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  1. Meshit´s Spring/Summer 2017 collection is inspired by „Tropicália“. Tropicália is a cultural and political movement that came up in the late 60s in Brazil. The movement contains various art forms that combine the popular and the avant-garde as well as traditional Brazilian culture with foreign influences. Referring to the work of artist Hélio Oiticica, there are pieces with clear geometrical cuts and color-divisions. Voluminous and layered pieces are being adjusted by belts or are simply knotted. The collection contains designs that quote the look and lifestyle of various musicians of that scene which leads to a mix of feminine and masculine. meshit combines various fluent dresses, mini-skirts and feminine silk blouses with straight linen suits, printed jeans-jackets or sweaters and oversized coats. Following extravagant stage-outfits from that time, details such as rouches, bows and bell-shaped sleeves appear throughout the collection. Black & white prints inspired by traditional brazilian wood-cut prints complete the line. Linen shirts, trousers, sweaters and T-shirts are printed with tropical motives, designed in house. The color palette ranges from white and pastel-lilac to various shades of blue and grey. A powerful pure red offers an exciting contrast. Meshit´s selection of materials contains mainly natural fabrics. Light fluent silk and viscose-fabrics are in contrast to rougher textiles such as jeans, linen, corduroy and water-repellent fabrics.
  2. Sophia (Stylist)

    Denim Culottes Pants For 2017

    Let's have a look at this year's must-have, must-buy bottoms called denim culottes. They are fun, trendy, somewhat retro looking and tricky to style. The first thing what comes in my mind hearing the word culottes, I think of something exaggerated, weird, short-pants. When you see denim culottes, everything changes. New styles that were seen in the latest fashion shows look voluminous , easy to style and pull off. These bottoms look classy, yet sophisticated. Bear in mind, keep your proportions balanced. The pant has to hit above the ankle, that's why you need a nice footwear what will underline your individuality and elegance. This 2017 comes without SKINNY silhouette. These bottoms are a great way to loosen up your look! Pick the right style that works with your body. Of course, you can still accentuate your waist by wearing cropped and slim fit tops. Anyway, I want to draw your attention to my favorite street style looks, what will inspire you to buy new denim gauchos.
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    Zara Bohemian Fashion

    Zara “Disco Forest” f/w ’16 campaign photography Mario Sorrenti models Fredrikke Sofie, Damaris Goddrie, Julia Banaś & Caitie Green creative direction Christopher Simmonds styling Francesca Burns at Art Partner hair James Pecis at Bryant Artists mu Aaron de Mey at Art Partner set design Philipp Haemmerle manicure Naomi Yasuda casting Angus Munro
  4. Sophia (Stylist)

