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  1. My favorite style icon is Anna Wintour! She has a tough and demanding look. She looks like a real boss! She is known for her support for emerging designers.
  2. I have following tips for ladies who want to organize their wardrobe closets: if you haven't worn something from your clothes in a year or more, you better trash it away! have about 10-14 pairs of underwear, once one of them starts to get old and frayed, replace it with a new one. Don't buy too much lingerie. You should have an easy access to the staples you usually wear, so place them in a visible area. you should separate clothes and accessories you love but are tired of. Store them in clear bins, keep them till you decide to have them back. clothes and accessories that need to be repaired should be stored separately. You need to create categories to hang your clothes properly: blouses with blouses, pants with pants, dresses with dresses. You can also create subcategories, like mini length, long sleeves, dark colors, etc. Use dividers to keep small pieces. Your shoes should be placed in clear boxes, so you don't have to open all of them. keep your shoes in their shape by using cedar shoes trees.
  3. Well, wearing red bra under white shirt is possible, but the bra won't be invisible. It will be as visible as nude bra. Red is one of bright colors that is close to our skin tone. Sure, you will need to choose red shade that will ideally suit your skin color. but no matter how close red color will be to your skin, everyone still notice you are wearing bra under your shirt. Washed out red is great for light skin color and darker skin tone looks awesome with bright or dark red ones. All in all, red bras can actually blend nicely with different skin tones.
  4. Yes, it's cool, it's awesome, but it has no spirit in it. It would be a great video clip for that music band, but it's not fashion!!! It lasts for about 4 minutes and I can't see the point? Fragrance blows everyone's mind and you start to dance like a crazy? It's a stupid campaign in my point of view! I think Chanel no. 5 is a great campaign! Audrey looks gorgeous in it!
  5. I like long silhouettes of her dresses and the knitted embroidery! That tailored cape is a must-have! I also like cropped sweaters and layered looks. I would definitely buy a bomber jacket in charcoal!
  6. Many amusement parks offer cool evening activities, liek concerts and parades. That's why I recommend to choose day to night outfit. You need comfortable clothes that you can wear all day long, plus it has to be cool enough, so you don't sweat in it, but it has to be warm during evening. What a dilemma, right? Go for basics, simple tee, or airy tank top, denim shorts, lightweight pair of canvas sneakers, or flat sandals made of leather. Get a locker when you arrive during the day at the park, so you can stash layers that you want to add during night. Of course, it depends on the weather, that's why it can be a some sort of cardigan, cozy flannel shirt, oversized boyish sweater, cool skinny jeans, or a pair of tights for night to wear under shorts. I also have polyvore sets to share with you:
  7. My favorite band T-shirts are Scorpions, Rammstein, Metallica, Fall Out Boy and Offspring. I also like to wear band shirts with jeans and cute skirts. I don't like adding blazers, but I do like layered looks. When it's a bit cold outside, I add a nice plaid shirt or denim/ leather jacket on. I have several inspirational images to share with you, have a look:
  8. I think there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of flat sandals! You can walk miles in these shoes and they still be comfortable. Sure, you need a pair of functional and comfy shoes. I've got a little collection of possible sandals designs to share with you: slides with espadrille soles flat sandals with back strap for more support Ancient Greek flat Sandals Strappy flat sandals Birkenstocks I don't think you should sacrifice comfort, that's why I recommend to wear flat sandals during your trip.
  9. The best way to make skinny jeans look great on women over 50 is to create a monochromatic look. Imagine: black tunic with black skinnies completed with ankle boots. The result looks extremely slimming and chic. If you are not into black color, how about adding charcoal blouse and black skinnies tucked in black boots. The matching color of shoes and jeans will make your legs look longer. I personally recommend to wear skinnies with heeled shoes, this gives me a slimmer look, but you can also try ballet flats. Just keep in mind one thing: it's not abour age limit, it's about your personal feeling and the fit. If skinnies fit well, why should you say good bye to them?
  10. Yes, almost every gladiator sandal looks great with a dress. I think you should give a try to skirts, shorts and jeans. If you can style them right, I am 100% sure you will look awesome! How about wearing gladiators with short skirts? This is an awesome way to show off your pretty legs. You can try on denim skirt in faded blue color and style it with off-shoulder ruffled white blouse and complete it with knee high sandals. If you are more into feminine looks, how about wearing ruffled mini skirt with nude cuban heeled sandals. If you are not into mini length, then you probably should give a try to longer skirts. Go for knee length skirts and pair them with long or short lacing gladiator sandals. Of course, best gladiators that look awesome with midi skirts are the ones that hit ankle. Speaking of maxis, they look great with ankle-length gladiator sandals, but if a skirt has a high slit, you definitely can try knee-high gladiators. You can try shorts as well. Classic distressed denim cut-offs look sexy with a solid color top or tunic and flat brown gladiator sandals with knee-length straps. You can also try jeans and wear them with gladiators. The only thing is the length of sandals-they have to be ankle length.
  11. Hi guys! Can someone please tell me, if I can wear black shoes with a navy dress? If yes, what type of shoes are the best? Please advice!
  12. