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  1. I think every woman in her 35 or over should own the following pieces in a high quality fabrics. For instance, every lady by 30 should have a perfectly tailored leather jacket, supersoft cashmere sweater, qualitative trench coat that can be worn atop suits or sheath dresses, pencil skirt that will ideally look paired with white blouse, belted wool coat, jeans with a perfect fit, fitted tuxedo blazer, a gorgeous sheath and perfectly tailored trousers.
  2. There is no woman's wardrobe without a perfect cocktail dress. This frock is ideal for a variety of occasions. You are free to choose whatever style you want. You can either buy the one that is more formal, casual or playful. No matter what style you choose, they all are easy accessorized. My favorite style is a strapless cocktail frock completed with rucked midsection and pleats. If you are not into strapless dresses, how about one shoulder dress? You can dress it up or down. Try it on with flashy heels and sparkling necklace. Anyway, you are free to experiment!
  3. I'd definitely choose something bright, like a statement necklace, tiara or earrings. I was wondering if I can wear these jewelry after wedding day? I love every single design shown in this post
  4. This not my cup of tea. I don't like to wear too much shiny garments, especially if it's a jacket or blazer. I don't want to be in center of attention thanks to jacket. I want to make everyone look at me thanks to my natural beauty!
  5. You can team it with floral pants, floral dress and high heels, wear it over pencil skirt and simple white shirt. I personally like pairing denim jackets with maxi dresses this makes me look like a boho chic girl.
  6. if you want to look fabulous, try on strapless mint green maxi dress, or choose a tiered maxi gown in colorblock. If you still wondering what dress to choose, go for neutral colored version with no bright or eye-catching details or embellishments. Once you know how you want to dress, there will be no problem to style it right way.
  7. I wear shirts as skirt, this makes me look unique and creative. If I want to make a real sexy appearance, I just wear it opened and knotted. You can try to wear shirt as an off-shoulder blouse, looks really awesome! For chilly days I wear shirt under a crop top or crop sweater. I also wear it as a layer, as a cardigan atop simple white tank top. If shirt is long enough to cover your butt, why can't you wear it as a dress.
  8. Is it in style? I thought it's already a timeless piece of clothing, the same as LBD or pencil skirt. I think it's very important to find an appropriate length of leather skirt, otherwise, minis will make you look cheap or look like a Pretty Woman!
  9. I wear plaid garments occasionally. I also like to tie plaid shirt around my casual T-shirt dress, or wear a big tartan scarf around my neck. What really drive me crazy, then it's plaid print accessories. I adore plaid pumps and handbags.
  10. I think this knitwear is easy to style. You are free to wear lightweight sweater with ripped boyfriend jeans, office friendly skirts, tailored pants or other casual bottoms like shorts and denim cut-offs. I personally, like elongated turtleneck sweaters that can be worn with classic slim-fit jeans or pencil skirts.
  11. I think this year's most important boho festival trends are strapless rompers, brightly printed tunic dresses, cool gladiator sandals, maxi loose-fit gowns, wide brim hats and chunky accessories. In other words saying, boho is a timeless trend that never changes!
  12. Military fashion has spread around the world in last decade. It is everywhere! The thing about army look is the following: no matter what you add, camo jacket, olive green shorts, cargo navy jacket or cargo green pants, your outfit automatically becomes military inspired.
  13. A pencil skirt is a great savior. As you can make it dressy, casual or work-appropriate, all you need is to add an appropriate top and voila, you are ready to go!
  14. I am a big fan of striped tops. It's so French and Parisian. It's not just a basic top! You can style it with leather jackets, blazers, cardigans and whatever you want. You can either make it look casual or dressy, everything depends on the way how you gonna style it. I prefer smart-casual outfits, as they are extremely versatile.
  15. You can try sneakers with straight-leg jeans. It can be old scool adidas, Nike runners or good old Converse trainers. Below are some street style ideas and Polyvore sets you can get inspired by. But I think best jeans to wear with sneakers are skinnies, flares, boyfriends or bootcut.
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