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  1. I see nothing bad in silver jackets. If you are not into shiny silver, you can try matter silver blazer. I think it's a personal thing. Silver jacket is not some kind of trend, but it's already a timeless piece of clothing you can match with your favorite dress.
  2. Yes, it's possible, but I don't see many women on the streets wearing straight jeans with sneakers. If only you are over 45, this might work. But I think you better choose bootcut jeans to make them look great with sneakers.
  3. A Christmas party can be a tricky event, as you should look formal and dressy. Also many things depend on the business environment of your office. No, I am not saying, you better be dressed in a conservative suit, but still, provocative details are not allowed. Anyway, there are ways how to dress to impress! You can try on a shimmeing golden knife pleated maxi skirt and pair it with agolden matte sweater and embellished pointy-toe pumps, or try on a patterned blazer and team it with a black pencil skirt. Make a statement with a blue shiny long-sleeve frock by wearing it with pale yellow peep-toe pumps. If you want to stand out, then you should give a try to a sleevless structured bronze color dress. If you still have no idea, then go for red pencil dress and complete it with red shoes and matching color clutch it's a safe choice! If you are not a fan of red color, try on a tested LBD! I personally recommend to choose your cocktail dress in black, red, jewel tone or classic gold or silver. Be sure to cover it with a glity sequined bolero or shrug. Anyway, I have interesting Polyvore sets for Christmas party, hope these looks will inspire you:
  4. If you want to look like a hippie girl, I advice to try something relaxed and comfortable. Don't go for worn out jeans, it's not for school. You should be very at ease and confident. Try easy, breezy clothes that are appropriate for school hours. The most easiest outfit that looks hippie like is the one that features a graphic tee and blue flared jeans. You can try nice tunics, loose fitting shirts, patterned vests, maxi skirts and slouchy sweaters. There are lots of different clothing designs and colors you can try this year. The main goal of your outfit is comfort and laid-back look. You can be creative by wearing earth tones, bold shirts and statement jewelry. Choose natural, light and flowy fabrics. Think of bright white peasant blouses with wide sleeves, patterned slacks, fringed suede shoulder bags, suede ankle boots, front buttone skirts, drop shoulder blouses, classic or flared jeans, long cardigans, fringed bucket bags, wide brim hats, rounded sunglasses, leather jackets, kimonos, handmade clothes and vibrant accessories. Below are shown interesting Polyvore sets you can try to school next week! Hope you will like it the same as me:
  5. If you want to wear ankle boots to work, then you should choose those designs that wont distract from the clean lines of your workwear. I think the best way to incoprorate ankle boots into your workwear is to pair them with trousers. Of course, you can try this footwear with skirts and dresses, but it can be quite tricky. That's why I decided to share with you my favorite polyvore sets where are shown all kinds of possible office looks completed with ankle boots. As you can see, all outfits are kept refined, chic and professional. If you really want to buy them, but don't know how to wear booties in real life, I recommend to take a moment and see best ways to make them look awesome with your work attire. The most important thing is to know how relaxed or conservative your work appearance can be. If your office dress code is strict and corporate, then I recommend to choose polished boots in classic look. For a casual environment, I advice to choose rugged and more casual boots. Booties easily replace pair of heels during cold months., all you need is to add opaque tights and finish the look with a nice fitted blazer. Anyway, below are showcased business outfit ideas you can try with ankle boots:
  6. Ethnic fashion is full of embroidered and sequined looks. The most important part is to be relaxed and experiment. Go for free spirited outfits and don't be afraid to look like boho chic at first. Use bright Aztec and African prints. Don't forget to complete your outfit with morrocan rings, chunky necklaces and bangles.
  7. I think next 2017 will be full of front buttoned dneim skirts and pretty short overalls. My personal advice: don't be afraid to experiment.
  8. You can either look preppy polished, simple and chic or choose sporty alternatives to feel comfort. I want to show you my favorite Polyvore sets of possible college looks you can recreate to every college event and day. All these outfits are ideal for school sessions. You will find library appropriate looks that are comfortable, as well as everyday layers, like parkas, plaid shirts, sweaters and cool leggings or jeans. I am pretty sure, every girl will feel comfort and style sporting all these possible outfit combos. I am so in love with preppy and classy garments you can use in everyday life. Look at trench-coats, pretty turtleneck sweaters, pencil skirts and dark skinnies. Don't forget about an ideal investment called blazer. It will upgrade all your casual essentials and make you look smart.
  9. This collection is full of must-have pieces. I am so in love with white very long tailored vest, flared cropped black pants, V-neck striped shirt-dress, off-shoulder peplum blouse in white color and navy-white vertically striped off-shoulder dress.
