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  1. I heard red clothing is inappropriate for wearing to a wedding, am I right? Or can I wear it? Please tell me!
  2. Will I look weird and misplaced, if I wear black clothes to a wedding?
  3. Are there any clothes or accessories I should avoid at the wedding?
  4. Hello! I need to know what clothes I can wear to church in Winter season? Is there something universal and classical?
  5. Pls, give me some ideas and advices on what to wear to church right now.
  6. Is there anything that is not allowed to wear to church?
  7. It's really hot right now, so I was wondering what to wear to church in Summer time?
  8. I am sick of wearing dresses and skirts, that's why I was wondering if it's okay to wear shorts or jeans to church?
  9. Will I look weird wearing red clothes to church?
  10. I was wondering if I can wear tank tops to the church? Will I look weird or it's okay?
  11. I am invited to my best friend wedding. I was wondering if there are colors I should avoid wearing to a wedding?
  12. I have a question regarding church clothes. Is it normal to wear a completely black clothes at church? Or should I avoid all black looks?
  13. I finish my work at 5:30 and have no time to change before visiting church. I usually wear slim jeans. I want to know if it's okay to wear jeans to church, or it's not acceptable?
  14. I am 25 and I started to visit church. I have a question regarding hats. Do I need to take it off, or it's okay to leave it on my head?
  15. I see many ladies wear caps at night, no matter if they are indoors or outdoors. Is it okay and acceptable?
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