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What to wear to a theme park?

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What do you wear when you're going to a theme park? My boyfriend and I are going to Orlando for 10 days, 7 of which will be in the Disney Parks. 

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No matter if it's a Disney World theme park or any other amusement park, you better be dressed appropriately. I am not saying it has to be some kind of fashion catwalk day, but you need COMFORTABLE and STYLISH look. If there is an unofficial dress code for any kind of amusement parks, then your uniform has to feature jean shorts, tank top and comfy trainers. But you can get more creative! You can choose other shorts, much longer than denim ones. Speaking of short shorts, if it's hot outside, you can burn your upper thighs while riding attractions. Yes, you can go for leggings, but your butt has to be covered. That's why add a long tunic or a dress to cover you up. I don't recommend to wear skirts and dresses. Why? Short and mini length can be so short, that everyone will see what color panties you are wearing, plus they are not comfortable for long time wearing. If there will be water activities, make sure yo take a nice printed bandeau bikini top or any other swimwear under your shirt, tee or tunic, so you don't have to worry about looking weird after water drops. Speaking of shoes, it' very personal, but I prefer sandals, but I know ladies who love sneakers. Nevertheless, keep away from high heels and wedges, better try shoes with higher platform. Comfort is the key in theme parks. Don't overdo with jewelry, as it can fall down and you will never find it. Hope these ideas will help you! Wishing a good trip! ;)


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I think you are going to Disney water park in Orlando, am I right? If so, there will be lots of water attractions, so you better be ready for this! Sure, it can be quite tricky to decide what to wear. I guess you don't want to run around in just bathing suit all day long, right? One-piece swimsuits are musts! But if you want to look a bit covered between attractions, then you should add a shawl or semi-sheer kimono to cover your bottom area or go for floral shorts. If there will be lots of water attractions, then the best footwear will be flip flops! You can throw them on and off in between various rides and dips in the pools. If you choose to wear makeup, be sure to use the one that is waterproof and let your hair go natural. Wearing jewelry is very tricky! Don't wear such things you would be upset to lose, dont take bling-bling accessories. I recommend to stick to one bracelet and stud earrings. Make sure your shoes wont fall off on the roller coasters! Take the sunscreen and sunglasses with you reapply it all day long! I think the best clothes apart from bikinis and swimsuits are simple tee, sneakers, shorts and baseball hat. Go for a loose-fitted tank top made of cotton. Be sure to wear shorts or any other bottoms with pockets that close snap or zip. I don't recommend to carry a bag with you. Speaking of shoes, I see lots of gals wearing jelly flat sandals, but I usually go with t-strap sandals. In the evening you can add cardigan to warm up. Here are some inspirational polyvore sets for you: 


water park outfit ideas 1.jpg

water park outfit ideas 2.jpg

water park outfit ideas 3.jpg

water park outfit ideas 4.jpg

water park outfit ideas 5.jpg

water park outfit ideas 6.jpg

water park outfit ideas 7.jpg

water park outfit ideas 8.jpg

water park outfit ideas 9.jpg

water park outfit ideas 10.jpg

water park outfit ideas 11.jpg

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Many amusement parks offer cool evening activities, liek concerts and parades. That's why I recommend to choose day to night outfit. You need comfortable clothes that you can wear all day long, plus it has to be cool enough, so you don't sweat in it, but it has to be warm during evening. What a dilemma, right? Go for basics, simple tee, or airy tank top, denim shorts, lightweight pair of canvas sneakers, or flat sandals made of leather. Get a locker when you arrive during the day at the park, so you can stash layers that you want to add during night. Of course, it depends on the weather, that's why it can be a some sort of cardigan, cozy flannel shirt, oversized boyish sweater, cool skinny jeans, or a pair of tights for night to wear under shorts. I also have polyvore sets to share with you: 

what to wear to theme park 1.jpg

what to wear to theme park 2.jpg

what to wear to theme park 3.jpg

what to wear to theme park 4.jpg

what to wear to theme park 5.jpg

what to wear to theme park 6.jpg

what to wear to theme park 7.jpg

what to wear to theme park 8.jpg

what to wear to theme park 9.jpg

what to wear to theme park 10.jpg

what to wear to theme park 11.jpg

what to wear to theme park 12.jpg

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If you want to look cute and feel comfy at an amusement park, then you better follow my tips and tricks. It's very important to wear functional clothes, as it can be quite cold outside meaning you will freeze yourself up during the stay. Dress according for the weather. Anyway, wear functional garments, but take extra layers with you. But before moving, I highly recommend to check weather forecast. If you go to the park during summer, then dress light and use bright colour clothes. If you are going to visit an amusement park during fall season, then you should go for dark colour clothes. If you are about to visit water park, then you should wear a swimwear underneath. Functional shoes is a must-have. Stay away from flip-flops, they are not comfortable ones. Choose either supportive runners or walking shoes. Stay away from loose fit clothes. Don't wear dangling earrings. Wear clothes with pockets and don't take much stuff with you.

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