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  1. Hello Dear Trask! It's nice to have you here. So, your question is about wearing short leather jacket atop longer tops (sweaters). Right? General speaking, there is nothing wrong in wearing such combo, just make sure your sweater doesn't look bulky under leather topper. When I say BULKY, I mean the one that looks extra big on you. This can make you feel uncomfortable while wearing leather jacket on top. You can try slouchy sweater under it, but keep the balance and proportions. If you don't want to risk, then go for a slim sweater that will be a perfect match for wearing under leather outerwear. You also mentioned that most of time you look very casual, right? That's where creativity comes! You are free to try brightened sweaters under neutral color leather jackets. I personally wear Looney Tunes orange-red knitted top under Diesel black leather jacket. By the way, you can try sweater-dress under leather outerwear. Hope these ideas will help you out!
  2. If you are going to attend bacherlorette party, then you definitely need an appropriate outfit. In this post I want to share with you my favorite bridesmaid outfits you can use in 2017. This is not bridal shower, that's why it's up to bride what you are about to wear. This is just another pre-wedding event. Most such parties take place during the weekend. I remember one bachelorette party where was a free dress code, I was invited for a lunch that was like a brunch. You can go for a party where bride asks you to come in mismatched mini dresses, that's why you are free to try on sparkling, embellished styles, or go for a stylish jumpsuit, but choose the one that really can create a perfect impression. I love to see ladies wearing printed maxi gowns, look for the one that makes you stand-out...but before ask others if they will dress the same. I remember my friend went to one bridesmaid party where everyone was dressed in floral print frocks. Keep it cool with something original, how about wearing whit shirts and black pants? This will make you look boyish, but your bride to be girl gonna like it! I see many women choose tulle skirts or dresses, well, it's not original, but you can give it a try. There are other cool styles you can gige a try, just take a close up look and scroll down to see all my favorite ideas.
  3. I guess it's time to speak about wedding day outfit ideas to try on next 2017. If you are a invited as a guest, then I've got interesting Polyvore sets featuring astonishing looks you can recreate this year. Be sure, there will be no need to stress out of wedding dressing, as I have gathered amazing looks you can easily copy without any problem. As you can see, there is no outfit that can steal the spotlight or overshadow bride's gown. In this collection are seen beautiful lace dresses, A-line styles, bodycon frocks, pencil, shift, skater, tea, wrap, as well as strapless maxis, pretty suits that can be worn during and after wedding. I think every girl who was invited this 2017 to a wedding is reading this right now and there is nothing wrong in searching for an inspiration. As you can see, there is no big problem being best dressed during the wedding. Whether you arr attending an open-air wedding in a sunny country, or a modern city ceremony, there will always be a perfect look for you. Look for simple and stylish outfits if you are heading to a city sleek ceremony. I do recommend to choose a modern style dress with clean lines, graphic print or in a neutral color palette. If you are attending a country style wedding, then you should give a try to traditional, semi-formal looks, completed with fancy head accessories and classy jewelry. If you are up to a romantic retro wedding event, then you should choose timeless vintage inspired outfits that are ideal for elegant celebrations. Scroll down to find out more.
