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  1. I recommend to choose short sleeve cocktail dresses, as they are versatile. Yes, you can add a blazer or shrug to make it look more formal and appropriate. You can wear these frocks in the afternoon and during early evening events. You can dress it up with classic jewelry, like pretty necklace, or eye-catching earrings. Long sleeve cocktail dresses are ideal for cold weather seasons. Choose sleek and fitted design to underline your ladylike shape and curves. My favorite long sleeve styles are the ones with V-necks, satin trims and ruched details.
  2. I would definitely choose chandelier earrings, a shiny necklace and pearl bracelet! Every design showced above is stunning!
  3. I find this collection very modern and somewhat fashion-forward! Love it!
  4. Army green clothes make women look powerful and mannish. I have a cargo jacket in olive green color and when I wear it I feel myself defended. Don't know why, but I do have such feeling.
  5. Pencil skirt is a perfect clothing piece for formal events and working hours. It will make any lady look feminine and sexy. Why? It contours silhouette and makes you look leaner.
  6. I also find these tops very Parisian! I recommend to wear them with tailored black pants, chino shorts, as well as with jeans and skirts. The front buttoned skirts are ideal for pairing with striped tops!
  7. I think overalls, classic denim jackets, deim cut-offs and skinnies will still be popular next 2017. Frankly speaking, everything what is made of denim is automatically a stylish piece!
  8. I love denim jackets. I tell you honestly, I wear all year round! How? I try it with a lightweight dress, tank top and shorts or romper during Summer season. During Fall and Spring seasons I simply add jeans, skirt, pullover or shirt and for Winter months I go for heavy layers, like sweater, or coat under denim jacket.
  9. Cowboy boots, suede shorts and semi-sheer pussy-bow blouse in white color looks incredibly sexy! I also like all-whtie look!
  10. That's a stunning hippie inspired collection. Avalon X Arcade keeps everything vintage and very rich. I like that furry jacket, off-shoulder belly blouse and vests.
  11. Choose a maxi dress that offers a comfort and style. I recommend to try on a short sleeve V-neck maxi gown with a side slit to show off your pretty sandals. If you like Grecian mythology, then you should give a try to Ancient Greek inspired long and flowy gown colored in pastel or neutral solid color. If you do like prints, then give a try to a tank maxi dress completed in horizontal stripes. I also a big fan of IKAT print. How about wearing a maxi dress fully printed in IKAT?
  12. You can wear s simple button down shirt under a vest. Or you can try it under a sheer shirt or jacket, this will make you look sexy and sophisticated. If you want to keep things work appropriate, try on a button down shirt under a tailored dress to look professional. If you want to keep it fun and relaxed, try shirt under overalls. Another great way to look polished and work friendly is to wear shirt under sweater and let your pretty collar be seen to everyone. I like to wear shirts under blazers or tucked in leather pants or skirts. I know ladies who wear shirts untucked teamed with boyfriend jeans. Anyway, wear shirt anyway you like!
  13. Hi gals! I wanted to ask you, if it's okay to wear straight leg jeans with sneakers? Can someone please let me know if it's possible and if yes, maybe you have interesting outfit ideas to share with me? Thanks!
  14. The following post is dedicated to silver jackets that can be worn with evening dresses. No matter what is the occasion, wedding, prom or special party. I am pretty sure, the following outerwear piece will make your pretty midi/mini or maxi dress stand-out from the crowd. Modern fashion offers plenty of silver blazers, starting from cropped versions to classic shape designs. Make sure it fits you right, once you try it on, you automatically become the centre of attention. Below I want to show you my favorite silver jackets you can try with your evening dress.
  15. This year I am having a company Christmas party. The event takes place in a big hall and it starts at 6 pm till midnight. What should I wear to look dressy, but not wearing anything too sexy. Can you please share with me some interesting ideas? Thanks!
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