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  1. If you mean this one, then you can have luck at free people, or boohoo
  2. Want to know styles that can be worn to work during Spring and Summer months this year. Would be nice to see images, thx!
  3. I've got some shots for those of you who are looking for an inspiration on what kind of athleisure trend looks to follow this 2018. Check them out and let me know your thoughts!
  4. Looks like open back trend is back this 2018 and I kind of like it! I saw lots of ladies wearing lovely shirts and dresses with a naked back. Here I have some of my favorite examples. Hope you like it!
  5. I need a comfy and warm jacket to wear atop blazer to work in cold months. The thing is, I have only parka. I wanted to know how to wear parka over blazer? Is it possible?
  6. I just bought a red trench coat and only now I realised I don't know what to wear with it. I am still confused, as I have no idea how to make it look fabulous on me. Any ideas how to wear a red trench coat? Skirt? Pants? Dress? Shoes?
  7. I want to wear a backless dress to one fancy event, but I don't want to wear a bra. I hope someone will tell me how to wear a backless dress without a bra. I can't find anything to help me! Please comment, if you know how it can be done!
  8. I've a question about wearing a dress to work. I am working in a big company where we have to look tidy and professional. I have a pretty one color sleeveless dress and I want to try it next week. Can someone tell me, what to wear over a sleeveless dress to work? Thanks!
  9. I am going to try on a sweater dress with leggings. Can someone please tell me what to wear with this combination? Or maybe sweater dress and leggings don't look good together? I don't want to wear tights, as I need something warm. I want to look urban chic, but not cheap or trashy. Would be great to see interesting ideas what to wear with a sweater dress and leggings.
  10. This year I decided to buy a cute casual dress. What footwear should I try? Are there nice shoes to wear with a casual dress without looking trashy and cheap? I still don't know which dress to buy. There is a black T-dress, plaid frock, chambray style and boho inspired version. Here are images of dresses I am thinking to buy.
  11. I know wearing leggings can be quite tricky. That's why I was wondering what kind of sweater to wear with leggings? Can someone please help me? Any advice? Outfit ideas? Thanks
  12. I am a big fan of maxi dresses. They are comfortable and fabulous. I always wear them during summer months, but I want to know how to wear maxi dress in Winter. Can someone please tell me interesting ideas how to make these floor-length gowns work for Winter season? Thank you!
  13. I am new to high waisted shorts, that's why I need some help from you. Can someone please tell me how to wear high-waisted shorts? I hear lots saying it's hard to pull them off. I don't want to look like a pin-up girl. Are there interesting outfit ideas I can try with high-waisted shorts? Thanks
  14. Hi gals! I want to buy a field jacket, but the thing is, I don't know how to wear it. Can someone please share with me good outfit ideas I can use to make field jacket look nice on me? I want to wear it on casual purposes, on the town, as well as to work. Any advice?
  15. I have several knee-length floral print dresses and I want to wear them to work. Can someone please tell me if it's okay to wear floral dresses to work? If yes, how can I wear them? Should I use blazers to cover them? Thanks
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