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  1. If you are wearing it at home party, or hanging out with your friends, then it's okay But if you wear it walking down a busy street, then it might look like you just want to attract everyone's attention. Of course, it's better than wearing nothing underneath, but I suggest to go for a white bra. This combo looks like someone wants to get attention. In other words, it just doesn't look right! Better wear bras that can be less noticeable, like white bra under white shirt, black bra under black shirt. Below are some samples of ladies who want to attract everyone's attention:
  2. I recommend to try white or nude slip under white sheer dress, believe me, it's a great choice and alternately cheap one. Slip wont leave lines and everyone will think it's just lining of the dress. Just keep a few inches between the edge of your slipdress and the edge of dress, so the slip doesn't peek through when you move or sit. Or you can buy nude colored Spanx to wear under. Just make sure Spanx is short enough and it doesn't peeks out. Below are interesting samples how ladies and celebrities manage to wear see-through white dresses.
  3. You can use fingertips rule. Most of conservative companies say that the hem length must be as long as the end of your fingertips when you put your hands at your sides. When you stand up your dress should be long enough to come past your fingertips if you put hands by your side. But the most appropriate length for office is knee-length.
  4. I think boyfriend jeans look pretty cool with bodysuits, A-line skirts, high waisted jeans, pencil skirts, denim cut-offs, tailored trousers, wrap trousers, high waisted shorts. Speaking of the side areas with bare skin, well, it depends, if you find it attractive and you are not afraid to show off some skin, then I don't find it fashion faux pas. Take a look at my favourite inspirational images:
  5. I am a big fan of jeans! I like skinnies, boyfriends, mom jeans, bootcut, flares, etc. But the printed ones are the best! Jeans with pattern is a great alternative to classic blue. Sometimes you get bored of blue jeans and you simply want to try something different and new. No matter what is the style of your printed jeans, they will undoubtedly look great with white tee. If white is not your taste, how about other solid color versions? Just keep in mind: top's color shouldn't be cooler than your printed jeans. How about adding a tucked in crispy white shirt and black fitted blazer? This combo will make you look dressier. The last but not least, be confident! If you feel great in printed jeans, everyone will admire your bold outfit! Take a look at these inspirational images, love them!
  6. If you don't want to loose elegance of sheer top and you don't want to look exposed, then layer it over opaque layer underneath. Another important aspect is to choose the layering color depending on if you want the upper layer or the one that under to be spotted. if you still don't know, then you better have a universal choice: go for nude camisole or tank top. If the setting is casual, you can opt for a contrasting color underneath to have more attention. I think making bra visible is not fashion faux pas. Of course it's not allowed to wear such look to the office. During work hours always wear sheer blouse with opaque underlayer. I think the most appropriate combination is to wear tank or camisole underneath. Sheer clothing looks trendy and chic, but it's not for every environment. I mean such places like conservative gatherings, business environment and formal events. Anyway, I've got some nice examples of chic outfits featuring sheer tops, have a look:
  7. Make sure your waist is visible, otherwise it will add bulkiness. All you need is to tuck in a tailored blouse. Choose high-rise skinnies that hit above your belly button. A v-neck blouse is a great option. It can be sleeveless, and still everyone's attention will be at the V-neck, not your arms. V will highlight your collarbone and neckline and draw attention from arms. Try on a boy short-sleeve shirt, by tucking it in your pants.
  8. I prefer to wear slim, bootcut or flared jeans, but you can try boyfriends. Go for classic color versions, or choose the ones with frayed look or rips. Try denim bottoms with classic or casual shirts. Don't go for double denim, as it can be too hot. I think the easiest and functional combo is the one that features plain old jeans and basic tee. Stay away from tight and skinny jeans. Speaking of shoes, I recommend to wear sandals, slides, or Birkenstocks. How about slip-ons? Boat shoes, or espadrilles?
  9. I use proper hangers for different clothing. If I have delicate items, I use satin padding and wooden hangers for tailored jackets. Your accessories should be stored in clear plastic drawers. Keep there rolled scarves, underwear, belts and hats. Have a slanted plywood platform to see your shoes. Use big canvas boxes to keep your folded winter sweaters. Use shelf dividers. It's very important to categorize your clothes. best way is to group clothes by categories, like jeans, shirts, work tops, etc. Use the advantage of your closet doors, by placing a rack over the door.
  10. My favorite style icon is Brigitte Bardot. This lady is a real trendsetter! She popularized bikinis, knitwear with wide necks exposing both shoulders, as well as everyday ballerina flats!!!
  11. Yep, and it's my favorite one for a moment! A green dress by Kenzo is terrific!
  12. Yes, you can wear red bra under white shirt, it is less visible than black or white bras. I hear lots ladies saying red bra looks slutty with white shirt, but the thing is, it doesn't appear too visible under white shirts, and believe me, you won't look slutty in it. Here is an image of a lady who is wearing a red bra under white shirt. Is it visible? I don't think so!
  13. Emm... I don't think it's a dark collection! Even black color has a kind of light look. I personally like the fact, here are lots of office friendly garments. For instance, I like gray-charcoal culottes, 3/4 sleeve shifts, cardi-bombers, and that cape is a must have for office ladies! Looks ladylike and functional to me! You can mix up all these dark clothes with something white! Love it!
  14. I think you are going to Disney water park in Orlando, am I right? If so, there will be lots of water attractions, so you better be ready for this! Sure, it can be quite tricky to decide what to wear. I guess you don't want to run around in just bathing suit all day long, right? One-piece swimsuits are musts! But if you want to look a bit covered between attractions, then you should add a shawl or semi-sheer kimono to cover your bottom area or go for floral shorts. If there will be lots of water attractions, then the best footwear will be flip flops! You can throw them on and off in between various rides and dips in the pools. If you choose to wear makeup, be sure to use the one that is waterproof and let your hair go natural. Wearing jewelry is very tricky! Don't wear such things you would be upset to lose, dont take bling-bling accessories. I recommend to stick to one bracelet and stud earrings. Make sure your shoes wont fall off on the roller coasters! Take the sunscreen and sunglasses with you reapply it all day long! I think the best clothes apart from bikinis and swimsuits are simple tee, sneakers, shorts and baseball hat. Go for a loose-fitted tank top made of cotton. Be sure to wear shorts or any other bottoms with pockets that close snap or zip. I don't recommend to carry a bag with you. Speaking of shoes, I see lots of gals wearing jelly flat sandals, but I usually go with t-strap sandals. In the evening you can add cardigan to warm up. Here are some inspirational polyvore sets for you:
  15. My favourite band tees are Iron Maiden, The Beatles, Sex Pistols and Nirvana. By the way, I've got several rules for you to follow! If you want to wear band t-shirt, you have to be a huge fan, or at least know the names and lyrics of several songs of the band. I highly don't recommend to tuck the tee in your pants. If the shirt looks new, I recommend to wash it! Believe me, a worn style band shirt looks very very very cool! But don't make it dirty or smelly! I like sleeveless T-shirts, but make sure to trim your pit hairs, I don't think people will like to see the shrub you've sprouted.
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