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  1. Gabby White

    How to wear parka over blazer?

    Parkas can be worn atop blazers, you will need a big style that is long enough to cover your blazer. I think it's a nice pairing that can make its wearer look sophisticated, fresh and dressy. Go for dark color parka and wear it over bright color blazer. Of course, if you style it wrong, parka with a suit can look back to school. You need to break the rules with style to make a big surprise to everyone! Make sure the parka's hem fall few inches lower than blazer. Have a look at my favorite outfit ideas featuring parka over blazer.
  2. Gabby White

    How to wear a red trench coat?

    Trench coat is an essential piece of lady's closet. A red trench coat is a must-have! This color is ideal to underline woman's femininity and power. I personally like it for sophistication and elegance. Yes, it's a versatile piece of clothing, you can wear casually or dressy. Try it over casual separates, like jeans and sweaters or with a stunning evening dress. The best part about red trench, it suits almost every color. If you want to make this outerwear piece number one in your closet, you should choose an appropriate red shade that will ideally match your skin and style. About length: younger women should choose shorter trench coats and mature ladies look great in long styles. As I have already told, red trench looks incredibly chic over long maxi dress (sequined black is the best). You can combine it with black-white striped dresses, casual separates, with white pants, leather leggings, etc.
  3. Gabby White

    How to wear a backless dress without a bra?

    My congrats, backless dresses look pretty chic and ladylike. I think no bra will help you, as it will be easily noticed. You will still need something to cover your breasts, that's why I've got nice options you can try with a backless dress. You can try various cup support ideas. Try to stick to silicone bras. They will adhere to your breasts and give them a lift and protection. You can sew bra cups into your backless dress, all you need is an experienced tailor who can sew support bra cups or extra lining. Next thing you can try is a body shaper that can give your breasts support and back coverage. Or buy bra cups that you can stick onto skin. I know ladies who go for breast petals that look like nude colored stickers you can fit right over nipples.
  4. Gabby White

    What to wear over a sleeveless dress to work?

    Sleeveless dress can be worn to work, all you need is to cover it with a topper. If going sleeveless is not appropriate for your profession, then you can add a jacket to look classy and pulled together. I recommend to choose blazer in a color that will compliment your skin, hair and eyes. If blazer is nor what you want, you can always add ‘false’ sleeves. It will make you look polished and professional. It's an ideal choice for ladies who work in air conditioned offices. You can try a cardigan over a sleeveless dress to work. Choose a short-sleeved version, 3/4 sleeved or long sleeved design. Cardigan will be a great option for business casual days. Another option is to add a mesh tunic over sleeveless dress. This will make you look sophisticated, but still professional.
  5. I am a big fan of sweater dresses! Sweater dress with leggings look great together, all you need is to add appropriate footwear and outerwear. I've got interesting outfit ideas to share with you. You gonna see pretty dark grey frock paired with big black leather long jacket, long light gray scarf and black leather leggings tucked in black ankle-boots. By the way knitted dress and leather leggings is a classic combination that looks awesome on everyone, so you better try it one day! You won't be disappointed. If you choose solid color sweater dress and neutral color leggings, I recommend to complete this pairing with bright color topper and sexy footwear. If you want to wear this pairing on holidays, you can dress it up with pretty hat, gloves and shiny necklace and throw on pretty earrings. Just keep in mind one very important thing: your leggings should be covered with a dress at least till your thighs. My ideal sweaterdress and leggings look is the following: solid color long sleeve crew-neck sweater dress worn with a chunky scarf, layered with boyfriend's cardigan and completed with leggings and legwarmers tucked in ankle boots. Anyway, have a look at my favourite outfit ideas below:
  6. Gabby White

    What shoes to wear with casual dresses?

