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  1. Every fashionista wants something special, voguish and trendy, right? It's official, denim is a key piece to own all year round. There are countless options to try and wear. Let's start from mom jeans. This style is currently trending and there are many ways to make it work for you. This style has touches of our favorite high-waisted skinnies and comfy boyfriends slacks. This 1990's trend is here to stay. You are about to see marvelous designs that have rigid, tapered legs, rolled to the ankles versions, etc. You can wear them with loose-fit tartan shirts, as well as with sexy white crop-tops. Next denim must-have is classic jean jacket. This outerwear piece is a fitted topper. Personally, I like to wear it for layering all year round. You can add a cool-girl edge by pairing this classic blue jacket with printed blouse and adding black distressed cuffed skinnies, or keep it ladylike and original by wearing casual drawstring jumpsuit styled with this awesome jean jacket. Denim culottes is one of those tricky styles we are seeing everywhere right now. All you have to do is to style them the right way. The key is finding the RIGHT balance by pairing them with perfectly proportioned pieces. The double denim comes with a stunning look. As stylists say: avoid wearing matching color denim, so you better keep top and bottoms mismatched. Denim overalls play one of the major roles in creating outstanding street wear look. They come in so many styles, starting from skinny-fit to boyfriends ripped versions. Anyway, I think we better take a look at street style images and get some additional inspiration.
  2. This might be your favorite post for next Summer 2017. Why? It's simple, I've gathered all must-have summer accessories to buy in one place. So, if you are planning on hitting the pool, beach or simply walk down the hot streets of big cities, then you will need more than your favorite swimwear to make your day perfect. I asked myself, what are my favorite summer accessories and then I created this little tiny post, as I wanted to show you all must-haves that are very important for an ideal summer day. Are you thrilled to know what accessories to wear next hot season? This is one and only accessories-focused shopping list filled with sunglasses, sandals, bags and everything else. Sandals This year is all about color. Expect to see colorful shoes with bright slides and platforms. Be ready to see Boho-chic vibes, fringe details, classy pumps and gladiator sandals that are easy to style and wear. Personally, I was surprised to see wild west cowboy boots, they are still in trend. Take a close-up look at sculpted and architectural styles with unique designs and details. So, the shoes of next summer are colorful and neutral, flats and stilettos. Bags The Spring/summer 2017's offerings are diverse: from eye-catching and embellished totes to classic styles from eponymous brands. The color palette ranges from bright to classy hues. The size: bigger the better. Mini can still be seen in the streets, but I don't think you would like yourself one of them. Hats Be ready to create a wonderful look. All you have to do is to complete your outfit with one of these pretty styles. There are so many interesting styles to buy right now, but I recommend to stick to wide-brim fedoras, sweet floppy straw hats, lightweight bucket hats and derby hats. A stylish summer hat is a must-have to accomplish your look. As you can see, many designers and brands offer us exquisite shapes and designs that look and feel confident. I love the way many labels have renovated and reinvented traditional hat styles offering us fresh designs. Sunglasses No summer look is complete without sunglasses. It feels like you forgot something without a pair of great shades. All the showcased styles will have enough power and personality to punch any outfit. There are great bright mirrored lenses, floral embellished frames, rounded sunnies, Wayfarers, timeless aviators, retro frames, geometric shaped shades dragonfly big styles, etc. I promise, whatever your style is, there is something for everyone. Scroll down to browse more shapes.
  3. You don't have to be an expert to know that one of the best summer garments is the dress. Personally, I advise you to shop classic cuts with textural twists. This year comes with classic designs completed with modern details and colors. I really like those simple shift styles embellished with neon color prints. Be ready for high temperatures and chilly mornings. Knowing these facts makes you buy something functional, like sheath dress that is a versatile workhorse piece in any Summer wardrobe. But this is not the only style you should pay attention to. There are numerous of trendy pieces to choose from. Spring time is an ideal time to upgrade your Summer dress game. I prefer laid-back styles, like effortless maxi gowns and shift dresses. Believe me, each one of these must-haves will keep you looking hot and feeling cool. Be sure to choose the one that is versatile enough to be worn from work to parties. Another crucial thing is to be sure your frock looks ideal paired with blazer and work great solo. The most important part is the comfort. Are you feeling yourself confident while wearing it?