    RAHICALI Fall 2016

    RAHICALI Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Bohemian Fashion. Via:
  5. Via:
  6. Tumbleweed Girls x Dope Lemon Music photography Melody Jasmine models Sophie Haber, Billie Edwards, Abi, Jess Cavallaro, Bodhi Genis, Montana Lower & Alana Tavares for the Dope Lemon Music clip co-styled by Marisa Sidoti & Melody Jasmine h&mu Ashlea Penfold Pictures via ontheroadwithmelody
  7. This time you better be ready to see my favorite seasonal essentials that gonna make you look insanely hot this 2017 summer. I've got fabulous plus-size summer swimwear to wear from seaside walks to summer beach parties. Much like the rest of summer must-have garments, our swimwear could use an update this year. What I do love about 21 century, then it's the wide choice of ANYTHING, starting from electronics to apparel. The same thing concerns beachwear and accessories. You can buy exclusive and very expensive swimwear from a very well known designer brand and look ideal, or you can go for unknown label and look the same rich and sexy. Anyway, I think we better see all my favorites for the upcoming hot season. All you have to do is just scroll down your mouse. Perfectly fitted swimwear is the constant companion through trips to the coast, lazy days by the pool and beach vacations near Barcelona. You are not going to see any boring designs. Many brands and designers offer its clientèle amazing plus-size swim must-haves. Of course, you might say it's hard to find something that perfectly flatters your body. This might happened years ago, but not nowadays. Today's brands offer us beautiful styles that hide your problem areas (thighs and tummy) and still make you look ladylike and hot. Sounds delicious, right? Go and grab color-blocking swimwear basics or try on micro printed bikinis with high-neckline. I know, some of them are a bit pricey, but believe me, each one of them is worth every penny. Well, it's a smart investment after all that can be worn for years and years. I didn't say you, but I am a huge fan of swimdresses. Why do I love them? They make me feel less self-conscious, as they cover my thighs and hide my tummy. If you want to buy swimdress, then go for the ones with thicker straps for more comfort and support. Another great choice is the swimming dress in plain solid color. I highly recommend to buy black colored design, as it makes you body look slimmer. I am so in love with the ones that have V-necks and empire waists. Be sure to buy swim dress with a flowy skirt. This bottom will hide your hips and upper thighs. If this is not your favorite design, then you better go for a basic one-piece swimsuit with a sweet looking flyaway skirt. Personally, I do not like ruched swimwear, but I know many style experts who advice plus-sized women to wear exactly this kind of style. Keep on scrolling to find out more.
  8. If you do want yourself an adorable 2017 Summer dress, then I am here to share with you a stunning compilation of my favorite frocks to wear next year. Summer is the season of lightweight, sexy looks. The best garment to wear in hot weather is the dress. Of course, it's quite hard to find a perfect frock that would compliment your body, but once you discover it, believe it or not, you automatically start to feel yourself differently. It feels like you are another lady. Your moves are sexy, you feel much more comfortable and voguish. All you need is to grab a few accessories, shoes and get on with your perfect day. Just imagine yourself in a warm weather wearing a gorgeous dress- sounds delicious to me! Anyway, I think we should take a tour through next year's must-tries. Keep on reading to find out more. The first frock that popped in my mind is the LBD. The little black dress looks incredibly sexy and minimal. My favorite design is the one with no extra details or embellishments. Better choose the qualitative fabric and perfect cut. All you have to do is to add a pair of stiletto heels and you are ready for a special glamour party. If it's quite chilly outside, then you might like to try on cool ankle boots and blazer on top, so you look more professional. If you do want something more classy and office friendly, then my advice is to try on pencil style black dress. Of course, if you do want to add some drama and luxe look, then the best choice is to try on 1970's inspired ensemble completed with fringes or sheer fabrics. Be sure to try on sophisticated prints. The printed dress will look perfect at disco parties or creative events. If you are looking exactly for party dress for red carpet inspired events, then you better steal one from celebs looks. I recommend to start from maxi gowns and then proceed to pencil styles and body-hugging designs. Be sure to try on white glam frock it is both classy and casual chic piece that can be worn to family gatherings, as well as to weekend evenings.
  9. It is time to make a statement. This time we are about to see some of the best sunglasses to buy next 2017. In this compilation are gathered all our favorite frames starting from oval, round to square, diamond, as well as embellished sunnies. All the showcased styles are based on the trends showcased during fashion weeks. You are about to see retro cat-eye inspired frames, modern designs, as well as creative sunglasses that will perfectly fit your face shape. Keep on reading to find out more. The first pair that I do like and remember is the retro style. My favorite ones are those which are inspired by 1960's and 1970's fashion. Designers added a touch of glamor to these shades in their latest collections. Keep an eye o colorful lenses. Forget about classy black lenses and try on something bright and original. You can choose from orange to yellow and blue lenses. Try on something more daring. The oversized sunglasses are bigger than ever. You can choose more edgy ones, so you look big and bold next year. The bright colored frames is something that grabs everyone's attention. The ombre lenses is another great choice to make next year. This effect can add a touch of sophistication to your face. If you do want to try something cool, then go for colorblocked glasses. These shades will for sure make you stand out from the crowd. Keep an eye on bright colors. Choose contrasting lenses and frames. Be individual! What about adding glitter to your frames? The sparkling frames is another trend to try next 2017. You can choose from glitters to rhinestone if you do want to try something bold. Make some fun with half rim sunglasses. You might think these sunnies miss the part of top or bottom frames, but you are not right. This detail makes them look special and edgy. White frames is an extremely voguish choice to make for the next year. Go for classic cat-eye sunnies with white frames and keep your outfit look elegant. If you do want to try on something interesting and unreal, then you might like to try on futuristic sunglasses. You better stick to limited editions and designers experiments.
