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Do you wear band shirts?

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Yes, I am wearing band T-shirts and I love it. I have several favorites, like Nirvana, Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi.I don't have pictures, but I wanted to share with you some thoughts on how to wear these tees on the streets. You might think it's useless, but sometimes I see girls wearing these T-shirts in a very, very wrong way! No matter if you are a young girl, or an adult, you can rock these cool tees in various cool ways. I've got my favorite outfit ideas that I want to share with you. The most easiest one is to try T-shirt with jeans. That's a casual look you can style in different ways, by adding edgy accessories, cool trainers, or sophisticated ankle-boots. If its Summer outside, you can try on band T-shirt with shorts. Shorts can be chinos, tailored, denim or lace. As I have already said, you can easily wear shorts and tee in the summertime, but during cold months you can add tights under shorts. If you are not into casual look, how about keeping things smart-casual and dressy? You just need to add a blazer and formal pants! I am pretty sure you will look awesome wearing fitted blazer and casual band tee. You can try a sexy glamour look by teaming band tee with a cute skirt. A skirt can be in long or short lengths in different colors and prints. I personally like teaming rock band tees with maxi skirts. Anyway, I've got inspirational images to share with you, have a look:

band t-shirt street style 1.jpg

band t-shirt street style 2.jpg

band t-shirt street style 3.jpg

band t-shirt street style 4.jpg

band t-shirt street style 5.jpg

band t-shirt street style 6.jpg

band t-shirt street style 7.jpg





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My favourite band tees are Iron Maiden, The Beatles, Sex Pistols and Nirvana. By the way, I've got several rules for you to follow! If you want to wear band t-shirt, you have to be a huge fan, or at least know the names and lyrics of several songs of the band. I highly don't recommend to tuck the tee in your pants. If the shirt looks new, I recommend to wash it! Believe me, a worn style band shirt looks very very very cool! But don't make it dirty or smelly! I like sleeveless T-shirts, but make sure to trim your pit hairs, I don't think people will like to see the shrub you've sprouted. 

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My favorite band T-shirts are Scorpions, Rammstein, Metallica, Fall Out Boy and Offspring. I also like to wear band shirts with jeans and cute skirts. I don't like adding blazers, but I do like layered looks. When it's a bit cold outside, I add a nice plaid shirt or denim/ leather jacket on. I have several inspirational images to share with you, have a look:

how to wear band tshirt 1.jpg

how to wear band tshirt 2.jpg

how to wear band tshirt 3.jpg

how to wear band tshirt 4.jpg

how to wear band tshirt 5.jpg

how to wear band tshirt 6.jpg

how to wear band tshirt 7.jpg

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Some guy told me that wearing band T-shirts is too childish! I said him to GFY, as I don't give a sh#t what he thinks. Really, it sometimes annoys me when people try to teach me what should I do and what I better avoid. Gosh, it's killing me. I personally think there is nothing wrong in wearing band tee. Of course, you will need to style it right way and avoid wearing to work or job interview. Anyway, there are so many pluses of wearing band t-shirt, for instance, everyone will know about what they can talk to you, this top expresses your individuality. Plus, you can pair it with pretty much anything, but I use to wear it with timeless bottoms, like a cool pair of jeans. All in all, better stop judging the way people dress and look at yourself, maybe you will find something to fix in your outfit.

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