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  1. I might have a dumb question that might be an off topic in fashion world. Anyway, I am a student in nursing school (starting ASN program). Anyway, my question is following: do nursing students wear scrubs in their regular everyday classes?
  2. I was thinking of buying a wraparound long skirt, but have no idea how to wear and style it. Maybe someone can help me? Would be nice to know attractive ways how to wear long wrap skirts in real life. Thanks!
  3. So, I have a problem. No matter which empire waist dress I try on, it automatically makes me look pregnant. Maybe you know some essential styling tips for empire waist dresses that won't make me look pregnant? Thanks!
  4. Hello there friends! I want to buy ski clothes this year, but I don't know what ski pants and salopettes length for women should be. Can someone please tell me? Thanks!
  5. I have an inverted triangle body, that's why I wear A-line dresses, they balance out my broad shoulders. The thing is, I always used to wear bright or printed styles. I decided to try on black colored A-line frock, but don't know how to style it. Can someone please help me?
  6. Can someone please tell me how should halter-neck dresses be worn during work hours? I want to buy one next week, but I have no idea how to style it. Please advise.
  7. I am a big fan of maxi dresses. The thing is, sooner or later we all gonna experience frosty mornings, that's why I was wondering is there a chance to wear maxi dress during winter season? Can someone please tell me interesting outfit ideas I can recreate?
  8. If there is one trend I haven't tried yet, then it's high-waisted bottoms. I do want to try it, but don't know how to make it right. I want to buy a high waisted skirt next week, can someone please advise me irresistible outfit ideas?
  9. Fit and flare dresses are extremely popular nowadays, as they are super versatile and incredibly flattering. But I wanted to know who can wear these designs? What kind of body shape you should have to have chance to wear it?
  10. I am a big fan of LBDs, but I am getting bored of them. I need something new and fresh. My friend advised me to try on black shift dress. Maybe you can tell me interesting outfits I can create with this frock to look modern and ladylike.
  11. I personally used to think that chinos are made only for men. These lightweight twill made trousers come in different colors. If you want to wear them to work, then you better buy the ones in camel, black, grey, or any other neutral color. Now I know many different ways how to wear chinos to look botch fashionable and professional. These pants can be dressed for different formal events and office is one of them. Speaking of working tops, then the best style is a formal tunic, tank top or button-down shirt, cami, blouse covered with a fitted cardigan or blazer. Nevertheless, shirts in neutral colors work pretty awesome with chinos. If you are not into shirts, then a pretty ladylike blouse is an alternative. Even T-shirts can be worn with chinos to work, all you need is to cover top with a slim-fitted blazer.
  12. I advise you to buy a peasant skirt that comes to the most flattering spot on your leg. Short ladies look great in knee length peasant skirts, while tall women can wear longer skirts. A flared style looks cool, but don't wear too full skirt. Embroidered skirts look fabulous, that's why you will need something with unique detailing or special trimming. I do like to wear these skirts during summer days and nights completed with flats or flip-flops. If it's quite chilly outside, add a cropped cardi or a snug-fitted sweater. By the way, shrunken blazer will ideally balance your look. Don't be afraid playing with colors, use fringed colorful jackets or cool booties to underline your individuality. I do love adding big and chunky jewelry creations that can easily make me look ladylike and on-trend.
  13. Hi everyone! I'd like to know what boots I should wear with long skirts? I need a perfect fall outfit that will make me look very special. What boots style is the perfect match for a long skirt? Can you share with me your suggestions? Thanks!
  14. One of my friends always wears straight leg jeans. She says these denim bottoms are one of the best ways to look and feel just fine. This is her everyday staple. Can someone please tell me if these jeans are so great and what outfits I can create with them?
  15. Bootcut jeans can be worn with all kinds of sneaker shoes. You can try on classic tennis trainers in canvas material. I recommend to choose bright color styles that will ideally match blue color jeans and add a bit of pizazz to your look. If you are more into retro outfit, then you should give a try to vintage style breakdance sneakers, like old scool adidas with fat laces and bright colors. I do like to see ladies wearing bootcuts with high-top kicks.
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