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  1. I think it's an awesome toy that comes with a stunning performance, long battery life and amazing dual camera! I guess it's the most advanced cell phones ever made. I don't think there are any analogues made by other companies. Others have explosive phones only!
  2. Strapless jumpsuit can either dressed up or dressed down. You can make it look sophisticated with cool blazer, cropped cardigan, leather jacket or cape.
  3. denim dress during summer looks good with flip flops, wedges, gladiator sandals and cut-out booties. My personal suggestion is to keep things simple and wear it without anything layered or added. Keep only denim dress and your fab shoes.
  4. If you are allowed to wear jeans, I recommend to start frrom classic looks. Try on a navy blue blazer and pair it with dark denim pants. If you are more into bright colors, I recommend to try on bright yellow blazer and pair it with lgiht washed blue slim jeans. You should add clasic and basic accessories in solid neutral colors. If you want to look dressy, then you better go monochrome. How about all black or all white looks? Just keep things fun and ladylike, by choosing mixed textures and materials. Sequins ain't killed nobody. You can add a bit of shimmer to your office look by wearing silver sequined blazer with jeans or shimmery top. I know women who choose printed sweaters to dress up their jeans to work. The best choice so far is the blouse or button-down shirt tucked in denim.
  5. Try it on with basics, like top and skirt, top and jeans, over dress or atop top tucked in shorts. I know many ladies who use to wear open front cardigans to work. They simple layer it over blouses that are tucked in pencil skirts or wide trousers.
  6. If your black dress comes with a V-neck, you can try it with Y-necklace, Lariat necklace or pendant necklace. If its U-shape neck, try it with choker, station necklace, or pendant necklace. If it's strapless black gown, I recommend to try it with dangle earrings, silver necklace or big ring. If your dress comes with a neckline that is close to the throat and it's long sleeve, then try it with dangle earrings and big stone ring.
  7. Yes, it's still in style. You can wear it with basic tee and jeans, or go for sophisticated looks by adding it to your dress or top and skirt combo. The main key to look chic and modern in a cropped cardigan is to wear it with something unexpected, like a bright print dress, wear it over sweater dress.
  8. Cape is a fabric that usually is tied around the shoulders. It can feature a hood. Poncho is a garment with a hole cut in it that is designed for the head. So, the basic difference between capes and ponchos is that a cape opens at the front, but poncho is meant to be worn over your head.
  9. Yes, you are right @Cameron Ford! Every hipster lady has her own style. I think no one can say what shoes should hipsters wear. It depends. I see lots girls wearing trainers, ankle-boots, platform flats, cool sandals and Converse. Here are some of my favorite Polyvore sets where are shown cool footwear styles.
  10. I am a big fan of wearing bright color sneaks with skinnies. Choose bright and colorful details on neutral base trainers. Of course, printed sneakers are so fun to wear with skinny jeans, but they also very hard to style, that's why I prefer solid neutral styles with neon details. Adidas Stan Smith look awesome with skinnies, no matter if they are light or dark colored. Nike Roshe are my favorites. Or yes, New Balance will for sure make you stand out from the crowd. If you are beginner to wear sneaks with skinnies, I recommend to try on slip-ons. There is nothing hard for wearing skinny jeans with sneakers, all you need is to make jacket or top match dominant color of shoes.
  11. Red high heels will for sure look awesome with red dresses. But you can try them on with red-white striped shift dresses, smart-casual separates, black pencil dress, or choose a white frock. Here are gathered Polyvore sets. Hope these ideas will help you!
  12. You can match gold dress with gold shoes. Of course, if the gold color is dark you can match with black strappy shoes. If brighter matte strappy gold shoes. You can also choose blue, green, white. My favorite match is gold dress and silver shoes. I know ladies who choose colors like brown, tan and cream. Another cool hues you can try on with gold dress are royal blue, emerald and ruby red.
  13. Wide leg pants look awesome with pointed-toe shoes, no metter if they are pumps or boots. I personally, love wearing stiletto ankle-boots, as well as chunky heel short boots. I see lots women who choose strappy heeled sandals to wear with wide leg pants, but you can try platforms and flat shoes (better have them with pointy toes).
  14. Versace would be no Versace without bright prints. I love long sleeve shirtdresses, relaxed skirts and wrap trousers. The fur black coat is simply amazing! Blue denim and black patchwork biker inspired look is a must-have!
  15. Valentino pre fall is inspired by Africa. I see all kinds of influences in this particular lookbook. I like embroidered coats, sheer gowns with lace embellishments. I like pretty much everything in these looks, stars, fringe, tie-dye, metallic sequins, quilted linings, bamboo prints, firework prints.
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