well as in classic pumps, platforms and heeled sandals look.

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Next 2017 is full of shoe trends. I think you should give a try to creative footwear designs, like statement sandals or pumps with clear see-through heels, or the ones with floral appliques, zebra print or leopard spots. Be creative and choose something out of this world! I also recommend to give a try to masculine shoes with low heel, military boots or Oxfords. Studs are back as well! No matter if they are big or small, but they are everywhere! 

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My friend works in one fashion company and she told me that mesh footwear is going to be popular next 2017. It will take the form of caged fabric, strappy sandals, jelly boots and pumps, etc. Open heel boos are also on their way to fashion scene. Metallic hues in shoes are very important as well, think of gold and silver. Western boots are making revenge and of course thigh highs like the ones seen in Pretty Woman are going to hit stores. 

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