  4. We all want to wear something special and today I am happy to share with you a stunning outfit inspiration that features leopard print pants. You are about to see my favorite combos to wear from the streets to rock and roll parties. Of course, these bottoms are meant for casual days not for work. You can always make your everyday outfit look bright and sexy by pairing wild animal print with your favorite clothes. Keep on reading to find out more. Be sure to try on some bold pairings, like stripes and leopard print. This is a perfect combination for strolling across campus. All you have to do is to tone the look down with a stylish military parka, basic shoes and warm beanie. Personally, I love wearing leopard bottoms out on the town by pairing them with simple black peplum tops, matching high-heels, glamorous earrings and red lips. Another great place to wear leopard pants is the city center. Go for leopard skinnies, oversized sweater, mid-calf boots, warm scarf, trapper hat and black leather jacket. If you want to try something 1980's inspired, then I recommend to try on oversized, long rock band tee, leopard print leggings, denim vest and complete the look by adding a pair of combat boots. I really want to know your thoughts in the comments below. Tell me what you think of this trend!
  5. I guess everyone who is reading this is in love with leather? Am I right? We all love leather. This stunning material can be worn all year-round. This season leather trend is bigger and better than ever before. I see lots of new collections featuring leather in new silhouettes, colors and creative details. What really impresses me in this sophisticated and edgy fabric, then it's the various styling options. I see many fashionistas around town wearing it in so beautiful ways, adding it into their daily outfits. Nowadays, many brands offer its clientèle colored leather in rich and bright colors. felt in love with a girl who was wearing a silken emerald green T-shirt tucked in high-waisted emerald green leather mini skirt. Of course, there are many other brilliant looks to follow, like moto detailed black leather pants teamed with white classic shirts, black biker leather jackets teamed with printed neck scarves and knee-ripped skinnies, trimmed biker jackets styled with basic casual separates, polished brown leather pencil skirts paired with cream-white sweaters, edgy, front buttoned high-waisted leather skirts teamed with V-neck white shirts, classic work outfits completed with knock-out lace-up leather sandals, leather overalls worn with pastel blue chunky sweaters, etc. I have gathered my favorite street style images featuring leather garments. Hope you will enjoy this compilation as much as I do.
  6. No matter what, no matter how far or how soon, but denim trend is here to stay! In today's post we are going to see key denim trends. We see pretty cool transformations, updated shapes, fresh and fashion-forward themes. The hot season comes with traditional denim styles, as well as vintage touches (say hello to 1960's, 1970's and 1990's fashion) and minimalistic updates. Speaking of color palette, then the best choices so far are: dark shades, bright blue and washed-out light-blue. The must-haves are denim overalls, boyfriend jeans, skinnies (this is already a timeless look), jackets and midi skirts. Innovative developments revamp colors, washes, silhouettes and details. I see lots of 1970's inspired denim looks. This decade breathes new life to vintage clothing, creating clean and classy essentials. You gonna be wowed by the tonal patchwork, clean lines, simple cuts that is so 1970's alike. Even now, I see many fashionistas appearing one the streets wearing dark blue cropped culottes, wide-leg dungarees, double denim looks and flared jeans. It's no secret, denim has become increasingly versatile. The reworked interpretations gave birth to tailored elegance and polished looks, where vintage details (utility patch pockets, spread collars, hidden salvage accents) come along with lightweight fabrics. Denim plays an increasingly more important role in the fashion scene right now. So, you better take a look at some of the best inspirational street style images to know what jeans to buy.
  7. It's an ideal time to view best ways of wearing patterned pants and leggings this year. I think every single girl and lady wants to try these bottoms in her everyday life. I guess, we all just got used to wearing brightly colored garments, that's why! Fashion always brings to us new challenges and this trend is great for us to try something new. I believe that anyone can pull off patterned pants and leggings. If you are just a beginner to this trend, then I highly recommend you to start it very conservatively. You probably ask yourself, what does it means, conservatively? If bold patterns is too much for you right now, then go for blurred and muted prints with subtle details, like pinstripes, tie-dye, polka dots, etc. If you want to try something more, then it's the best time to try on leopard print. This pattern is very popular in the world lately. If you want to play with your silhouette, then I recommend to try on flared printed bottoms that look 1970's inspired and preppy. Thanks to skinny printed design styled with high heels or wedges you can visually elongate your legs. Keep your top simple. Buy the ones in solid colors and slim silhouettes. Be careful with prints, as they can be too loud or too bright.. This should be learnt by heart- leggings are not PANTS, no matter if they are in plain colored or brightly printed. So you better hide your butt away by topping on elongated sweater or a dress. Balance the look by harmonically teaming top with bottoms. Be confident and try something new!
