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  1. Consumers are seeing the benefits of online shopping. In contrast, only 9% of consumers say they’ll start visiting shops ‘immediately’ once they reopen, with almost half saying they won’t visit at least for some or a long time. A wide range of categories can be expected to benefit from this increase in online shopping; groceries, household essentials, clothes, and personal care products, are set to see the greatest demand. For each of these categories, around 3 in 10 say they are now more likely to order these online for home delivery or in-store pickup. Cosmetics, personal electronics, and smartphones could also benefit significantly (all scoring over 20%). While some consumers might have been driven to this behavior through necessity or boredom initially, we’re seeing a broadening of the ecommerce audience and a diversification of items being browsed and purchased. What’s more, about a quarter want to spend more time browsing online in advance of visiting a store, suggesting that “webrooming” will see an increase at least in the short-term (with a consequent decrease in “showrooming”, whereby consumers browse in-store before looking for the best price online).
  2. We’ve been tracking how consumers’ mindsets, behaviors, and motivations throughout this period have changed. As with all our COVID-19 dedicated research the data and reports are free and ungated for everyone to access. While shining a lens on the online shopping space in particular, it’s becoming clearer which trends will continue to gain momentum. Our research shows 62% of consumers approve of brands continuing to sell non-essential products via their websites. But in this new era of online shopping, whether or not consumers choose to buy from brands online is a different story.Extracting key insights from the most recent coronavirus study we fielded in 17 markets around the world, we get to the heart of what retail brands should do to create a compelling online shopping experience that sees results. Retail sectors stand to benefit from increased online shopping and a broadening ecommerce audience. There are strong indications online shopping should see a long-term boost, hence, those who invest in it will see the biggest return. 40% of respondents in our 17-market study say they’ll buy more things online for home delivery after the pandemic, with global figures consistent by gender income and age.
  3. Lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease in various parts of the world, a welcome move viewed by many as a sign of hope. Consumers hope a semblance of normality will return to their everyday lives. For brands struggling to make sales, hope is akin to survival: the chance to move forward, win back customers and gradually recoup lost income.
  4. i have noticed that i have posted vera wang collection and few other posts. but i am still not able to view those posts. Have i posted them wrong way ? would anyone please guide me please ?
  5. If you're wearing a deep-plunging v-neck dress, you are definitely going for the wow factor. While it's possible to wear simple earrings and a choker necklace, a longer necklace is a more interesting option. A long pendant necklace works well. One stylish option is a simple choker and pendant combination. The pendant hangs on your collarbone, but you then add longer and longer necklaces until you reach the desired length. In fact, any kind of layered chain would be a good choice. Carefully layered strands fill up the space left open by the neckline, but they are subtle enough so they don't overcrowd the area. Lariat necklaces are also an excellent choice here. In fact, any long necklace will lengthen your torso, giving you a leaner look and making you appear taller.
  6. There are few things more nerve-wracking than deciding what to wear to a wedding. Wedding guest attire can be complicated — especially if the invitation is vague. If you have been invited to a wedding and aren't quite sure what to wear, keep in mind that there are certain guidelines to follow based on the time of day of the ceremony as well as the formality. As a very general rule, women wear dresses and men should wear a suit. Your suit should not be black, and your dress should not be white. However, as soon as you add in dress code requirements like "black tie optional," or "cocktail attire," you have a much more specific look to achieve.
  7. I was the part of discussion when I heard that a guest was asking to attend a wedding party wearing her white gown. Just wondering if this happens to someone's wedding what they will do.
  8. Elie Saab Bridal Dresses are always my favorite
  9. Wow these are very sleek and stylish pieces and i must say awesome work.
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