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  1. Hello, Dear Paula. Long story short, YES, you can wear this white-black dress to a wedding. This two-piece dress looks formal and it is okay to wear it for special events. Just make sure to cover your shoulders with a colorful or printed shawl, lightweight cardigan/ kimono or a blazer, this will make you look more like a guest, not like a bride.
  2. Black Jeggings and black-white check shirt dress combination for cool summer nights can be finished up with simple white sandals (heeled sandals, simple Birks for a casual walk), just don't forget to add skin socks for an extra warmth (they can be placed in your handbag during the day).
  3. Wow, I love the red ones and snakeskin printed pumps! What is the brand?
  4. I want to know how can I create punk lady outfit? Should I follow fashion trends? What clothes I can wear to look like a real punk?
  5. Forget about modern fashion, latest trends...it's time to express your inner spirit and show-off your unique style! That's what comes in my mind when I think of modern punk style. Today's fashion brands offer us interesting punk rock clothes and accessories, but I do recommend to keep everything more DIY and stick to things that are more personal. Forget about mainstream and choose something that makes you happy. Sure, this look is more appropriate for young ladies and guys, but you can also create something punk inspired when you get older. Think of ripped clothes, Dc. martens, short hair, simple neutral color tees or rock band t-shirts. Once you are a punk, you are always punk at heart.
  6. Arnhem offers beautiful clothes for Summer trips. I am so in love with these bright print maxi gowns, grey-brown V-neck sleeveless tops tucked in flirty printed skirts, crochet tank tops in white color teamed with mini printed skirts, as well as lightweight tunic dresses.
  7. You can never have too many boho style outfits. Bo and Luca did a great job! As you can see they offer lightweight clothes, including sweet white maxi gowns, short frocks with open backs, etc. Everything is white colored and ready to wear.
  8. It looks like gypsy and boho theme will never go out of style! Every brand tries to promote it in their new collections. The same thing happened to Culturella. As you can see, their latest campaign features awesome and creative combos, relaxed jumpsuits, printed maxi gowns, etc.
  9. An interesting collection for ladies who want to feel relaxed during their getaways. As you can see, model appears in relaxed clothes, wearing lightweight tunics, sheer white gowns, spaghetti strap slipdresses, halter neck frocks and other cute combinations. Hope you like these chic clothes the same as me.
  10. LoveShackFancy is a great label for ladies who want to underline their individuality. As you can see, this Summer 2017 is full of great looks, you can try on lightweight white rompers, crochet white maxi gowns, semi-sheer white dresses, tunic frocks and other eye-catching outfits. I definitely recommend to buy one of these creations.
  11. Lack of Color is an ideal way to underline your uniqueness. Yes, most of these outfits are for casual day-offs, but look how they are done. Just a small detail can make these clothing combinations very creative. In love with flared jeans, white dotted dark blue shirts tucked in high-waisted navy-blue front-buttoned skirts, etc. What really inspires me, then it's the headwear.
  12. A perfect outfit for casual weekends. In this collection are gathered stunning outfits that will make you look creative and unique. I am talking about printed separates completed with fur vests, lace-up neck blouses tucked in printed skirts, suede jackets worn atop white maxi gowns, as well as bell-sleeve dresses embroidered with flower embellishments. I would love to try on these creative ideas.
  13. Wow, I do like these cute outfits. Every style is so special and underlines lady's individuality. Look at off-shoulder frocks, wide sleeve shortened front-tied shirts, V-neck wrap romper-dresses, dark red long dresses, and off-shoulder blouses. I am 100% sure, every girl will find here something gorgeous.
  14. Free People always gives us something special and awesome! I am so happy to see these gorgeous outfit ideas, where model appears in so many chic combinations, like floral blouses, eye-catching tunic dresses with deep V-necks and cut-outs on the sleeves, ribbed knit slouchy sweaters half-tucked in high-waisted suede shorts embellished with fringes, double-breasted black blazers completed with black fedora hats, as well as black-white printed ponchos and boho chic gowns.
  15. Hippies go wild! In love with maroon velvet jumpsuits, peasant dresses, pretty tops teamed with front-buttoned suede skirts, as well as with green maxi gowns that look country-inspired. I recommend to see all outfits and copy them next week.
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