  8. If you work in a big company, bank, for government, then you might be familiar to suit jacket, button-up shirt and matching skirt/trousers combo. This is your everyday work hours uniform. We all want to change it, but don't know how to do it right. Now it's the right time to make a move! It might be sound too much overwhelming, but be ready to make drastic changes in your Monday-to-Friday look. Your wardrobe is about to get pretty impressive! Do I have your attention now? I guess I have it! Let the details speak to themselves. All the showcased outfits come with pretty impressive details that are great for everyday work and important formal meetings. If you do love your basic look, but you want to experiment with it, then the best solution so far is to show your feminine flair by adding fun prints and frilly dresses paired with your lovely blazers. The best way to polish core items and mix things up is to keep your silhouette classic and add bright details. If you are a risk-taker and you love to walk on a thin line, then you probably should go for a print on print look, but of course in a classy way. There are many fabulous ways to show everyone the meaning of fashion-forward work look. If you are a minimalist at heart, then you might love to wear the same but eye-catching basics in multiple ways. Feeling a bit mannish? Go for girl meets boy style. My favorite idea is to try on leather jacket atop your power suit. Looks edgy, but still ideal for a classic work update. If you do love making attention on details, then you better stick to classic pieces and make sure to add something special, by adding perfect textures or jewelry. The last but not least is the chic and sophisticated style that includes statement touches, like a cool graphic tee or bold accessories. This is just a beginning, as I've gathered my favorite looks to get inspired by, so you better take a look and let me know your thoughts.
  9. I was lucky to find all must-have shoes to wear in 2017. I decided to share with you all my favorite styles to buy for the next hot season. In this post are gathered beautiful flats, sexy heels and comfy sandals. Leopard print shoes The first pair that drives me crazy is the leopard-print heel. Nowadays, this print is considered to be a neutral color, but I remember those times when everyone looked at you as on some kind wild animal! LOL! Keep attention to this bold print, It can be ideally styled with neutral separates. Go for one of these pretty heels for your one and only summer refresh! The hot months is perfect time to give these shoes a try. Shop them right now. The Classic Sandals Classic sandals are still in vogue. Keep in mind, this time of year is best for buying them. Why? It's still cold outside and best time to buy clothes for a season is out of season. From demure to daring, from kitted heels to sky-highs, from neutrals to extremely bright colored versions. I have picked up my favorites that are going to be popular this year, so you better be quick and grab the ones that you really like. Flats How much do you love your flat shoes? This footwear is so on trend and it's gonna be popular for many years. I see lots designers came up with fresh and new updates, offering us smooth suede lace-ups, mannish styles and bright colored versions. Check out my favorites and let me know your thoughts. Men's Sandals Men's sandals are back in vogue. If you thought that Birkenstocks is the only mannish footwear, then you were wrong my darling, there are thousands of chic styles to buy. Floral Shoes Florals is the same as leopards. They are already timeless must-haves. I found my favorite designs that for sure will make you happy. Here are my perfect picks to help you find your favorites. As you can see, there are pretty chic floral styles in flat designs, as well as in classic pumps, platforms and heeled sandals look.
  10. Leather skirts are back in fashion. In today's article we are about to see best ways how to glam up your leather skirt. If you do have it, then you better see my favorite street style combinations, if you don't have it, then you really should buy it and play up with your glamorous looks! Today we see many designer brands offering us plenty of confident styles to rock from work to special occasions. So, what I want you to do is to look through this compilation and choose your favorite outfits and let me know your thoughts. Scroll down to see more. Personally, when I hear someone speaking of leather skirts, I automatically imagine black leather style. This year everything has changed. You rule the world and it's up to you what color to choose. It can be white, black, green, red, burgundy, blue, etc. You can wear this bottom anywhere you want, and style it in million of ways, depending of its cut, color and design. First place where I want to wear leather skirt is my work. The office look might be tricky sometimes, but you have to make it look smart and sophisticated. Be sure to try pencil black leather skirt and pair it with heels and classy white blouse. Keep everything extra professional. I know many ladies add blazers, classic bags and jewelry to complete their looks. Personally, I prefer to wear silken blush colored blouses tucked in my favorite knee-length black leather skirt completed with black classic pumps. Next stop is the casual street walks and glamour parties. If you want to show off your legs, then go for mini leather skirt. It can be either tight, A-line, peplum, quilted or pleated. It looks magnificent worn with loose-fit, oversized chunky sweaters, denim shirts and cozy coats. Complete the look by adding sexy heels or sneakers for a more laid back take on the style. I love to wear quilted mini with white knitted sweater, khaki olive parka and flat boots. Keep it fun and trendy. This awesome bottom can dress up any outfit. Anyway, let's have a detailed look at some of my favorite street style images.
