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  1. http://www.boohoo.com/search?q=printed+maxi+skirt there are some designs
  2. Hey, Diana! If you are 57, then you can try something low-heeled, like mannish brogues or Oxfords in black or white color. This will make you look Tomboy chic without overdoing or looking misplaced.
  3. I think everything depends on your personal style. Punk rock fashion is not about trends, it's more inner spirit that can easily underline your personality. I am talking about things that are very important for you, like a rock band T-shirt bought on a concert, DIY ripped jeans, personally colored trainers, etc. This is not just about buying some stuff that looks rock and punk inspired. It's the process of collecting personal stuff and then wearing it in your everyday life. All you need is to take a close-up look through inspirational street style images.
  4. Hi everyone! I'd like to know how to prevent appearing wrinkles at the knees of leggings? Can someone please advise me something? Thanks!
  5. I bet you love patchwork fashion the same as me! This time I am going to share with you incredible patchwork pieces and best ways how to make them look great on you next 2017. I personally love the way these creations are teamed with everyday essentials. Every designer tries to create something amazing by offering its clients stunning patchwork pieces, like statement dresses, sheer patchwork tops, midi patch skirts, denim trench coats, evening gowns, stunning ponchos, etc. Patchwork trend is great again! I am not afraid to say that patchwork is an art in the world of fashion. I've noticed a great amount of patchwork pieces offered by various designer brands this year and it's no wonder why, as the result looks insanely creative and hot! It's no surprise, as we all want to wear something playful, unique, whimsical that can be worn both casually and dressy. Frankly speaking, the amount of combined prints, logos, patterns and embellishments I see all around inspires me! I just can't get enough! It gives us a chic and laid-back vibe that can be worn in different ways.
  6. Oversized fashion is not just something outdated, it's functional and can be always modernized. Believe me, there are different ways to wear this trend and I am here to show you best outfit ideas you can try this 2017! If you are afraid of looking like a bag lady, then you definitely should see best ways how to make things look great on you. This trend is ideal for cold Winter days, slouchy and comfortable clothes always find themselves on the fashion radar. Sure, oversized clothing isn't always flattering, so you better stay on the right path this year, by choosing an appropriate casual baggy sweater and fashionable tailored oversized coat. The most important part of this trend is to make the rest of your clothes fit you, I mean, you better balance out proportions, by pairing baggier tops or sweaters with fitted bottoms, for instance, skinny jeans look awesome with big chunky knit sweater. You can also balance out your look with short hemlines, go for oversized jacket and team it with short skirt or shorts. If you think your baggy coat, oversized jacket or cardigan looks too baggy on you, then you better cinch it in! Trust me, once you give a baggy cardigan some shape by cinching it at the waist, you will definitely look much more creative. But keep the rest of your outfit streamlined. There is also another very important thing to follow and it's sticking to ONE oversized piece in your outfit. Another tip is trying on different textures. Go for chiffon and silk fabrics that look ethereal and flowy...this looks way better than big and chunky knits. Give some height to your oversized look by adding sexy heels, or you can keep your top slim and choose maxi skirt or wide trousers. The last but not least is keep on experimenting! Stick to clothes that are already have been designed to be oversized than buying a piece that is two sizes bigger. Hope these ideas gonna help you to wear big clothes without drowning in them. Make sure you balance your outfit, as it's all about what you are wearing your oversized pieces with.
  7. If you are one of those girls who wants to put a feminine spin on sporty style, then you definitely should red this! The sporty modern look is not borrowed from the boys, so it looks super cool and incredibly comfortable. First thing that popped in my mind is an easy top, sweatshirt, crop top with a sporty edge with striped cuffs or neck, or with cut-out shoulders. You can team this athletic top with something short and fitted on the bottom, like shorts, skort or wrap skirt. A sporty bodycon dress is another must-try that looks sporty and can be easily paired with cool sneakers. I personally love the ones with high necklines and open back. This super sexy frock is a perfect choice for wearing evening sports events. Most people call it sport-con dress. Another great piece for those who want to look super glam-sporty is a sport bag, in the form of backpack or duffel bag. Choose the one printed in florals or the one with metallic pastels in boxier silhouette. By the way, sporty theme is all about coordinating sets...I mean go for athletic inspired details and try to team sports uniform top with matching bottoms. These separates can be completed with bright sneakers or wedges. Speaking of footwear, then you definitely should give a try to fashion sneakers. They are fun, cool and easy to style in your everyday life. Look for original design in tweed or snakeskin. By the way, net booties might look sexy, but they also have a kind of sports spirit, am I right? Another must-try is a cropped sweatshirt. If you don't want to expose your stomach, then you better pair it with a high-rise skirt, shorts or jeans. A jersey inspired T-shirt can be either in form of a cropped tee or in an exaggerated fit. Go for tops that can be half-tucked into denim cut-offs, or make an impression by sporting a big one that looks more like a dress. There is an ideal Summer layering and it's an organza jacket or pullover that can be worn over solid color neutral tank tops. If there is a sporty LBD, then it's a sophisticated T-shirt dress. Look for lovely dresses completed in sheer lace, floral silk and feminine details. The last but not least are sheer track pants...I am so in love with sheer panels, they look sexy and sophisticated.
