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  1. Try on bodysuit with high waisted trousers. That's another retro inspired combo that will highlight your curves. If you want to create a festive night out style, then opt for bright wide-leg pants (look for silken design). You can even go for combos that are appropriate for the workplace. All you need is a button-down style bodysuit and wide leg pants all in solid neutral colors. For date nights I recommend to choose a cute pastel color strappy bodysuit styled with a lovely midi skirt. If you are feeling casual, then you might like to try on a striped bodysuit with flared jeans and cool kicks.
  2. You got me! Every person is different, so you don't have to worry about freezing in the summer months. I know many friends who wear long sleeves only because they are afraid of getting sunburn. I personally live in New York state and sometimes I wear long sleeve shirts and tunics with rolled up sleeves. Believe me, no one gives a damn if you wear long or short sleeves, just don't go for fur coat! This will look weird for sure! Plus, it's very smart, as during evenings it gets much colder, that's where long sleeves work well!
  3. Just before telling you awesome new ideas on how to wear this trend, I wanted to mention one very important thing: keep your off-the-shoulder top in a correct fit and size. Don't let it fall down or up. Most of off-shoulder tops look boho inspired, that's why you will need perfect proportions to keep your look pulled-together. The balanced proportion is very important. An extra support can be achieved by wearing bralettes or sporty bras. This stylish strapless top looks pretty chic teamed with skinny pants or jeans, but you can try it with flares and wide-leg trousers. You are free to play with accessories. The open neckline gives you a freedom of creativity. You can add delicate pendants or use chunky necklaces.
  4. You are free to add a lovely T-shirt under, or a lightweight tank top, just make sure it combines well with the color of tunic. Speaking of bottoms, I recommend to choose slim dark color trousers or skirt. If your tunic comes with a wide neckline, then I guess you will need a cami or a simple, classic bra. Wear it over a slim pencil dress.
  5. If your cami is thick, then I guess it can be worn solo. Of course, there are thin designs that need more coverage, that's why you will need to wear them under something, or covered with a cute blazer. Sure, if the weather is hot, you might use them as a shirt, but still it can look a bit provocative. I have several styles that really look like tank tops.
  6. Most sleeveless dresses are used during working hours in the summer time, but we all know that it's unprofessional in most companies to wear sleeveless clothes. It's a dilemma, right? Of course, you should use layers to make things look corporate. Choose 3/4 sleeve cardis, blazers or shawls that will cover most of your arm.
  7. I understand you, a loose-fitted thin top can be a serious problem for wearing bras under it. Of course, you can go for visible bra, but I think ladies should stick with less visible lingerie, like skinny bralettes, strapless bras, or with racerback bras. I also like cross-back bikini tops that can be seen under tank, but they look pretty chic and ladylike.
  8. Of course, everything depends on what you want to create. You can specially make your lingerie to be seen through white shirt. You can go for a black bra under white blouse, or keep things cool with a purple, or pastel colored bras. Sure, tan and nude bras are great to be hidden under white top.
  9. No matter if you are skinny or plus sized, you can still express yourself! I don't see any problem in wearing maxi skirts. I use to wear all kind of maxis. This year I am obsessed with printed skirts. Try on simple prints, like checks, polka dots or stripes. You are free to pair them with colorful tops. If you feel exposed, how about adding some layers on top? Think of cardigan, leather jacket or a lightweight kimono jacket. Cotton fitted maxi skirts in bright patterns like Aztec print can be styled with oversized loose-fitted tops in solid neutral color. You can also define your waist by adding a thin belt. If belt is not your piece of cake, then you can try on a cropped shirt tied into a knot at the waist area.
  10. You are a lucky one, as long skirt might be one of the most comfortable bottom pieces in lady's closet. I personally own 10 different long skirts, starting from the ones that are slightly lower knee length, midis, ankle length and maxis. The combo possibilities are endless. When it comes to styling this bottom piece, there are hundred and more possible looks you can create. For a casual style, I recommend to pair it with a simple tank top. That's one of the most comfortable combos I know. If it's cold, you can add a lovely cardigan, or a cool jacket, no matter if it's a blazer, denim jacket or leather biker topper. The layered update is a must-have to keep you warm and casual. By the way, peplum blouses and tops will ideally suit your long skirt. The wiggie appearance in the tummy area is an awesome update!