  11. There are always great ways of making a trend your own. In today's post we are going to talk about plus-size women frocks that work for cocktail parties and everyday wear. Believe me, you won't fear of feeling yourself "fatter," fear that you'll be "too visible," by wearing these precious ensembles. There is no reason not to try things just because it might make you look "fatter." When it comes to latest trends, then everything looks fresh and bright. Be sure to try draped plus sized dress, it's a perfect choice for cool Holidays parties and special events, like art galleries and various gatherings. All you have to do is to add a statement necklace and animal print pumps. A-line dress will ideally suit fun and youthful parties, just add a blazer and skinny belt on. Personally, I advice you to wear bright colors that can be styled with classic pumps during the day and sexy high-heels during the night. If it's a bit cold outside, then you better add a stunning blazer and tights. There is one very important thing before buying plus-sized frock: be sure to choose luxurious and high-quality fabrics (silks, light cottons, velvet, lightweight wools). There are beautiful peplum styles with unique and classic silhouettes. Go for a sheer neckline and ruched bust designs that work for multiple occasions. If you are one of those ladies who wants to make things bright and glamour, then I suggest you to choose animal print mini frock, this is not for work time, but it comes with that special laidback and festive look. I am 100% sure you gonna steal the show by wearing this number. Anyway, I guess we should take a closer look at some of these precious designs. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
  12. Some ladies want to keep things hot, sophisticated and sexy! In today's post I want to draw your attention to some of the best ways to make your turtleneck look sultry and voguish. Do I have your attention? I guess we all have waited quite a long time to finally pull on a chic turtleneck. Personally, I am obsessed with TURTLENECK! I am ready to wear it from Mondays to Fridays. Why? I have a kind of feeling that I am wearing an armor. I really don't understand those people who say that it's a boring and basic garment. It's no hard to update this top by adding your favorite silky printed scarf or statement neckpieces. This Fall is all about moody colors and neutrals. We all want to refresh our wardrobes. I've got great news for you, as I see lots of turtlenecks are updated with bright stripes. Still, basic color turtleneck can make all things happen, but now you have perfect choices for maneuver. You can wear it in the most stylish ways. I am 100% sure you have never seen more fashion-girl worthy styles to wear in your everyday life. You are about to see my favorite street style pics of various fashionistas and trendsetters who appear on the streets wearing so many beautiful outfits featuring my favorite high neck top. Turtleneck sweaters street style:
  13. The childhood staple is back on fashion track this year. The overalls look chic as never before. I don't know how about you, but I enjoyed wearing my overalls in elementary school. Now the time has come, as I see lots of designers bringing overalls back in fashion. This year's versions are chic, glamour and extremely functional. The overalls can be as chic as their cousin- jumpsuit. As you can see, there are charming and elegant selections from various brands and designers. There are baggy boyfriend styles that are ripped and distressed, there are patched versions, slim-fits, 1970's inspired, printed, etc. My personal favorites are those vintage corduroy boot-cut versions that can ideally match lightweight blouse or semi-sheer turtleneck. Each one of the showcased styles if very easy to style. This basic garment will spice-up any look. Why do I like them? They are insanely simple and versatile. Plus, believe me, they will draw everyone's attention.
  14. Experts say history repeats itself and the best place to see that is fashion. The today's fashion world takes us back to 1970's boho decade with a more modern approach. We see various fashion collections featuring fringe details, tunics with dramatic sleeves, flared jeans, floor-skimming maxi skirts and dresses, ankle platforms, softly draped printed billowy blouses and suede essentials. It's a modernized revival of 1970's spirit of dressing. This is a perfect year to embrace your inner haute hippie with the best of spring bohemian staples. These looks are perfect for heading to music festivals, home parties and simple street walks around town. This is an ideal year to play with vibrant patterns, like stripes, geometric prints and zig-zags. 1970's style dresses look disco darling thanks to kimono sleeves and floral pattern. We see gorgeous 1970's style fun accessories that make any lady getup groovy. We see gloppy hats, chunky bracelets and necklaces. Don't forget to add a multicolored bag or grab a fabulous looking fringe purse. The showcased details add retro twist to any look.
  15. Ksenia Schnaider summer-summer 2017 cool backstage pictures by Tony Tarasiuk.
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