  4. Hi girls and ladies! This time we are going to discuss incredible looks you can try on bridal shower or what can you wear to impress everyone around during bridal preparation this 2017. The wedding preparation is a hard thing, but I think it's totally worht it! It's no secret, everyone wants to look fancy and individual during bridal event. I'd like to share with you interesting looks you can try on bridal showers, I am more than sure you will have a great opportunity to choose a stunning look from the following Polyvore sets. I gathered perfect examples you can get inspired by. Before choosing a dress, you will need to follow several steps. First of all, you should consider the bride and her personality. You should ask her what can you wear, or if she is a well known person, then you already know her sense of style, so you can wear something that will make her pleased. If your wedding shower is going to be in the day time, then you can try on something fancier, like a pretty chic dress, if it's going to be in the evening, then you probably should go for a going out outfit. Consider the place where the upcoming event will be held. If it's her parents house, then you should try on something more simple, if it takes place in a fancy restaurant, then you definitely should go for a glamour outfit, but keep it simpler than bride's frock. If you are going to have an in house bridal shower, then you better go for a slipdress and compliment it with an elegant necklace and pretty low heel shoes. If you ate attending a more casual setting, then you better try on something playful, like a cool romper and chic wedge sandals. Anyway, get inspired by the following images and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
  5. It's believed that Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn which can cause distress to a person for a long period of time, that's why main colors of this day are black, blue, indigo or dark grey. If you don't give a F#@k, then you are free to wear whatever you want, sure it depends on where you are going to...a brunch, special formal event, home party, night club or simply lounge by the pool, nevertheless, you need something that is comfortable, makes you feel and look good. Sure, it's a very personal thing, as for one lady cut-out detailing might appear normal and for other it can be too much provocative. We are all different and that's why we have so many opinions regarding fashion, culture and politics. Anyway, no matter if it's a spring, summer or winter, we can find plenty of inspirational looks we can use in order to look awesome next Saturday. As I have already mentioned, you are free to wear whatever you want, all depends on the event you are going to visit. Trust me, there will be a perfect outfit for every girl! If it's a cool party that is considered to be casual, then you definitely should give a try to coated floral skinny jeans in metallic hue, silken slip tank and edgy looking black leather jacket, if it's a cocktail party with a casual dress code, then you definitely should give a try to a sleeveless button down shirt in white color with sequined collar and tuck it into sexy leather pencil skirt, if it's a glamour party, then go for a cute LBD completed with lace embroidery, or go for a comfy super short mini dress in floral print with long sleeves and complete it with eye catching pale yellow accessories, like ankle strap pumps and shoulder bag. The weekend is yours, all you need is a chic styling that will take you from brunch and beyond! The key is having a truly great time, so get inspired by the following ideas.
  6. Let's talk about awesome 2017 outfit ideas you can use on Thursdays. It's one day before casual Friday, but we still strangely nervous about possible looks we can create in order to look fresh and elegant. I am here to help you out my dear reader! There is no doubt about deciding what you gonna wear tomorrow... a day in advance! I do have some outfit ideas for you to share with. In this compilation are gathered stunning Polyvore sets you can get inspired by. Try on basic wrap dresses in a neutral color that can be worn in a variety of ways. I am pretty sure, it will give you many options and ways to wear it. Why neutral color? The more color coordination, the more outfit options you have. The versatility is very important! Wear something business casual, let it be jeans, but make them look elegant, it's very important to choose slim-fit denim. By the way, slim or skinny jeans look awesome paired with fitted blazers and leather jackets. Don't go for edgy or mannish outfits they will make you look outdated. Anyway, I think you should take a close up look at these polyvore sets...let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
  7. Hi, everyone! It's time to speak about Wednesday fashion and how to dress in the mid of the week in the upcoming year. Sure, you might say it's just the mid of week, but you still need to look good and fresh. I know many girls and ladies who feel squeezed all because of hard work, that's why we all need something that can make us look confident & cool. Choosing clothes for Wednesday, or any other day of the week, you should choose qualitative fabrics, like Italian Merino Wool, Mongolian Cashmere, Chinese Silk, Japanese Denim, Irish Linen, etc. No matter if it's Summer or Fall outside, you still need something to underline your uniqueness. I have put together impressive work and leisure outfit ideas you can get inspired by. The point of these images is to help you figure out what really fits you and how to make these clothes work for you in everyday life. For some of you this might look like a waste of time, but I do recommend to take a close up look, as I worked hard to gather these ideas in one place. Try on white trousers and make them look professionally, trust me, white can be a great color for work and simple Wednesday street walks on the town. Go for ankle length pants and team them with comfortable flats, neutral color tank top and bright color blazer, the result gonna look and feel very professional. If you are more into colors, then give a try to colored pants. Some might find it boring for sticking to neutrals, that's why I do recommend to try on classic bright color trousers and keep the rest of your clothes neutral. Anyway, scroll down to see incredible dresses, skirts, jeans and tops you can use on Wednesdays!
