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  1. It's quite easy. The skinnies are so tight that you can possibly name them to be your second skin, whilst the slim jeans are tight, but they do have a bit room (slim fit are more tight than regular ones, but looser than skinnies). Of course, if you are curvy girl, then you better avoid wearing skinnies, as this type of jeans is mostly worn by slim people. Plus size ladies wear slim fit jeans, that's why they look like they're wearing skinnies. Slim fits are ideal for those ladies who do not want to show their legs in tight position.
  2. The main difference is in the bottom of both dresses. Shift dress is more relaxed at the bottom, whilst the sheath is more fitted, but more relaxed than pencil dress.
  3. I guess we all need inspirational outfit ideas? I've collected my favorite Polyvore sets to get you inspired. I am pretty sure you all gonna love each one of these looks. Anyway, scroll down to see them all and let me know what you think:
  4. You forgot to mention blouses. I think blouse is a perfect way to make blazer look less mannish. Anyway, I am here to share with you my favorite Polyvore sets with all kinds of blazers. Hope you will find something to get inspired by.
  5. Yes, why not? I don't see any WHY not to wear black to church.
  6. Yes you can if you cover it with a suit jacket or a shawl
  7. Shorts should be chinos or tailored. Jeans should be with no holes or tiered look. Wear them with your favorite tops and jackets.
  8. Use only comfortable clothes. No one wants to feel uncomfy while being in a church
  9. Use slim or regular jeans. No rips and tears are allowed for church!
  10. yes. there are thousands church outfits completed with hat!
  11. Classic shirt + sweater + skirt or slim jeans + classic boots and you are ready to go. Keep things relaxed and comfy.
  12. If it's a glamour party, then it can look a bit weird, but fashion is a ridiculous bitch that allows you to wear anything and anywhere!
  13. no, it's okay to wear hats at night. Ladies are allowed to wear hats wherever and whenever they want.
  14. No it's not weird. Weird thing is to wear pink all the time.
  15. It's totally okay. Red is just a color. I used to wear red suit in a church. No problem!
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