  8. Hi everyone! If you want to master slouchy and unstructured look, then you should know several tricks to make things great and chic. I personally love relaxed looks, but sometimes it seems hard to pull off this trend, as I think I appear baggy and dull. I'ev spoken with one of my best friends who is a stylist, and she told me I don't need to worry about anything. I need to follow simple rules. Here they are: You will need to show a little skin in ankle, wrist, knees area. Believe me, your slouchy pants wont look so baggy when you show a little bit of your ankle skin, this will help you demonstrate what is your shape and how skinny you are. The same effect can be achieved with oversized sweater. But the most important thing might be the balance of volume...that is going to look awesome with slim clothing, I mean, slim t-shirt looks great with slouchy sweatpants or joggers, an oversized sweater looks cool with leggings. I think it's one of the greatest advises. Well, if you are not into such combo, then you are free to pair fluid with structured clothing. But such combo looks sloppy on some women. Like it or not, but you should pay attention to pleats. This update can either break or make your look. All you need is to continue experimenting with your outfits.
  9. Hmm... I guess you should wear scrubs to school if only you work in hospital after classes or before. As far as I know, there are no dress code in nurse schools or any other medicine colleges.
  10. This fashionable skirt flatters all body types. What I love the most about it, you can dress it up or down, as you like! The simplicity of wraparound skirt makes me crazy. Of course, this bottom piece comes in different styles, cuts, colors and prints, but you can wear it as you wish. It features a conservativeness of a pencil skirt and playfulness thanks to a slit. As I have already mentioned, you can wear it anywhere you want, starting from office to cocktail hours. All you need is to choose an appropriate top, layer and shoes. Use a halter top in neutral color and slim blazer to underline your professionalism and style it with a heavy knit sweater for weekends. I suggest to wear knee-length styles, as they are more versatile than midis and minis. Anyway, don't be afraid to experiment!
  11. This year we having empire waist dresses back on the fashion track, that's why it's no wonder why lots of women want to try these cute frock on. Yes, the main problem is that many ladies have problems while wearing these clothes, as they look like they're pregnant. To avoid this, you will need to look for styles made of drapey loose fabrics, like cotton jersey, silk charmeuse. Make sure it doesn't add extra weight under your bust, plus the tightest part of the top should cinch just below your bustline. Believe me, too-high waist will make your breasts look squished, while a too low waist will make an illusion of droopiness. The following dresses styles look better in darker shades. Choose either long sleeved or 3/4 sleeve versions, as they look more flattering.
  12. I personally suggest you to buy ski pants with suspenders or you can try on salopettes. Some of swno pants can be a bit bulky because of their inner liner. These trousers should be a bit longer than your regular pants or jeans. Why? These pants should have extra length to cover up your boots. I know many ski pants that have a snow skirt at the bottom of the hem that fits over the top of the boots, this prevents snow getting inside your feet. If your salopettes are short, you risk your trousers slightly ride up your leg. Trust me, if your ski pants are a bit longer, then you won't have such problem!
  13. It's a bit of surprise for me that you want to know how to wear a black A-line dress, as you have already tried bright color and printed ones. I think black one is very easy to style. All you need is to show off your creativity by adding fancy jewelry or accessories on. For instance, try on drop earrings, shiny bracelet and glossy black pumps for a cocktail party, or use stud earrings with a cute necklace for a meeting with partners. just keep things simple and classy.
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