  10. It's very individual. I know a friend who keeps her bohemian festival outfit minimal by adding maybe a printed bandana, fringed bag or arm party bracelets. I personally, like wearing bright looks to underline my individualism.
  11. I am a big fan of loose-fit knitwear. I definitelty advice everyone to try it, as it's relaxed, simple and easy to style. They are not heavy and you can layer almost anything.
  12. Plaid is not my cup of tea. If I ever wear tartan, checks, then it will be either a bag or scarf.
  13. Leather skirts are definitely in fashion. I love to wear my black color version with chunky knitwear and heavy camel coat. I think you can create thousands and more looks with this beautiful leather piece.
  14. I think hipster choose skinnies in bright colors or the patterned ones. I see hipster ladies wearing mom jeans and high-waisted denim pants. But I think there is no distinct pair of jeans that automatically makes its wearer look like a real hipster. It's all about what is inside you, what you dream of, what you read and think, not the way you look. Trust me, even dressed up lady can be a hipster in heart.
  15. You can wear socks if you want, but make sure they don't show up of these shoes. I personally wear sock liners, as they are low cut and noone cansee them. But if you will wear long pants, like bootcuts or flares, you can use usual socks. Just avoid thick socks, otherwise you gonna sweat in them.
  16. Your all white look can be complimented with various shoes. For instance, white off-shoulder dress looks aweome with high flat gladiator sandals in brown, white lace bodysuit tucked in pencil white skirt looks incredibly chic with chunky heel sandals, white flares, slip tank and short cardigan look pretty ladylike with white loafers. Your shift dress can be updated wiht blush heeled sandals and matching color bag, or choose a white pencil skirt and complete it with baby blue bag and beige wedge sandals. Use classics with white fit and flare dress and black pointed-toe ankle-strap pumps. All white sporty look can be updated with gray sneakers. All in all, think about shoes that can compliment your outfit and can be worn to various occasions. Below are shown my favorite looks you can recreate this year:
  17. I think shrug is a good accessory for a dress. keep in mind one very important thing: your dress can be changed by a shrug, that's why you better choose shrug wisely, otherwise you can ruin your pretty dress. A sleeveless dress is a perfect choice for wearing shrug over it. Anyway, shrug is not just a layer. It can be made of knits, or lightweight fabrics. Some styles just add an accent to the dress to make it look fresher or sophisticated. Your shrug can either match or contrast with a dress. Structured and warm shrugs are ideal for chilly season months. I prefer to choose the ones with stand-up collars. If you want to look sophisticated and feminine, go for a lace design. Anyway, you are free to choose whatever style you like. Just make sure to coordinate both styles.
  18. Sometimes it takes months and years before you find the one and only leather jacket you really want to buy and wear. I searched for mine about 9 months, and I am not joking! I was looking for a heavy design for chilly Summer months and Winter days. I bought the one from All Saints that featured lots of pockets and stylish zip closure. The fit is incredibly awesome, it ideally underlines silhouette. Of course, there are many ways how to wear it. It's a versatile outerwear piece, so you are free to style leather jacket with sweaters, blouses, dresses and jumpsuits. You can even take it up and make it look conservative, by topping it on crispy white blouse tucked in tailored black pants completed with classy black pumps, or wear leather topper over conservative dress. I love to see women wearing these outerwear pieces with oversized flannel shirts, cool jeans, and sneakers. You can try classic black jacket with a longer sweater and plaid pencil skirt with ankle-boots. You can even try leather jacket and wear it under fur or faux-fur vest, the result looks glamour. An urban look that can be used from Mondays to Fridays is the one that features classic leather jacket, chunky sweater, coated jeans and lace-up short boots. Keep things boysih by teaming edgy leather jacket with long shirt and boyfriend jeans. Or keep it casual with a cashmere sweater, full skirt, and killer heels with sexy sunglasses. Want a more sporty appearance? Go for T-shirt, hoodie, sweatpants, sneaks and cool leather jacket.
