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  1. So, you are about to have a Christmas party at work? If you are going to have a celebration till midnight, then I guess you should wear something fancy and elegant. It's okay to wear a dress, you can go for a neutral colour or keep things shiny and vibrant by choosing gold or silver metallic hues. I do like to see women who wear black dresses embellished with silver or gold beads. Of course, everything depends on your party's atmosphere. As you told, this party takes place in a big hall, that's why you should go for a more formal look. Speaking of accessories, I advice you to go for glitzy details, choose silver, gold or pearls to update traditional outfit.
  2. If you want to dress like a hippie in school, then you should get inspired by school images from 1960's and 70's. You can go for shift and sheath dresses in solid neutral colours and complete them with bright tights or leggings, as well add chunky and eye-catching jewellery items. Your outfit has to express freedom, love and individuality. Go for simple tops and velvet bottoms, use bright accessories, laces are ideal to underline your uniqueness. How about wearing bell-sleeve blouses, solid colour slim-fit jumpsuits, floral frocks, peasant blouses, colorful pants, bucket hats, fringe vests and jackets, velvet flared trousers, denim overalls, ponchos and capes.
  3. I wear pretty much the same clothes in my everyday college's life. Sometimes I go for plain t-shirt teamed with knee-length shorts. If I feel myself a bit too revealing, I cover my tee with a chambray shirt. A pretty camsole is also a great choice, but it has to be covered with a light cardi or slim blazer. I do love wearing slim fit jeans with boots and knitted jumper during cold season months. I do love preppy looks with feminine touches. You should buy more tops, as they can drastically change your appearance. A couple of nice coats and jackets is important. Anyway, college is just a place where you get information, this is not some kind of fashion event, that's why you should wear whatever is comfortable.
  4. Hipsters love wearing skinnies. These bottoms look awesome on ladies of any age and body shape. But I do see lots of girls wearing high-rise jeans that are named mom jeans. You can also try on ripped or patterned jeans. If you want to look bright and original, then the best solution for you is to buy colored skinnies, this will underline your individuality.
  5. A shrug can be worn with dresses in different ways. First, try on a V-neck black sleeveless shift dress and cover it with a grey shrug in a simple fit. Ideal for day look. Next possible look is the one that features a cute feather print dress with scoop neckline and a purple shrug worn atop it. Try on shrug tied on the middle. All in all, a pretty shrug can give you an updated look that will easily transform your dress and carry it from day to night.
  6. This garment has been considered to be a preppy girl's wardrobe staple for a long time. In today's fashion world this piece can update your professional outfit or casual look by making it more dressy and adding a stylish flair. You can try on different styles of sweater vests, the ones with typical V-necks, crewnecks as well as cute designs with buttons or zippers on the front side. Speaking of colors and prints, then I recommend you to try on solid colored designs, as well as models with classic patterns, like stripes or plaids.
  7. I am a big fan of tunics. This garment can be dressed down or up during Summer season. There are lots of great styles of tunics, starting from the ones that can be worn as tops, as well as the ones that are meant for wearing as dresses. Try tunic tops with denim shorts for casual day offs, or go for simple cotton knee-length skirt. If you own a tunic dress, you are free to wear it as a casual or an evening frock. I tell you honestly, tunic dresses can be quite tricky to wear because of the length, as it can be too short. If you decided to wear a tunic dress, then I recommend to keep the whole outfit simple and go for classic accessories to make your frock look a bit shiny and embellished.
  8. Yes, you can wear sweater dress with jeans. The result can look absolutely awesome and cute. For instance, try on black mini sweater dress and wear it atop dark skinny jeans. I personally like teaming sweater frocks with flared jeans. Both pieces compliment each other. I do see ladies who choose jeggings instead of classic skinny jeans, but it's a very individual thing. By the way, sweater and jeans look is an ideal choice for staying warm.
  9. Wearing a short sweater over dress can actually look really awesome. You can experiment with dress length and textures. For instance, a slim-fit dark solid colour sweater looks damn chic styled with a knee-length flowy pastel colour dress. A simple chambray shirt-dress will definitely look awesome worn underneath black sweater, all you need is to add an elegant thin necklace and black retro inspired sunglasses. A cropped dark burgundy knitwear looks flirty worn atop LBD. A country inspired look can be achieved with a mustard colour short sweater worn atop relaxed fit cream white dress embellished with lace. Blush cropped sweaters look great worn atop maxi gowns in light blue colour. There are lots of awesome ways to make this combo look ideal on you.
  10. I would never do it. Actually my hair is grey and it does looks quite unique. I have a long grey hairstyle that looks really awesome. I use professional beauty products to make it shiny and flowy, that's why I don't look like an old granny! Sure, grey colour is tricky, as you can risk looking like a grandma, but all over gray can actually make you look fresh and sweet.
  11. Nude and pastel nails is a summer trend. This is a great way to make a statement during hot summer days. This color is an easy way to give your lightweight outfit a touch of elegance and bold statement. You can either try on classic nude shade or go for pretty pastels, like sugary sweet orange, metallic finishes or mint shades.
  12. Make sure you have chosen the right design and a perfect place to make it. A final decision is made by you, but I do recommend to ask your friends and relatives what they think about it.
  13. This trend looks terrific. It gives you a daring appearance, underlining your individuality. Messy brushed upwards eyebrows will definitely make you noticeable. Like it or not, but thicker brows look interesting and daring. This beauty look is on trend, that's why you can give it a try. Of course, this kind of look doesn't fits all ladies, so if it's not your thing, don't go for it, better be natural.
  14. Well, I am not a big fan of tattoos, but I do agree, there are beautiful tattoo designs that look awesome on ladies. If you don't have any tattoo on your skin and you are still thinking of making one, then I don't recommend you to do it. Why? You simply want to look individual, but tattoos are usually made for a reason. I mean, if you have a vision and reason to make the exact tattoo on yourself, then you are free to do it.
  15. Blue eye ladies look great with different hair, starting from blonde to brown, red, as well as black. Anyway, there are some other factors you should consider when choosing an appropriate hair color to your blue eyes. It's skin tone as well as face shape.
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