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  1. Wearing summer outfits with long sleeves is it weird? I want to know if ladies can wear long sleeves during warm season? I just feel myself cold when it's 90 degrees or something, I was wondering if I am the only one or there are other women who wear long sleeve clothes during Summer.
  2. Hi ladies! I have one simple question: what pants to wear with bodysuits? This wardrobe basic looks really awesome and I want to give it a try, but the thing is, I don't know what bottoms to wear it with. Can someone please tell me possible looks I can create! Thanks.
  3. I always look for something fresh and sexy. This year I am obsessed with off-the-shoulder trend. I love the idea of bare shoulders, it makes me look sweet and fresh. Sure, it's not work appropriate, but you can wear it to special parties and during street walks. Anyway, I would love to know some new ideas on how to wear off the shoulder tops, will you share with me interesting outfit ideas? Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! I have a question regarding tunics. Can someone please tell me, what can I wear under it? Would be great to know interesting looks you can share with me, as I have no idea what I can add under it.
  5. Hi everyone! Just a quick question: is it okay to wear a camisole by itself without adding any layer. Should I wear a shirt over it? Just wanted to know if there are any cool style tips I should know. Thanks!
  6. I am working in a quite big company where is quite strict dress code. I have several sleeveless dresses that look formal and great for work, but I am afraid sleeveless is not appropriate for working hours. That's why I wanted to ask what can I add atop of this frock to cover my shoulders and arms. Thanks!
  7. I am a big fan of flowy tank tops, but I can't stand when my bra is showing in it. I hate when straps and a bit of bra is seen through the arm holes. Can someone please advise me something else than a basic bra? Can it be a bandeau bra? strapless version? Or some kind of convertible bra? Please help!
  8. Hello ladies! I waned to know what color bra can be worn under white top. I would like to settle things once and for all. I think it's a very important question, as I have friends who always debate about this. Can you please give me some tips or may be ideas?
  9. Top and maxi skirt is a timeless outfit that will make you look fresh and feminine all summer season long. You are free to choose whatever top to team with your favorite maxi. Just keep in mind several things: don't let this combo make you look big, that's why you should either tuck your top inside or make a front knot, the untucked shirts and tops will for sure make you look bulky. You need to create a defined and ladylike waist, that's why you can also add a cute belt. Go for a fitted shirt worn under jean jacket. If it's super hot outside, then you can choose a semi-sheer cardigan or kimono jacket instead of denim jacket.
  10. I would recommend to pair long skirts with sexy crop tops during summer months. If you will find a long skirt with a high rise, then a crop top can be used for work hours, just make sure you don't show your naked tummy area. Anyway, crop tops and long skirts are ideal for beach and tropical trips! If you want to look casual and ready for weekends, then you should give a try to a chambray shirt and maxi skirt combo. blue chambray shirt will easily match any skirt color. You can go for a sporty vibe by pairing your skirt with a graphic tee, sneaks and varsity jacket. Or you can layer blazer over simple blouse tucked in midi skirt, this is an ideal way to make your skirt work for office hours.
  11. You can go for silken bralette with thin cross-straps that will peek out through backless dress, strappy back micro bras with skinny straps for a cheeky touch, sheer and sexy triangle bralets, convertible strapless bras in nude color, as well as flower embellished criss-cross strapped bras. I know many women who use backless adhesive bras, this style is ideal for ladies with small and medium size bust. I personally love lace backless strapless bras.
  12. Yes, you can look slimmer wearing jeans, all you need is to find an appropriate style and color. Sure, it's not a simple task, but everything is doable. Try on dark wash jeans in slim-fit style. High-rise denim pants can actually make you look slimmer. Just buy yourself a well-fitted pair that will easily elongate your lower body, making you look leaner and slimmer. The length of jeans is very important. Jeans that end an inch below the ankle are ideal for elongating your silhouette. You should pay attention to the shoes you are wearing with jeans. They can match the color of denim or be in nude color to visually elongate your legs and make you look slimmer.
  13. I use to wear blouses with side zips all the time. My favorite styles are the shortened ones, sometimes I even wear cropped blouses with side zips. I tend to wear them with high-waisted pencil skirts or high-rise trousers. The result looks really awesome and I would say HOT!
  14. I know thousands of cool skirt and blouse combos. You can go for a turtleneck top and tuck it inside cool denim A-line button-front skirt and complete the look by adding a cool leather jacket and high boots. Keep an eye on Oxfords shirt tucked in pencil skirt -this combo is timeless and always a great choice for everyday events, no matter if it's work or special meeting. Just add understated elegant mid heel pumps to complete this look. My personal advise is to keep color more light and keep things fresh and youthful. If you want to show off your abs, hen the best way to do so is to go for a crop tops and team it with a midi high-rise skirt. Just make sure to keep proportions. If you want to try on something sexy, then go for a lacy blouse tucked in high-rise leather mini skirt. This is something gorgeous and feminine.
  15. Hmm...you forgot to mention black jeans. These sleek bottoms look sophisticated and versatile. If you are not into black, there are other colored versions. You can find lots of cool denim trousers designs, the ones with zipper details on the ankle or at hips. All kind of detailing makes your outfit look a little more special. A tucked in shirt or half-tucked blouse is fabulous update. The first look makes you more formal and half tuck is a more casual. You can also add a cute belt, it is a great stylish update for your jeans. You can tie a knot and make your loose-fitted tee look fancier. One shoulder t-shirts are great for showing a bit of your skin.
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