  11. You always have an option to go braless, but I don't think you asked us to advise you this alternative, LOL. Anyway, there are stick on cups, tapes to keep boobs in the right place, as well as dainty bralettes, strappy bras with sexy and gorgeously embellished straps. I am pretty sure, once you find a bra with lace or embroidered straps, you fore sure will want these straps be seen. Go for the ones with intricate patterns or bright colors, so everyone see these straps. There are intricate lacey racerback bralets, bras with long straps that look like a backwards necklace, low-back strapless bralettes, U plunge designs with handy halter straps, mesh bra crop tops, bare strapless backless bras, etc.
  12. I think if you want to look slim in your jeans, then you need a pair that will hug you in all the right places. Try on dark boot cut jeans, they are most flattering ones. The slight flare at the ankle gives a perfect, long and lean look. Just compliment them with a long top that will cover your hips and complete the look with a cropped jacket. You can also go for skinny jeans and style them with body skimming clothes. Go for lightweight long cardigans, or necklaces. Buy clothes in structured fabrics. This will conceal imperfections and visually shape your body. Sure, you better stay away from loose-fit tops, as they fore sure will make you look bigger, that's why try on slim jeans with a voluminous tunic that is completed with a belt. No matter if it's skinny or wide, but I am pretty sure it will define your waist. If you are bottom-heavy, then go for very dark pants that will create a long silhouette.
  13. A side zip blouse is nothing new, but it's not so popular design. It's basically a top with a side vertical zip fastening. It's a great choice for ladies who do not usually tuck their shirts inside pants or skirts. Usually it is fitted and ideally sits on your body. You can unzip it a bit to create a slightly loosened appearance. Blouses with side zips usually work for everyday working hours. Use solid, neutral colors and pair it with pencil or fitted bottoms.
  14. I am glad you asked this question! I also had such problem not so long time ago. The thing is, the world is full of perfect pairings you can recreate by inventing something new, maximizing your wardrobe potential. I have brilliant ideas of chic shirts and skirts combos you can try this year. This look is much more versatile than a dress, plus it looks more feminine than pants and shirt combos. You are free to decide which top or skirt you gonna wear, as it can be a high neck top or an A-line mini skirt. For instance, try on a cute polka dot neck tie blouse tucked in suede front buttoned suede mini skirt, this is a gorgeous 1960's inspired look that is both feminine and retro inspired. Some girls, like Kim Kardashian wear bodycon fitted skirts with skin-tight blouses or bodysuits, this appearance looks a bit minimalistic, but it's worth to invest in. Recreate it with muted color palettes by choosing a lovely top tucked in bodycon skirt (midis are ideal). By the way, you can mix up casual with dressy pieces, for instance go for a simple whit tees tucked in elegant furry maxi skirt. That's what I call a glamorous touch! The basic piece is mixed with glamour bottoms.
  15. You are right, this combo looks great on everyone. This timeless combination can sometimes look very boring, but there are cool ingredients that can help update this outfit. First of all, a T-shirt can be either fitted or loose-fitted. Your jeans can be either skinny or bootcut style. The fit, color and wash is very important. Dark jeans look less casual and more polished, while light blue and light colored denim bottoms have a more casual appearance. Your jewelry can be simple, but jeans should be paired with heels. If you are not heels person, then let it be some bright color flat shoes. As I have already told, your jewelry can be simple, but you are free to add statement necklace or a voguish bag. Contrasting jewelry pieces work very well! How about updating your tee with a pretty scarf? It can be solid neutral colored or brightly printed one. make your tee and jeans combo look awesome by throwing on a blazer, cardigan chambray shirt or leather jacket.
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