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  1. RafaelCotner

    What pants will make you look trendy this 2017

    Great ideas! I think another type of pants which can be really stylish are the Khaki pants! They can be teamed with a crisp or even a contrasting t-shirt. Recently I altered my sister's medical uniform which was a khaki pant, (which she recently bought after seeing it on this page) and teamed it up with my favorite cardigan! It looked really classy as well refreshing! So even a uniform can be turned into a really stylish outfit with some alterations!
  2. RafaelCotner

    What's your favourite type of shoes?

    My favorites are ankle length boots and flats!
  3. RafaelCotner

    What necklace to wear with a v-neck wedding dress?

    I agree with Cameron! One can never go wrong with a classic pearl necklace!