  10. Some like it hot and trendy, while others keep things classy. In today's post we are about to see next 2017 summer swimwear trends you gonna fall in love with. Be ready to see fantastic designs to stand out from the crowd. You should not fear these fabulous swimwear styles. I am pretty sure, each one of these designs will make you look individual and stand out from the crowd. So, you better keep on reading to find out more. The first style that popped in my mind is the black swimwear. It's an ideal choice to look slimmer and timelessly elegant. All you have to do is to find the one that fits you body ideally. It can be either fringed bikini set, one-piece swimsuit, tankini, or any other design. Speaking of one-piece styles, then you better take a look through amazing swimsuits featuring deep V-necklines that elongate your silhouette, making you look slender. You are about to see the black one with plunging neck line. As you can see, it supports the right areas, so you can feel super sexy on the beach. It's an ideal choice for those women who have a small bust. If you dream of a sexy and sporty look, then you better go for scuba-inspired design. This minimalist looking sporty style will for sure support your crazy activity on the beach. I am so in love with the ones with sexy cut-outs and zipper details. I forgot to mention the ruffled bikinis. This is a great choice to accentuate your marvelous proportions. Keep attention to fabulous flutter tops. Lots of gals are in love with this style. Why? Because it's ultra feminine bikini top. The additional layer of fabric hangs away from the top, so it visually elongated your torso. If you do want something crazy, then be sure to try various styles with amazing cut-outs. They do look super sexy, but there is a lack of functionality (tan lines). A strapless bandeau bikini tops is another great story. We do love bustier bikinis for their fabulous and flattering look. Plus they suit all body types elongating your torso. If you do want to wear something classy and retro inspired, then go for high-waisted bikinis. It's an ideal way to hide a multitude of sins, plus they hold the tummy. Anyway, I do want to hear your thoughts in the comments below.
  11. Are you ready for new beach season? Today's story is swimwear trends to rock next 2017 season. You are about to see amazing swimsuit styles in which you can hit the beach or lounge by the pool. Some of them are ideal for wearing as beachwear along the seaside. I am about to show you some of the most interesting swimwear trends of upcoming year, so you can pick your favorites that work best with your personality and shape. You gonna discover the most flattering styles and important trends to follow this year, starting from flounce tops to high-rise bottoms, from vibrant prints to solid colors. In other words saying, there are plenty of stylish choices for spring and summer months. Keep on reading to find out more. If you want something sultry, then you might like to try on flounce bikini top. That's an ideal choice for women who want to draw everyone's attention to their bustline. This piece will add a little volume. If your tits are little, then this is a perfect way to make them visually bigger. This element can be seen on various styles, starting from bandeaus to triangle bikini tops. In other words saying, you can keep it look modern or retro inspired. Next stop is the high-waisted bikini bottoms. If you think this is something old-fashioned, then you better look twice. This might be one of the most amazing ways to underline your individuality. Keep an eye on tribal print. This brightly colored print can make a big impact on your style. I do love the geometric touch of this pattern. We see lots of amazing options to try this year, so you better choose the one that makes you look hot and fun. The crop top bikini is an ideal way to keep things casual and ideal for long seaside walks. The high-neck bikini top is one of the big trends to wear next year, so you better be sure to make it look sexy and original. Speaking of sexiness, then the best way to make it ideally work for you is to choose sheer paneling. The mesh details is an unexpected trend for swimwear. Believe me, you gonna enjoy it so much! There are plenty of cool options to choose from. Personally, I love to wear mine black one-piece swimsuit completed with sheer paneling. Another great looking piece is the ruffled bikini top. That's another way to make your boobs look bigger. It's an excellent choice to add some volume. Be sure to try cut-out swimsuits.You can add a sexy touch to your persona by wearing one-piece styles with sexy cuts. This monokini will highlight your silhouette and show off plenty of your skin. If you do want to play with prints and colors, then you better go for mismatched pieces. It gives you a freedom to experiment and create something unique. Another great style is the leather bikini. It can be either leather or real. That's an extravagant trend for next year that for sure will create a truly dramatic look. The last but not least is the long sleeve swimwear. It will make you stand out at the beach. Anyway, keep on scrolling to see all my favorites:
  12. Sophia (Stylist)

