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  1. Try on sexy leopard print ankle boots with chunky heels, go for caged stiletto heel sandals in black color, classic black or white pumps are also good choice, you can try strappy sandals, nude round toe pumps, turquoise caged wedges and even lace-up boots. make sure the overall outfit is comfortable and looks feminine!
  2. High low dress looks great with plenty of shoes, including ankle boots, wedge sandals, all kinds of peep-toes, high heels, sneakers, booties and even with high boots. Of course, the most classic ones and versatile are pumps and heeled sandals.
  3. Knee High boots in suede are ideal for wearing in your everyday life for casual walks. Try them on with casual denim. This will make you look relaxed but chic. I am pretty sure you gonna look stylsh and ready for weekend! All you need are knee suede boots, dark skinnies, V-neck cashmere sweater in cream color or a boho inspired white blouse. If you want to achieve an edgy look, then you can go all in black, by wearing suede boots with black jeans and turtleneck. How about keeping things more boho inspired? Go for suede neutral color boots and pair them with bold pattern dress!
  4. How brown are your shoes? If they are very dark ones, then I guess you better avoid them, but light brown styles will definitely look pretty chic, just make sure to add other matching light brown colour accessories.
  5. This striking color can be updated with nude, beige or blush shoes. If you don't want to wear neutrals, then go for black or vibrant colours, like silver, gold or red! I personally recommend to choose nude color shoes. Most ladies have black and white heels in their closets, that's why if you do not wish buying new pair of pumps, you can easily try on black or white shoes. You can make a real vibrancy with mustard, yellow or pink colors!
  6. Of course you can complete your outfit with matching white pumps. Your all white outfit can be updated with a hint of exotic allure by adding cool leopard print heels or sandals. Some ladies update their outfits with nude shoes. If you wear white jeans, you can finish this look by adding colourful sneakers. I know many ladies who make their outfits look precious and glamour by adding metallic shoes in silvery or gold. You can also create a contrast with a pair of black pumps.
  7. Sure you can wear moccasins with no socks. Just you need to be careful, as they can become smelly due to the contact with your feet. I recommend to wear no-show socks, without worrying about smell or about your socks to be shown. Sure, if socks are cool and feature cut or fun print, then you can try on fur moccasins with long socks, but it depends.
  8. What can be more functional and stylish than a pair of ankle-boots for work? Before buying new pair, I recommend to find ones that are coloured in neutral hue, come with no additional embellishments and can be paired with both skirts and pants. Plus, everyone looks for versatile footwear, so you better find the ones that can be worn at work, as well as to fancy parties. Go for skinny heel design, the overall look should resemble classic pumps, but with an ankle height. Go for pointed toe booties. Sure you can try on boots with chunky heels, but it's very individual. If you work in a strict environment, then you probably will need to skip this style of footwear and go for classic black pumps.
  9. I guess the best look you can create with regular jeans and sneakers is to cuff your jeans. This will make you appear trendy and ladylike. You can also show off your bare leg around ankle. Find denim pants that are ankle length and team them with low-top kicks. You can go for coated, ripped version, or washed straight jeans to make your overall outfit look fresh.
  10. Casual dresses you can wear with cool flats. You can go for patent leather flat pumps, strappy sandals, gladiator shoes, adorable red flats with gold spikes on toes. You can even try on cool sneakers to make your dress rock during Summer hot days! Make sure your shoes are coloured in the came colour as your dress. The most important part it to feel comfort while wearing your shoes.
  11. There are so many awesome ways how to pair boots with skirts, but my favorite one is making them look awesome with A-line skirts. This is a perfect way to make your legs look ladylike and lean. Go for A-line midi style and pair it with edgy biker booties. This will create a striking appearance that looks both punky and pretty. You can flash some skin by teaming a more shortened A-line skirt with cut-out booties completed with gold details. This look can be completed with cozy oversized sweater. A formal A-line skirt can be completed with plunge booties in deep dark neutral color. Or you can go for A-line mini skirt and team it with wooden-heeled ankle boots. This flirty outfit will make you look gorgeous, refined and feminine.
  12. It's no hard to find a great pair of leather pants nowadays. But we faced another problem, what shoes to wear with leather pants. Right? Everything depends on the occasion, that's why shoes can range from heels to pair of flat footwear. For a casual outfit you can go for simple flat pumps or fringed sandals. For a street style look you can try on moccasins or sneakers. An off-duty chic look can feature pretty ankle-boots or sexy heels. By the way, leather bottoms can be worn even in a more formal environment, all you need is to find appropriate top and fitted outerwear and classic pumps.
  13. I also like everything that looks boho inspired. I discovered many interesting garments you can add in your everyday clothes by making them look hippie and bohemian inspired. For instance, you can update simple pastel bodysuit and ripped denim shorts with a cute lightweight poncho and pretty leather shoulder bag, or add a gorgeous floral print maxi skirt. Anyway, you need to add leather in brown colour, ethnic accessories, as well as Indian inspired details and music festival basics.
  14. If you have to walk long distances, I recommend to choose something comfortable. Try on functional sandals. Think of Birkenstocks, or Birks with ankle straps, Crocs also have fun and bright designs, or you can try on basic classics, like comfy padded flat or kitten block heel sandals.
  15. Some ladies say not to wear black shoes with navy dress, but I see no point why you can't make such combo. There is no modern rule saying you are not allowed to wear navy with black. If you feel comfortable in navy dress styled with black shoes, then you better try it! I personally own a midnight blue dress that I always wear with black heels, result looks great.
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