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  1. I want to make my floral dress work for cocktail party. Can you please tell me what jewelry I can wear with a floral dress? Thank you!
  2. Can someone please tell me what necklace I can wear with a deep V-neckline? Thanks!
  3. Are there interesting ways I can tie trench coat belt behind back? Would be nice to see interesting ideas and step by step instructions. Thanks!
  4. I was wondering how can I wear long parkas? I saw lots of long designs during fashion shows, they are huge fall street trend, that's why I want to know interesting ideas I can use to look nice in long parkas. Any advice?
  5. Hello gals! I want to ask you what should I wear to college classes? Is there some kind of ultimate guide I can use? I want to know dressy outfit ideas that can be worn to every college event, starting from study session to formal parties. Any advice?
  6. I want to know what I can wear to a cocktail party. What are the most popular outfit ideas I can use? If you have images, please share with me!
  7. Soon it's going to be cold outside, that's why I want to know what kind of dress I can wear with boots, so it looks weather appropriate. Please advice!
  8. I want to wear a dusty rose color dress for my prom night, but I don't know what color shoes I should wear with it. Can you please advice me something?
  9. I love thigh high boots so much on other people but I feel like these boots going to look quite trashy on me. Do you know any ideas or tips on how to wear thigh high boots without looking trashy? I wish I could pull those off.
  10. I know that wearing pumps with socks is fashion faux pas, but I started to notice many celebrities, actresses and models wear this combination. I always wear my shoes with bare feet or see-through tights, but I want to know how to wear pumps with socks?
  11. Can someone please advice me sandals I can walk in miles without a blister? I need to know best styles for walking long distances. Do you have any suggestion?
  12. I'd like to know if I can wear wedges with a dress? Is it possible? What dress style I should choose to match it with wedges?
  13. Does anyone know interesting ways how to accessorize gold dress? I want to make a glamour look with a pretty golden cocktail dress. Would be nice to know tricks and tips how to accessorize it.
  14. I love chambray and denim shirts, I always wear them in my everyday life. But I want to dress them up. That's why I was wondering what jewellery I can wear with denim shirt? Any advice? Thanks!
  15. I have a daughter who is 14 y.o. and she wants to start dressing more nicely and ladylike to school next year. Would it be okay for her to wear wedges? Can someone please advice?
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