  19. Sweater vests are not trendy but they are stylish. It's like wearing a LBD, you know it will work for you, no matter what is the occasion. Dig it? Many things depend on the season. I don't think you will choose a thick sweater vest during warm days, right? I think warmer months are appropriate for lightweight tunics. But you can try this combo during chilly months. All you need is to keep silhouette streamlined and ladylike, no bulky details or baggy details. Yes, you can try it with long and short-sleeve tops. If you want to keep things with no sleeves, complete your arms with statement bracelets. You can create different looks with sweater vest, starting from office outfits to casual and boho like looks. Yes, it's okay to wear tees under vests. If you want to dress down your frock, a vest is a good choice. It will make your dress look less formal. Below are shown interesting images of ladies wearing vests in various ways:
  20. I think tunics can look great with cigarette pants, straight, flared, slim or skinny jeans, oh skirts and shorts are my favorites. I don't recommend to pair tunics with leggings, but it's possible to do. Leggings are revealing bottoms, better opt for pants. The most imporant thing in looking good in tunic is to create perfect proportions. If you have wide hips and thighs, I think you should forget about skinnies and go for bootcut jeans. As tunic comes with a relaxed fit by itself, you definitely should keep bottoms slim. Don't forget to complete your outfit with heeled shoes, this will make you look slimmer. Yes, it's all about proportions. I recommend to choose skirt in a slimmer look and shorter length, as long skirts will shorten your legs. Of course, you can try unic with maxi skirt, but be careful, as you need to be in a perfect shape to make things look right, but you can add a belt that will underline your silhouette and make you look proportioned and balanced with maxi skirt. Anyway, I want to post my favorite street style images with tunics, have a look:
  21. Yes, silver and golden are ideal, but they are meant for fancy events only. I personally advice ladies to wear blue dresses with white shoes. Go for a cute little blue dress and style it with strappy block heel platform sandals. Anyway, blue dress, no matter if it's light or dark blue color can be worn with black, nude, gold, silver or white color shoes. If you have balls, you can try yellow shoes, pink, and even with blue shoes. Just keep in mind that blue dress should be in the different shade than your shoes color. There are lots of great color matches with blue dress you can try this year, starting from green, purple, burgundy, gray to orange, magneta and violet. Take a close up look at these stunning polyvore sets and maybe one of these looks will inspire you:
  22. Yes, you can wear your sweater dress with jeans. I see many women doing so, and you know what, result looks cute and ideal for hang outs. You can go for skinnies, but I think sweater dresses look good with flared jeans as well, of course, everything depends on your body type. The overall outfit might seem casual, but still it looks classy and elegant. I recommend to try light colors and washes, as dark jeans might look a bit ugly with sweater dress. Frankly speakng, wear what makes you feel good, life is too short caring about what people think. No matter how long or shirt is your sweater dress, you can wear it as a tunic and still look awesome. Speaking of shoes, it can be flat slip-ons, sneakers, boots or ankle-boots. Below are shown my favorite street style looks you can get inspired by. Hope you like them all!
  23. This combo is great for fall months, especially for layering your Summer favorite dresses. All you need is to layer slim-fitting cropped sweater over your favorite short summer dress and add a pair of textured tights to make your dress appropriate for cold season months. I personally, like wearing a solid sweater over a crisp shirt-dress completed with black tights tucked in black ankle-boots. I want to bring to your attention my favorite street style ideas how to wear cropped sweater over dress. You can go for a white mini dress and cover it with black-white sweater, or try on a boho inspired white peasant dress under ribbed knit loose-fit sweater. I like to see ladies who pair bodycon printed dresses with bright color cropped sweaters. Or you can try grungy inspired looks, by teaming black maxi dresses with slouchy striped short sweaters. Anyway, take a close up look and may be you will find something interesting!
  24. A peasant blouse is a mix of casual and polished styles. I personally like peasant blouses made of light and natural materials. Another thing is the fit, don't buy big ones, it will make you look baggy or sloppy. if your blouse is relaxed, make sure to wear it with slim fitted bottoms. I wouldn't recommend to wear peasant blouse with flowy skirts. Anyway, peasant blouse makes its wearer look and feel casual yet dressy. A white colored style is extremely versatile, as it can be worn with many different things, like dark-wash denim pencil skirts, jeans, mini shorts and skirts. I want to share my favourite ways how to wear peasant white blouse in real life. I have cool street style images. As you can see, off-shoulder white blouse can be styled with high-rise denim white shorts, washed blue flared jeans, or tucked in floral pleated mini skirt, or worn as a dress (if it's very long) over denim shorts, styled with ripped boyfriend jeans, tucked in blue skinny jeans completed with black leather boots. I personally like outfits, like the ones where white peasant blouse is tucked in front-buttoned denim mini skirt.
  25. I want to share with you my favorite ways how to wear shirtdress with leggings. For instance, you can try basic white elongated shirt and wear it as a dress with black leggings, white sneakers and black leather jacket, or try on abstract black-white marble inspired long semi-sheer shirt-dress with black leggings, white trainers and camel blazer. I highly recommend to try on plaid shirt-dress with black leggings, this is a great way to look like a grunge or punk girl. I see lots ladies who choose chambray shirtdresses wearing with black leggings and high boots. Sure, it's more casual appearance, but it's worth to try it!
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