    What do you wear under a blazer?

    Personally, I consider a woman who appears in a blazer to be a businesswoman. Why? The structured and tailored look makes her look professional, ladylike and somewhat strict. In today's post I gonna share with you my favorite sharp looking blazers to wear next year. Be sure to check them all and find the one that really makes you look special and original. There are thousands of ways styling blazers this year. You can whether wear them with dark denim, silken blouses, classic shirts, cute dresses and tailored trousers. After all, blazers have an amazing ability to pull together any look, making it stylish and work-hours appropriate. It's one of top fashion essentials to have in your closet arsenal. I highly recommend to wear them at work and after work meetings. It's an ideal way to show off your classy style and make them look different by wearing with your favorite separates. Of course, everything depends on your style, whether you want to be conservative or more on-trend. You can keep things simple and choose a basic black colored version, but we all want to mix our styles by choosing fresh and voguish designs. I've rounded up my favorite ways and styles, so you better check them out by scrolling down your mouse.
  13. Sophia (Stylist)

    How to wear a formal blazer casually?

    If you are looking for modern blazers to wear next year, then I am here to share with you my favorite styles, so you better be ready to see something insanely chic and voguish. I am totally sure each one of the showcased blazers will jazz up any look you've got right now. In other words saying, if there is one item we can't seem to get enough of, it's a nicely fitted blazer. I am totally in love with this wardrobe staple. Modern brands and designers keep on offering us gorgeous versions of this timelessly chic garment. I think every woman needs to have at least two blazers in her closet. Anyway, let's have a detailed look through these marvelous suit jackets and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. You can update your striped version by cinching it in with a belt. I am so in love with those fitted suit jackets updated with elegant belts. Believe me, you will automatically make it look sexy. My advice is to choose a belt that is not too long, otherwise you will need one that is only a little longer than your waist measurement. If you do want to jazz up your look, then you might like to try on smart-casual beige one and roll up its sleeves by showing off lining. The contrast fabric can make you look fresh and different. If you do like brightly embellished suit jackets, then the best choice might be a version with trimmed lapels. I am pretty sure you gonna find many awesome-looking trims, like sequined, patterned, etc. Personally, I have blazer completed with bold fur trim. If you want to look like a grunge or hipster gal, then you might like to try on dyed blazer. The bleached designs look really impressive and original. The random pattern looks really awesome. Try on brightly colored blazers atop white or light colored dresses. Believe me, you gonna have a totally different look if you choose blazer plus frock combo. If you do want to add some kind of vintage touch to your suit jacket, then let it be a retro-looking brooch. There are lots of stylish brooches around in thrift stores. Blazer is a useful piece to have in your wardrobe.
  14. Sophia (Stylist)

    How to wear lace this year?

    If you do want to look sexy and ladylike this summer, then you better invest some money in lace or crochet garments and accessories. These two hottest trends are ideal for making a real statement in the streets, beach or anywhere you want. Why? This fabric looks incredibly feminine and sophisticated. Of course, it might be hard to find those one and only garments which make you feel absolutely unique and special. If you do want to buy those gorgeous clothes and accessories, but don't know where to start, then you better take a closer look at these magnificent pictures. I am 100% sure you gonna love the pieces shown below. If you didn't think about your summer wardrobe yet, then this list is made specially for you, my dear reader. Behold are presented crochet and lace style inspiration. You can start from crochet sandals. Try the ones that are comfy and fit your outfit. They are great addition for summer weddings and cocktail parties. If you are in search of a dress, then go for a strapless fit-and-flare frock. This full dress is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. I am so in love with its floral lace fabric. If you are only a beginner to lace, then be sure to buy this unique lace shirt, where lace appears like a poncho detail.This shirt hybrid will make you look special, all you have to do is to pair it with your favorite ripped white skinnies. If you do have balls, then try on lace maxi dress! This sheer gown is a perfect summer investment. It do looks chic and sophisticated. Of course, it's a sexy choice. If you do want something for your work hours, then you better try on white lace skirt and pair it with a contrast blush top. I do love mixing colors, for instance, you can go for a white lace top and pair it with black denim cut-offs and brimmed black hat. Those of you who are in love with boho looks, then my personal advice is to try on croched accessories, like this stylish bag. This is a real must have for mustic festivals. If it's way too hot outside, then the best pairing choice might be a cropped white lace top and floral abstract wide-leg maxi trousers. That's what I call an instantly chic look! Another boho chic investment might be a maxi white gown with crochet details. It's an absolute must-have for any event. Sometimes it feels like we want to wear something simple and everyday appropriate. If you do have such days, then my suggest is to try on a long-sleeve T-shirt with front buttons and detailed crochet on its sleeves. Another great piece to try is the white sheer kimono. Yes, lace can be so versatile, as you can use it anywhere you want, starting from street walks and summer festivals to offices and formal meetings. Personally, I do love mixing and matching this fabric, by pairing it with my everyday outfits and creating crazy combos. All in all, you better take a look through this gallery and find something that will make you wanna buy this fabric.
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    Maians Fall-Winter 2016-2017

    Maians Fall-Winter 2016-2017 Shoes.