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  1. I love wearing breezy floor length dresses during Summer months, but I do like to wear maxis during Winter season as well. Sure, I add some cozy items to make my gown be appropriate for cold weather days. Anyway, it's quite simple to restyle your summer maxi gown for winter, all you need is wearing tights or leggings underneath, chunky cozy boots in ankle or knee length, you can even try on sneakers to keep your feet comfortable. An additional warmth can be achieved by wearing a turtleneck under dress, or a moto jacket, cute cardigan or fur vest on top.
  2. I am a big fan of high waisted shorts as they hide my belly bulges and front flab. I usually wear them with a top tucked in. You can use either neutral solid colour shirt, plaid lumberjack button-down, or an embellished design completed with cute details, frills and ruffles. If you are more into casual looks, go for simple tees, T-shirts, or crop tops. I highly recommend to avoid bras and crop tops that are too much revealing. I love adding long jackets, but I do recommend to avoid bulky bombers.
  3. I hear lots of women saying field jackets are only for men and casual weekends. But in real life, this stylish outerwear piece can make its wearer look put together down to every last detail. I personally love to see how ladies manage to mix up classic and modern trends together, looking stand out and trendy. Plus, it looks incredibly awesome with tailored separates, like formal trousers and shoes. This year my favorite designs of field jackets are the ones that are lightweight, cut in a slightly boxy shape, featuring masculine fit and cargo pockets. Try them on with your favourite skinnies, leather pants, chinos or atop flowy dresses.
  4. I think there is nothing wrong in wearing floral dress to work, if only you don't have a uniform dress code or your boss is a strict man who doesn't accept people to look a bit more creative. Okay, if your boss says it's okay to wear floral frocks, then there are still some things to consider before wearing blooming prints. It's very important to choose design that doesn't harm your office environment, I mean no sexy cut-outs, short lengths or baring your skin too much. Another thing is the print by itself, choose colors that are classic and more neutral than bright.
  5. Personally I recommend to choose a jacket which hem is longer than the shirt, or choose the one that comes in the same length as your jacket. I am simply not a fan of cropped jackets, as they make my short upper half look boxy and baggy. I am not saying longer shirts look terrible, but I will never wear this combination. I do understand wearing shirt longer than a jacket is a fashion-forward look, but it doesn't look awesome on some people, like me for instance!
  6. Yes, it's acceptable. Plus, it looks pretty cute on everyone. Just one thing: you need to wear it on left hand where first one is bride's wedding ring and then goes an engagement ring on top of it. It's a traditional placement, where wedding ring is worn closer to the heart.
  7. Run is a great way to improve your health, as it costs nothing and you can do it all year round, no matter if it's chilly or hot outside. Sure, during cold weather days you will need an appropriate clothing that can be bought in every sports shop. To dress properly you will need to get yourself covered in layers, but I don't mean big sweaters and cozy parkas...it has to be polypropylene socks, protective shell, waterproof windbreaker made of Gore-tex or nylon, cover exposed skin as much as you can and try to avoid cotton, as it tends to sweat very fast that will only harm you making you wet and cold.
  8. What I love about shift dress is that you can keep it simple and easy to wear. That's why I highly recommend to try on this trend. It's very flattering and forgiving piece of clothing that can be either worn as a retro essential or completed with modern details and iconic accessories. You can choose a solid neutral colour design or keep it fresh and cool with a printed frock by choosing a checkered or striped shift. Try it on with stacked wedges, sexy heels or with metallic hue accessories. I personally love minimalist style shifts. If this dress is too short, wear it with leggings, choose complementary jewelry and comfortable layers.
  9. Most of us think of a skort as something fun and great for summer hit, but no one asks if grown up woman really can get away with a skort. This stunning shorts versus skirt bottom piece is extremely comfortable and ideal for wearing in your everyday life. You can try it on with light slim-fit pullovers, as well as with slim turtlenecks during chilly weather, or you can try the one in a tailored fit that can be easily paired with matching top. Some skorts can be paired with casual tees completed with fancy necklaces, or stylish chambray shirts, metallic sequin T-shirts and crop tops.
  10. A maxi pleated skirt can be worn in different ways. For instance, you can create either nerd/ geek look, keep things work appropriate or underline your down town chic spirit thanks to leather pleated skirts and grey sweatshirts. I personally love the it-accordion appearance of this skirt. You can either keep things look sassy and fresh by choosing black-white monochromatic separates. There are cool ways to make this skirt look ladylike: go for pastel hue and pair it with a white crispy blouse, or make it look sophisticated by choosing a fully leather pleated skirt.
  11. No, you don't have to beat weather in denim shorts without covering your legs. These bottoms can easily transition from warm to cold weather season. There are number of cool ways you can make these bottoms look awesome on you. You will need either good pair of tights (patterned or opaque ones), over the knee knitted docks, long coat or high boots. I personally love wearing denim shorts with long knitted cardigans and basic tees. Try on denim cut-offs with sexy tights, ankle-length boots with chunky heel and compliment these pieces with a lovely turtleneck and cozy coat. It's very easy to make these shorts work great on you during cold weather months.
  12. In general adidas track pants are worn with hoodies, track jackets and sneakers, but in modern life we see these athletic bottoms styled with pointy toe pumps, luxe sweatshirts, fur jackets, crop tops, heeled sandals, neutral colour bombers, etc. In other words saying, you are free to experiment with your outfits.
  13. Styling short overalls is quite an easy way, you can keep things sporty by teaming cool white sweater with ripped dark blue washed denim shortalls, cool white sneakers, nice baseball cap completing the look with a cool sweatshirt tied around your waist. You can create a semi dressy outfit by teaming washed blue denim shortalls with sleeveless red blouse and cute flat pumps, or keep it boho inspired with a fringed white lace blouse worn atop shortalls and completed with cute strappy flat sandals. I love girly casual look that features nice denim shortalls worn atop crop top teamed with simple slip-ons. This denim onesie is great for creating back to school looks you will need denim shortalls, striped pullover worn under denim and classic trainers...don't forget nerd sunglasses!
  14. I personally think it's socially acceptable, but it really depends on the place. Most gyms don't care much in what clothes you came in and doing exercises. I see many ladies who work out in leggings and I don't find it abusive.
  15. It can be quite risky, but sometimes it can make you look awesome, all you need is a self-confidence. There will always be ladies who will say it's a disgusting and cheap and tacky look, but I personally don't mind if a little bra shows a little bit, but it has to match the whole look visually, that's where details are important. So, if you do have balls and you really know how to pull it off, then why can't you give it a try?
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