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  1. A black dress with red heels can be updated with golden bracelet and evening appropriate black handbag. Or you can add a red glossy clutch that will match your bright shoes. Frankly speaking, there are numerous of awesome ideas you can try with your black dress and red heels combo. Just keep things elegant and make sure every color looks harmonious with each other.
  2. I know many ladies who say that ripped jeans is a big NO NO for work, well they might be right about 10 years ago, but nowadays the lines for dressing up professional for work are becoming increasingly blurred, as you can find companies that allow their workers to wear comfy and casual wear. I am not saying ripped jeans have to be fully distressed and look like you just fired thousands bullets throughout them. Keep things more elegant with just one or two little rip details to underline your personality. What is more important is to make sure you are not showing too much of your skin.
  3. Blue dress looks great with white, black and metallic color shoes, like pumps or sandals in different heel height. No matter if you try blue dress in electric, royal or navy blue shade, you can style it with cool accessories, like a structured bag in the same shade as your shoes. Your jewellery can vary, as you can try on gold, silver and bright stone designs. One thing you should consider and it's your skin tone, warm skin ladies look awesome with gold creations, and pale skin women should choose silver jewellery. If it's cold outside, I recommend to drape over your shoulders a pretty structured blazer or coat.
  4. You should know that the cashmere is not harmed by water, but what you do after is very important, as your action can cause damage to cashmere piece. If your sweater is completely soaked through, you should take it off and HANG IT BY THE SHOULDERS!!! It's very important! This way it will stretch out of shape. Plus, cashmere is suitable for dry cleaning, all you need is to take it to the nearest dry cleaner.
  5. Its already a well known fact that LWD is summer's must have staple. It's a versatile dress that can be worn to everywhere with all your favourite layers, accessories and jewellery. Yes, it's very transformable and allows you to wear it to different occasions. You can keep things sporty and fresh for the weekend. Keep is comfortable and go for a flowy LWD with short hem. Just style it with a pair of sleek sneakers and cool bomber if its getting cold. You can try on a bit longer LWD to wear it with a slim blazer and structured accessories, like a polished handbag and pointy toe heels to make it appropriate for the workplace. Little white dress can be updated with stand out colours for a perfect night-out look. All you need is a bright bag, black stiletto pumps and wow look sequined cardigan or blazer.
  6. There are different ways how to wear a jumpsuit, but the dressy one and the most eye-catching combo is jumpsuit with a jacket. This is a great look ideal both for work and play. You can either go for a casual and smart-casual look by teaming your stylish jumpsuit with a bomber, sporty jacket, parka or giving your outfit an edgy look with a dark color leather jacket. If you want to wear jumpsuit on a night out, you can simply throw over a classic tailored blazer, tux or dressy trench coat.
  7. Your jeans can be dressed up, all you need is to wear them with a blouse. This combination ideally suits for a night out, parties, going outs with friends, as well as for exhibitions. Anyway, jeans are meant for ladies who want to feel their selves comfortable, that's why choosing a blouse you should follow the same trick: buy one that you feel comfortable in. Believe me, this pairing will for sure suit most of places. You can either tuck your blouse in or keep it out of jeans. I personally love pussy bow 1970's inspired blouses and this year it comes with a modern revival that looks awesome while tucked in.
  8. I think it's a big myth about Parisians who do not wear jeans in their everyday life. I think there is no country where ladies don't wear jeans. It's a casual city must-have garment that is worn by everyone. Trust me, you better see how Parisians pair things together, as they can go for trash pieces and make them look awesome and I mean it! They have a talent for making things look well put-together, layer outfits in cool ways and professionally mix accessories and patterns.
  9. A light blue pair of jeans look pretty chic with white color loose-fit shirt. If you will wear darker shirt this can add too much contrast between jeans and top, this will make people look at your jeans. I am not saying you can't wear dark color shirts, but I suggest to add contrasting color jewellery, like a nice pair of earrings. Don't forget to add colored shoes in green or purple color. By the way, pastel hues also look great with light blue jeans.
  10. You can make your T-shirt dress look easy and casual by wearing it with comfy sneakers, cross-body bag and adding a skinny belt to define your bump. If you do like colorful outfits, I recommend to try on T-dress with a bright pink belt, matchy shoes and compliment this frock with multicoloured scarf worn around collar of your dress. If you are going to wear this garment during Summer time I suggest you to keep things comfy and chic by styling this T-dress with a floppy sunhat and cover with a see-through kimono. You can also keep things a bit edgy by adding a cool leather vest or jacket in black or other dark neutral color. If you want to try on this T-shirt dress to work, then you can pair it with a cute fitted blazer and pair of classic heels.
  11. Yes, it's possible to mix these two prints together. All you need to know is several tips and ideas to make things work right. You can wear two patterns together as long as one of them is much more subtle than the other one. You should match colors, this will look great together. It's very important to choose simpler graphic prints, that's why plaids and stripes look ideal. And one more thing: break up the printed look with solid garments.
  12. Pink cashmere sweater is a lovely investment that will make you look fresh, sweet and very special. It will brighten up the whole look and make your neutral garments shine along with it. I personally keep things classic, as I use to wear pink sweater with neutral layers, like a white skirt and pink pumps, it makes me look modern and at the same time classy. I see ladies who wear oversized pink cashmere sweaters as dresses. This monochrome statement is actually very cool and ideal for wearing to special events. You can complete this outfit by adding black leather jacket to look edgy. By the way, cashmere is also a durable and long lasting materiel that will make you feel comfort and healthy.
  13. You can easily add a scarf to your favorite turtleneck sweater, all you need is a cool turtleneck paired with comfy jeans and complete this outfit with a nice fur scarf. This will make you look vintage inspired. I hear lots of ladies saying that turtlenecks and scarves don't work together, but I think it's a pretty easy layering combo that can make any woman look gorgeous. Just one thing: make sure the colour of your scarf differs from the turtleneck.
  14. Nothing is more CLASSIC than a blazer and heels. But you can add jeans that will make you look incredibly chic and urban. It's no deny, heels are best way to underline your femininity and give your legs an extra length. I think the most easiest pair of jeans you can wear with blazer and heels are skinnies. Choose either ankle length jeans, or cuff them to show off your sexy pumps. Choose either pointy toe heels, classic round toes, patterned or brightly coloured version. By the way, bootcut jeans look chic with thick heel pumps. Wide-leg jeans have that special 1970's flair that can be completed with peep-toe mules, or classic pointy toes. If you want to pair blazer with boyfriend jeans, I recommend to add either heeled sandals or classic pumps.
  15. Yep, the holiday season is coming to you and you ask what to wear to a Christmas party, right? Party season is full of dinner parties, cocktails, home gatherings, impressive date nights, etc. That's why looking at your best is very important. A marvellous head-to-toe look is a must-have. If you are having an after work cocktail hour, then you can pick professional garments and compliment them with dressy details, like statement necklace or bold pumps. For a fancy dinner party I recommend to try on a full skirt, high heels, shiny printed top and complete the look by adding glossy skinny belt and statement jewellery. For a home party you can keep things less formal by wearing a lovely baby doll dress and cover it with a colorful button-down shirt, flats and over the knee socks. For an outdoor activities like ice-skating I recommend to go for a more casual look that can feature corduroy pants, chambray shirt worn under warm sweatshirt, cozy sneakers and down jacket. If you are going to attend black tie affair, then you better keep things glitzy and bright. Try on a strapless tailored jumpsuit, heeled pumps, evening clutch and golden bracelet, complete the look by adding a gorgeous dark neutral color cape.
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