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  1. Do you wear band shirts? If yes, which bands? Pictures would be great!
  2. Who is your fashion/style icon overall? (you may have 2 icons i.e overall and current trends) What do you like about their style and how do you incorporate their trademark look into your everyday style? How much do they influence your wardrobe? Discuss
  3. How to organize a closet with lots of clothes without spending money? What does your closet look like?
  4. What you think about her clothes style? Who's Designing for Hillary Clinton? How much did Hillary's wardrobe cost? Where does she get her clothes? Let's discuss!
  5. Pre-Fall 2016 Collection Photo: Courtesy of Stella McCartney
  6. Pre-Fall 2016 Collection Photo: Courtesy of Off-White
  7. Pre-Fall 2016 Lookbook Photo: Courtesy of Valentino
  8. Free People x Laloved Creative Direction by Doub Hanshaw Producted by Devin O'Neil - Tina De Leon and Joanna Rentz Photographed by Graham Dunn Styled by Coryn Madley Hair Kat Thompson Makeup Jenna Kristina Featuring Kelley Ash
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