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  1. My favorites are flat sandals, sabot and decolletè. Look at my favorites italian craftsmanship below:
  2. Here my first topic for our great forum!! I love woman's shoes and glamour style!! Do ya think about this shoes? LORENZO MASIERO, NOT ONLY BOOTS BUT ALSO SHOES WITH AN EXCLUSIVE COMFORT! The wonderful spring-summer 2017 Lorenzo Masiero collection is composed by different type of shoes, from the elegant to the classic and the sporting, an exclusive comfort guaranteed from the Lorenzo Masiero’s craftsmanship recognized as an excellence of Made in Italy. The new collection is composed by: ballerinas, sandals, sabot, decollettes, booties and oxfords; all handmade products realized with new memory technology that allows the foot to adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot and after the use it returns to the initial state. We invite you to visit all the new Spring-Summer collection in our web-site. http://www.calzmasiero.com/
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