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  1. A v-neck dress can be complimented with a pendant necklace, or pretty thin necklace. You should choose an elegant style that doesn't look like a big chain on your neck. If your dress features cap sleeves, I recommend to try on a dainty necklace with pearl pendant. Choose a perfect length of your necklace, don't let it hang in the cleavage, go for necklaces with adjustable length. Avoid bulky designs.
  2. You can try on delicate earrings that will steal the show. Of course, the cleavage size depends quite a lot, if it's short, then you better avoid wearing any necklace, if it's quite deep, then you can add a pretty elegant necklace. Personally, I do not recommend to choose necklace with one-shoulder frock, you can add chandelier earrings and a cocktail ring.
  3. I personally love timeless and classic jewellery. Anyway, every year comes with new designs and dimensions. The upcoming 2017 is full of floral motifs and rich embellishments. The next year is marked with individuality. You gonna see lots of beautiful designs made from gold and silver, as well as embellished with Swarovski crystals and other adornments. 2017 is all about shining like a star. Keep your attention to Renaissance style with decorative richness and miniature jewels. Boho style is also very popular, look for flowery headbands, sequins headwear styles, as well as chunky necklaces, cocktail rings and massive bracelets. Plus you will see many animalistic motif jewelry that will underline wildness of its wearer.
  4. I think the best colours you can wear to a wedding is any rainbow colour, as well as purple, pink, grey, salmon red, burnt orange. I personally love to see women in pastel or jewel tone attire, as well in earth tones. Of course, everything depends on the overall atmosphere. If you are in doubt about color choice, then you should go for a conservative hue, let it be black, navy blue, grey or any other dark shade.
  5. Everything depends on your personal preferences. I recommend to choose something comfortable and elegant, don't overdo. You just need to pick your favourite colour, choose either lace or ruffled underwear and that's it, you are ready to make your husband happy! I do love to see white baby doll designs with lace cups and chiffon details.
  6. There is a misconception that trousers are more informal than dresses and you are not allowed to wear them to a wedding. Of course you can wear statement trousers to a wedding. Just make sure they look awesome on you. You can go for floral jacquard trousers to make them look either 1970's or Victorian era inspired by adding a lovely ruffled blouse and slim blazer. Keep things fresh and ladylike with a pair of fluid pants, like silken wrap trousers. If you are more into mannish style, then you can give a try to checkered print pantsuits with cropped ankle-length trousers.
  7. I do understand you, it's very important to choose the right undergarments for your dress. A semi-sheer wedding dress can be worn with nude seamless bodysuit with low profile that is ideal to wear under a light and airy gown. A low cut dress with deep plunge can be worn with no bra or with tapes. A bodycon wedding gown looks great with body-hugging shapewear, like singlet shaper, convertible full slip or classic control thong. An off-shoulder frock can be styled with strapless slip or cami. A wedding dress with built in corset can be worn without any bra, as the corset already shapes your body.
  8. Go for shapewear essentials. These garments will make you look smooth, plus you will be able to breathe normally. If you find shapewear useless, then you can try on a corset under wedding gown. Corsets are ideal as they will cinch your waist and keep away the bulkiness of your body. I suggest to give a try to a short, no frills underbust corset. Take a corset with you when trying on a wedding dress!
  9. Your fall wedding outfit can be with long sleeves, made of heavy fabric and coloured in jewel tone. There are lots of beautiful outfits you can try on, it can be a bodycon dress, LBD, maxi gown or a gorgeous jewel tone slipdress. You can even get funky with 1970's inspired patterns, or underline your beautiful shoulders by wearing a stunning strapless wide-leg jumpsuit. I personally love to see ladies who take some cues from the 1990's fashion, as they appear in velvet maxi gowns with long sleeves.
  10. An under the dress garments are essential. I recommend to try on something comfortable with sultry silhouette. If your wedding gown comes with a deep V-neckline, then you should give a try to a nude U plunge backless strapless bodysuit with special front cut-out that will ideally suit low neckline dresses. If your dress is strapless and clings to your tummy area, then give a try to thong high-waist cincher shapewear that will hide all your problem areas. I personally love longline smooth strapless bras with grips on the inside.
  11. If you just bought a lovely white wedding lace dress, then you definitely need a stunning footwear. I recommend to try on ankle strap mid heeled shoes with flower embellishments. You can try on closed-toe style, strappy heels, peep-toes or any other fancy and a little more formal design you like. Make sure your pumps or sandals match your entire look. You can also give a try to a completely contrasting shoes, but I do recommend to stick to matching colour.
  12. Frankly speaking I don't see why women can't wear red to weddings. Sure, there are very bright shades that can be attention-grabbing and it can be very rude in respect to bride. But I think there is nothing wrong if a guest appears on a wedding wearing a dark red or pastel red dress. Anyway, you better play it safe and leave red outfit at home. There are some weddings where red is highly inappropriate to wear.
  13. You should let the bride shine at her wedding, that's why I recommend to choose neutral colors. Stay away from white, ivory, champagne, bright red, or neons. I personally try to stay away from black, white and red. I stick to cute pastels, like mint, blue or yellow.
  14. If your bridesmaid dress is long, but it still can show your footwear, then I recommend to choose matchy shoes. If you can't find the same colour shoes, then the best alternatives are neutral colours, like beige, nude, pastels, etc. You can go for cute ankle-strap heeled sandals in blush, caged metallic sandals in cream-gold, shiny blush satin finish peep-toe high-heels with jewel details on the back, glittery golden wedge sandals, pearl white peep-toe sandals, or have some fun with shiny golden ankle-strap sandals. If your dress is long enough to cover your footwear, then you can try on something simple.
  15. Yes, it can be quite a painful feeling when the engagement is broken. If the engagement ring was received as a gift, then you can keep it. If it was give to you as a conditional gift (the man expects an action), then you better give it back. Well, I personally think that ring should be given back, as it will always remind you about him or you will have negative feelings.
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