    So, you have four different casual dresses. The first one comes with a blouson silhouette and bohemian appearance. It features chic patterns that create a whimsical look. It can be worn with strappy sandals, ankle boots, peep-toe boots, knee-highs, OTK or Cowboy boots. A chambray shirtdress features a classic silhouette, long sleeves and notched neckline. As shown in the image, it ideally matches strappy gladiator sandals, but you can try ankle boots and knee-high boots with long socks tucked inside. A plaid shirt dress in tartan looks great with a shirttail hemline. Try it on with ankle boots like shown in the image, or wear it with classic trainers to create a grungy appearance. The last black T-dress looks really simple and easy to style. You can wear it with sneakers, pumps, boots and sandals.
  7. Gabby White

    What kind of sweater to wear with leggings?

    Hi! Your are right, leggings can be quite tricky to wear, but it's possible. Sure, sweaters can be worn with leggings, all you need is to know how it can be done. First of all, I wanted to mention one very important thing and it's the fabric of leggings. Make sure to buy the ones made of thick fabrics and always wear opaque leggings. I don't know how old are you, but if you are more than 25, better avoid leggings in psychedelic patterns. I personally wear thick leggings in unshiny fabrics. Speaking of sweaters, yes, you can add sweater, you need the one that will cover your butt. Of course, you can try shortened sweaters, if only you wear an elongated shirt underneath or a long jacket or coat atop. In other words saying, use layering technique to make sure your hips are covered. Try on cable knit sweater with black leather leggings, or go for simple black leggings with a white sweater and long camel coat. Have a detailed look through street style images to find your favourite outfit:
  8. Gabby White

    How to wear a maxi dress in winter?

    I am so happy that someone asked this question! I am also a big fan of maxi dresses. You know what? I wear them everywhere and anytime! You have to options: either buy a long-sleeved gown made of heavy fabric, or use summer maxi design and wear it under knitted sweaters, jackets and blazers. Before creating a winter friendly look, you need to think about practicality. Some dresses are not practical for wearing during wintertime, would you like to wear maxi through two feet snow, I don't think so. That's why it's okay to wear maxis only when it's just a bit of snow on the streets or no snow at all. It's always better to layer up your outfit, it's an easiest way to winterize maxi gown. You will need to add cardigan, sweater, long coat or leather jacket. Don't forget about accessories, like scarf, gloves, hats to stay warm during freezing days of winter. Keep legs in warm: use leggings or warm tights. I forgot to mention the most important element- footwear. I recommend to use thigh-highs, high boots or ankle styles. Even sheer dresses can work for winter, all you need is to proportionally layer them with knits and heavy outerwear.
  9. Gabby White

    How to wear high waisted shorts?

    You can create so many cool outfits with high-waist shorts, starting fom causal to dressy and work-friendly looks. These bottoms come in different designs and fabrics: you can find cool denim creations, lace versions, suede, velvet, cotton, etc. Nevertheless, there are countless ways to incorporate these bottoms into your wardrobe. These shorts cover lady's midsection that allows to hide unwanted bulges and create a feminine shape. Sure, they can look vintage inspired, but I like to see women who create casual outfits. For instance, try them on with lightweight, oversized tees by tucking them inside these bottoms this will provide more waist definition. Or you can try to combine sweaters or button-downs with high-waist shorts. If you have a beautiful silhouette and defined waist, show some skin by adding a cropped top. Speaking of shoes, try on flats, strappy sandals, low heeled pumps, wedge heels, sneakers, as well as boots, like ankle-boots or high boots. Of course, boots will make you look bohemian inspired, but I think it's worth it. I love to see girls who appear in high-waisted shorts styled with cowboy boots and flowing peasant blouse or kimono. It looks so feminine and edgy! If you want to rock high-waist shorts during cold weather, how about adding tights or thigh high boots that are flat or with a low wedge?
  10. Gabby White

    How to wear field jacket?

