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  1. Sometimes life gives us a chance to live a fairy tale of our own. And the big fat Indian weddings are nothing less than a dreamy affair! With love in the air, and sparkles all across the scene, the Indian wedding is not a one-day affair; it is a week-long saga of cherishing love and spreading smiles! Amidst the flavours of a variety of Indian delicacies, songs, dance and traditions that have been continuing for centuries, Indian wedding clothing always steals the show! From pastel hues to bright oranges and yellows, royal blues and gold, pinks and silvers and the absolute stunners – the reds! – An Indian wedding has more colours than the rainbow. Paired with jewellery that ranges from heavy and traditional to modern and classy, the wedding dresses in India are not just made of cloth and thread, they are dreams, stitched with glamour, glory and good vibes. Not just the bride and the groom, but every kith and kin of the couple are dressed in something that is absolute magic. From designer lehenga to sherwanis and sarees, Indians know how to celebrate royally and in style. No matter what part of the world you live in, an Indian style wedding is something that will make sure your union in holy matrimony with your soul mate becomes the talk of the town for a long time to come. With traditions that not just bind the couple in a bond of love, even the families are united in relations that last a lifetime. If you are planning an Indian wedding, you must pay special attention to your attire. From the wedding lehenga for the bride to the royal sherwani for the groom, you need to be super sure that everything is on point. Visit Strand Of Silk, the finest online store, to find the perfect wedding dresses for the perfect Indian wedding. With their extensive collection of designer clothing from top-notch designers, no matter what part you play in the wedding, Strand Of Silk will definitely have something amazing to offer you! Not just the wedding collection, you can also satisfy all your Indian fashion needs by choosing from a wide range of Indian clothing from the Strand Of Silk online store. About Strand Of Silk: Strand Of Silk is a one-stop destination for all those who are looking for traditional Indian lehenga, stylish skirts, and more such marvellous ethnic clothes. For additional information, visit Strandofsilk.com
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