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  1. Black sheath dress is an extremely versatile piece of clothing . You can wear it with a number of things. I use to wear it with cardigans , blazers , sheaths and shawls . You can wear basically anywhere you want , starting from work to parties and all kind of semi formal gatherings. Complete your sheath dress with cute pumps in coordinated color.
  2. This wardrobe basic piece ideally works with jeans. The result looks casual and very easy to create. All you need is a classic neutral color bodysuit and mid or high rise jeans in slim or skinny fit. I love adding my favorite everyday jeans, the ones with rips and tears. If you are not into jeans, then how about flared pants? This is a cool retro style that underlines your individuality and make you look super chic and individual.
  3. I use to wear long sleeves because of big scars on my arms, that's why I prefer to keep them away from other peoples eyes. I usually go for linen button-up shirts, as they are breathable and ideal for hot weather days. Buy only those shirts and dresses made of breathable fabrics. As I have already told: linen, madras, lightweight cotton and linen/cotton blends are cool! I used to wear lightweight tunic dresses in lovely patterns. By the way, there are cool almost see-through knitted lightweight sweaters that can be teamed with shorts, skirts and jeans. I personally love maxi dresses with long sleeves.
  4. Make sure this top doesn't ping up when you lift arms, choose the one that has no tight elastic, this will make it sit better on you. I know many ladies who say that they look dull wearing off-shoulder tops. You can avoid looking boring by adding gorgeous gold or silver necklaces. Experiment with different lengths. I am pretty sure jewelry will add an interest to your pretty top. Most off-shoulder blouses tend to be voluminous and bulky, that's why I advise you to tuck it inside your bottoms, no matter if it's a skirt, shorts, trousers or jeans. I love to see ladies who manage create smart looks with off-shoulder tops. You will need a bright color top and dark color sporty bottoms no matter if these are shorts or athletic inspired pants. You can also pair it with wide-leg ankle-length trousers, this will make you look chic and a bit relaxed. The best style so far is the one that looks casual. You will need a printed off-shoulder blouse tucked in mid-rise washed dark skinny jeans.
  5. I think you should pair it with a neutral color plain tank top, make sure your undershirt comes in a slim-fit, so it doesn't create bulky details. Stay away from loose and flowy shirts underneath. The tunic by itself comes in a relaxed fit, that's why choose your bottoms wisely, I mean, go for slim fit trousers or skirt and keep away from cargos, wide-leg trousers and flowy long skirts. I usually wear tunic with skinny jeans.
  6. I think less you show, more confident you feel yourself. Normal people still consider this top as a type of women's underwear that covers top part of their bodies. Classic styles come in sleeveless look with tight fitting bodies. But if you've got balls, then you can try it on under blazer or cardigan. I know ladies who wear lacy camisoles on its own tucked or untucked with faded jeans or structured skirts.
  7. If we are talking about summer season, then you can simply add a lightweight cardigan made of easy and breezy fabric. You are free to choose any color you want, just don't let it be too bright. Go for draped design in turquoise color, mid length black style or a collarless shortened version. How about wearing a dark neutral color lace capelet? It will smoothly cover your arms and make you look ladylike.
  8. Well, you can go braless, but i think it's not an option for you. You can go for a pretty bra with embellished cups and embroidered straps. Once you buy a beautiful bra, I think there will be no worries regarding your bra peeking out from your tank. I personally never care about this problem. I would say: make it a BIG detail of your outfit, expose it, so people think it has to look like this. If you will try to hide it, I am 100% sure it will only make you look ridiculous!
  9. I guess you are wondering what color bra does not show through white shirt, right? I personally wear bras that come close to the color of my skin. This is the best way to hide your bras and make it unseen through the white shirt. Of course, everything depends on the thickness of your shirt, if it's thick enough then a white bra can also work.
  10. I must confess, I am plus-sized lady and I do have problems with clothes. Sometimes it can be difficult to find an appropriate dress or jeans that will look okay on my body. I heard that maxi skirts ideally suit curvy and overweight ladies. I am planning to buy some. But I do have a question: can you be so kind and tell me what tops look great with maxi skirts?
  11. I decided to try on something new. I tell you honestly, I never tried long skirts before. I went to buy several styles and now I am confused, as I don't know how to wear it. Can you be so kind and please tell me best tops for a long skirt? Would be great to know interesting outfit ideas I can recreate! Thanks!
  12. I think bras and backless dresses is something unreal! I honestly, can't decide which bra to wear underneath. I think if the bra straps are visible, it can ruin the whole look. Can someone please advise me interesting bra options so I can feel myself more confident while wearing a backless dress. Thanks!
  13. I hate clothes that visually add weight to my silhouette. I am not a plus sized lady, but I do have some problem areas. Anyway, I'd like to know if there are few styling tricks on how to look thinner wearing jeans, do I need a special pair? Color? Please advise.
  14. One friend advised me to buy a blouse with size zip. I never tried such top before. Maybe someone can tell what is so special about this garment and how to wear it in real life? Thanks!
  15. Hi, everyone! Just to let you know, I am not a kind of lady with no style, as I try my best to look stylish no matter if I am at work, party, walking down the streets or at home. But, I do struggling with one particular combination that always makes me feel lost, I am talking about skirts and blouses. Can someone please tell me basic rules or tips and tricks to make this pairing look great on me. Thanks
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