    No matter how you name it- cargo jacket, camouflage, utility, military or field jacket, it is a nice outerwear piece that can be worn in various ways to different places. The most classic one is the green colored style, but you can find camo designs, navy colored versions, as well different shades of green. I personally like this topper for its less formal look that is relaxed and easy to style. Of course it's more casual than formal, but you can easily pair it with tailored pants and crispy blouses for work. I like contrasting looks, when I wear crisp white shirts underneath utility jacket, it makes a great contrast. I also add heeled shoes to look more dressy. Of course, everything depends on where you gonna wear it. If it's more about casual events, you can keep it relaxed and style field jacket with plaid shirts, striped tops, simple tees and sweaters worn with jeans or skirts. If you want to wear it to work, or special events: try it with white blouse and black trousers, pencil dress or skirt. Don't look too serious and add a statement necklace or armparty. Some jackets look bulky and shapeless, that's why choose the one that is fitted at the waist. Take a moment and have a look through my favourite ways how to wear field jacket in real life:
  11. Gabby White

    Is it ok to wear a floral dress to work?

    I am a big fan of dresses, but sometimes it can be hard to pull them on during working hours. Why? They are summery cool, fresh and feminine, but not professional looking. Although, it is still possible to rock them at work. How? First of all, you can play with just a hint of floral touches by choosing blurred or abstract print dresses. I personally, suggest to wear dark florals, they tend to be less vibrant and appropriate for work hours. Another great thing about florals is the brightness that makes them look less boring. If your dress code is less formal, why don't you have some fun with floral dresses? You can wear it alone or layered with blazer or cardigan, depending on it's design. I think sleeveless floral frocks should be worn under layers, but long sleeved versions are okay to be worn on their own.
  12. Gabby White

    Can my shirt be longer than my blazer?

    Hi! yes, shirt can be longer than a blazer, but everything depends where you want to wear it. The most important part is the fit. If your blazer comes in a relaxed fit, then the result can look baggy and untidy. Answering to your next question: yes, you can wear it on the streets. You can also try it to work, but it depends on your dress code. It depends on the details. I recommend to try this combo at home before going to work. Try it on and ask yourself: if I were boss, would I allow my workers appear at work in such looks? Another thing is your body shape. Busty ladies will definitely like such teaming. Of course, untucked shirt with blazer is for everyday wearing, for meetings I recommend to tuck shirt in.
  13. Gabby White

    Casual Outfit Ideas For Women Over 50

    I guess there are no strict rules for women over 50. Sure, no mini shorts, skirts and dresses, or sexy cut-outs and short sleeves. But you can still wear skinny jeans, high heels and bright color clothes. My personal advice stay away from boho chic, this style will make you look older. Try on balanced outfits with relaxed tops and tight bottoms or vice versa. You can still wear sleeveless clothes, but I recommend to cover it with sheer layers, for instance try on a sleeveless shift dress and cover it with a cute kimono.
  14. Gabby White

    Tomboy Style 2017

    Haha, Tomboy is always about fun! I personally like the way ladies combine menswear with feminine details. For instance, you can keep the top mannish and choose ladylike skirt to complete your outfit, or go for mannish jeans and shirt, but cover it with a ladylike trench coat and mannish shoes. Of course the most easiest way to make a Tomboy look is to pair boyfriend ripped jeans with cool sneakers and relaxed fit T-shirt with cool shades and sweet clutch bag. Anyway, I like Tomboy look for its relaxed and simple appearance that is comfortable and versatile. If you want to try it, then you better create looks with vibrant contrasts, as I have already told you: experiment with girls and boys essentials.
  15. Gabby White

    Evening Cocktail Dresses

    I like everything that shines and glitters. I recommend to keep your outfit fresh and bright, but I know manny ladies who choose dark color palettes to look sophisticated and very special. Speaking of dress style, I advice you to choose the one that ideally flatters your body. My personal favorites are knee length frocks and midis with long sleeves. You can compelte these styles with matching accessories or go for bright shoes and evening bags. Anyway, here are my favorite styles to try for a cocktail party: