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Jasmine Williams

Sandals wear with socks, is it okay?

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Some ladies love to look like nerds and others want to fight against all canons of fashion. I personally think some socks look great with sandals, but I also see ladies who create really weird looks, but this way they might want to attract attention, I don't know!

When wearing socks looks okay and not fashion faux pas: 

  • If socks are in the same color as your sandals;
  • If socks are long and ideally fits your outfit (best ones are urban looks);
  • If socks are made of mesh fabrics;
  • If socks are in the same color as dress or suit;
  • If socks come in a cool print;
  • If the overall look comes in one color. 

Below are street style images of ladies who appear on the streets wearing sandals with socks (they done it right):












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...but, I found looks in my opinion look weird! These images make me sick! That's what I call fashion faux pas! No I am not telling the whole look is bad, but socks and sandals just don't work together if we look at the whole outfit. Sure, it's my personal opinion, but please reply if I am not right! BUT if I am right, give me reputation! ;) Here are the looks: 

NO Blazer-Dress-Shirt-Leggings-Flat-Sandals-Socks.jpg

NO Crew-Neck-T-Shirt-Full-Skirt-Heeled-Sandals-Backpack-Socks.jpg

NO Socks-And-Sandals-Outfit.jpg

NO Tan-Trenchcoat-Black-Suede-Heeled-Sandals-White-Socks.jpg

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Yep, some socks looks nice with sandals. Of course, you have to be 100% sure, it will look awesome on you. Why so many ladies are obsessed with this look? I think it's all because they want to wear sandals a bit longer than just in the Summer time. You can choose different socks, high ones, short, slouchy ones or sheer. The most important part is the overall look and acceptance. If you like what you see, why can't you wear it. Just say: IDGF! ;) 

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I think it's okay to wear socks with sandals. All you need is to balance your outfit and stay away from a kind of granny look. Choose pretty dress comfy socks and classy sandals. Your socks can be neutral colored or completed in funky prints. Of course, this is not a formal look, that's why you can experiment with different styles.

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