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what should i wear to an interview?

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My congrats to you, Glamlover! Can you be more precise and let me know what kind of job you want to get. It is important, as you can go either formal or a bit relaxed. For big companies, banks and government institutions it's very important to look refined, formal and classy. If you want to work in a fashion company, big magazine, at fashion brand, IT or travel agency, the dress code can be a bit relaxed and informal. So please let me know what kind of job you want to get. Thanks.

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I see. So, you need a formal look then. Here are some ideas you can look for. Be confident and choose clothes that are not skinny nor relaxed. Slim fit is an ideal choice!

interview outfit to wear.jpg

job clothes for interview.jpg

job interview.png








job interview clothes.jpg

job interview clothing .jpg

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Everything depends on the job you are going to apply. But, universal suggestions are the following:

  • keep it comfy;
  • go for slim silhouette;
  • look for classic and neutral colors.

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Dress for success! ;) That's my MOTTO! Look professional and polished. Of course, your attire depends on what job you are applying for. A well-dressed and tidy outfit is a must. If you want to keep things simple, go for a sweater and black tailored pants. Just make sure they fit you well. Once you feel they fit you well, you can pair them with a classic button-down shirt or blouse. Complete your interview outfit with a fitted blazer to create a more formal look. Don't be too boring and add a pretty top with interesting details to soften the overall appearance. Choose shoes with moderate heel height. By the way, you are free to experiment with your button-down shirt. Trust me, they don't have to look boring. Don't limit yourself to the basic white or black ones, try on pink, camel, blue, etc. How about choosing navy blue blazer with white shirt and camel trousers or pencil skirt? You can also try on a classic shirt under V-neck sweater or team it with a printed cardigan. The last but not least is a black dress with black pantyhose. 

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