  8. Tomorrow is Tuesday and I am more than happy to share with you my favourite outfit ideas for those who want to find an impressive wardrobe solution on Monday night. Yes, following 2017 outfit ideas are meant for those who want to dress to impress. I gathered both casual, as well as work appropriate ideas you can try during hot Summer and chilly Winter days. You are free to look preppy by wearing a cozy sweater teamed with pleated trousers and ankle strap heeled sandals, or keep it all white in a white frock completed with pretty loafers and mirrored sunglasses, or go for classic washed blue jeans and style them with striped sweater and classy black leather sandals. The thing about Tuesdays is that you can't know for sure what to expect, this is just a start of a working or school week, but you can suddenly be invited to a very special party or event. This collection of Polyvore fashion sets will show you typical ladies outfit ideas you can try on Tuesdays. I do agree with you, these days it's not so simple to find clothes you can rely on, that can be easily thrown on without any discomfort. Tuesday is a day when you are not thinking about dressing up or down, you just want to look good. You might ask me, where to start. I think you should take a tour through these cool ideas and let me know what you think.
  9. Get ready for cold season, as I am here to share with you my favorite booties you can wear in 2017. This footwear is extremely popular, so why don't you give it a try? In the following compilation I gathered all my favorite designs and outfit ideas. You just need to choose the ones you like and combine them with your favorite clothing. Go for neutral color leather styles and pair them with midi dresses, like printed styles, boho inspired designs, 1970's, as well as sexy ones, etc. If you don't want to wear dress with these shoes, then you can add customized (ripped, patched, embellished) jeans by tucking, cuffing or wearing over booties. By the way, it's okay to go for loud color booties and have them teamed with classic denim bottoms. As I have already told, I do like bohemian frocks, so why don't you give a try to bohemian maxi gown by styling it with classy or printed ankle boots. When I say print, I mean stripes, flowers, as well as loud punk flourishes. How about teaming ankle boots with safari style jumpsuit? I recommend to stick to one color palette, so you can keep risks to the minimum. One head-to-toe color is one of the best ones to choose. Booties look awesome with mini skirts, all you need is to add short booties, so your legs look longer. Anyway, I think we should take a close up look at polyvore sets, don't you think the same?
  10. Listen up, ladies! I have good news for you tonight, you can give a try to over the knee boots next 2017 as they will make you look fabulous in the upcoming year. Some of you might find this footwear very pretty woman inspired, but I find them gorgeous, ladylike and luxe. Some of you might say they are very hard to style, but I think all you need is just a bit of experience and outfit ideas. In this compilation are gathered stunning Polyvore sets featuring cool OTK boots and cool clothing ideas you can combine these shoes with. In this post you are going to see a beautiful range of OTK boot styles you can try next 2017. No matter if you wear suede or leather boots, you can try them on with black or dark color slim jeans, or with pretty shift or any other loose-fit dress embellished with lace on the hem. If you are going to wear following boots in the right way, then you definitely don't need to worry about anything. If you decided to wear OTK then you should keep the rest of your outfit low-key. I am pretty sure these shoes will freshen up your boot wardrobe! Anyway, scroll down to see my favorite Polyvore sets.
  11. That's a stunning 2017 boot guide! In today's article I want to share with you a stunning collection of my favorite boots styles all ladies should have in the upcoming year. Of course, every girl knows that ankle boots are must-haves, but there are lots of other styles you can play with next year. There are cool designs every woman can have in her closet. I've created this stunning compilation that features amazing Polyvore sets with different boots. You can try on Chelsea boots which have major moment right now, they look very rock and roll inspired. You can find shiny patent styles, as well as classic suede version, etc. There are cool and sexy stiletto boots that are meant for dressy occasions. They combine a look of cold weather boots and a great pair of heels. If you have balls and want to look grungy, then I do recommend to try on moto boots. They are extremely functional and can be worn with ripped jeans or you can play with vibrancy by teaming these shoes with feminine dresses. If the weather is good, then you definitely should give a try to open toe booties. This might be one of the most paradoxical fall season footwear. If you want to play wild and make your outfit look creative, then try on western boots. Over the knee boots are very hot this season and I highly recommend to try on the ones made of suede. The trick to building a perfect wardrobe is to create a comfortable combination that will be completed with multifunctional basics and footwear is one of them. Scroll down to find your favorite Polyvore set.
  12. Yes, I am a big fan of brogues and I'd like to share with you some of the best outfit ideas you can copy this 2017 to underline your individuality. Of course, it can be quite tricky to find the ones you will feel yourself comfortable in, but it's possible. You might say these shoes are too much menswear inspired, but I find them increasingly popular and I bet you all gonna love this footwear, all you need is to find the one that suits you well and you feel yourself comfortable in. I do recommend to create a dressy look that will give this masculine style of shoe a feminine twist. Think of wearing brogues with shift dresses, flirty skirts, full-skirted dresses or sexy shorts. I know women who keep things boyish, by teaming brogues with tuxedo inspired suits. If you want to create an androgynous evening look, then it's a perfect time for a start. All you need is to team black brogues with a slim fitted pantsuit. I do like to see women who wear brogues casually. All you need is to pair light colored brogues with washed or faded jeans and cool sweater. Or go for skinny jeans and nice blazer. Brogues are not just for the bboys, you can style this footwear with different separates and dresses. If you do like creative looks, then you better give a try to a more eclectic look, by teaming bright color brogues with maxi dress or skirt. Anyway, scroll down this post to see the most outstanding Polyvore sets you can copy next year.
  13. If you are looking for mannish style shoes that still look elegant, then you should give a try to Chelsea boots. In this post you are going to see fabulous outfit ideas you can create with Chelsea boots. Trust me, all these looks are going to make you look fab next 2017. You are free to wear them with rolled up skinnies, or tuck them inside your slim jeans, or wear over the boots. I do love to see women who pair Chelsea boots with black tights and sexy skirt, or with dresses. It's fair to say, Chelsea boot is a perfect addition to any wardrobe. I personally like these shoes for versatility and amazing combination ideas. This is a kind of footwear design you can have in your closet for decades. Most Chelsea boots are low and roomy, that's why you can pair them with all kind of clothing, starting from casual to semi-formal looks. I do recommend to try them on with shift dresses, slim trousers and plaid shirts, crispy white shirts and black leather shorts, classic blue jeans and striped tops, etc. This footwear works great with various clothes, all you need is to find a perfect combo. I personally favour one bottom piece that can be easily paired with Chelsea boots and its name is skinny jeans. Anyway, scroll down to see best outfit ideas you can try on from Mondays to Sundays.
  14. I've got great ideas how you can make your everyday looks more attractive, I gathered cool ideas how to wear Oxford shoes in 2017. Today's fashion offers all kinds of Oxfords, starting from classic mannish style designs, to glamorous and colorful, as well as silver metallic ones. These shoes are comfortable to wear and they are effortlessly chic for ladies who want to look different and individual. You can find flat Oxfords, as well as the ones with medium heel height. Of course, there are Oxfords with high heels, but I don't find them versatile enough to be worn in everyday life. Whether you combine Oxfords with dresses, jeans or shorts, you will always look fabulous and graceful. You can find so many fabulous street style looks completed with these shoes. This design is a variation on the classic Oxfords that is constructed of a single piece of leather. I am more than sure you will enjoy Oxfords, as they are extremely comfortable during the walks and you will definitely create different stylish and trendy combos. Scroll down to see my favorite ideas how to make this footwear work for you.
  15. This time I am going to share with all of you stylish outfit ideas for those who refuses to wear high heels. Yes, I am talking about flat shoes you can try on next 2017. Flats are one of the best shoes, they are not only comfy and easy to wear, but there are dozens of cool designs you can try this year. I strongly recommend to try at least some of the shown ideas. Trust me, wearing flats can be a cool addition to any type of outfit. By the way, shorts, trousers and skirts look amazing with flats, no matter what length you choose. I know lots of girls who use flat pumps at their offices. The most popular colors for work are nude, black or blush flats. Sure, those of you who work in a more creative offices, I do recommend to try on patterned or bright color flats. During Summer you can go for comfy flat peep toes and for winter I do recommend to try bootie style flats. Believe me, wearing flats will make you effortlessly chic. Enough talking about work, I advise you to think of smart-casual outfits that can be completed with biker style ankle boots, flat loafers, pointed toe flat loafers, flat mules, caged flat sandals, leather slides, military boots, kicks, metallic brogues, etc. All in all, I think it's the right time to take notes and see all by yourself.
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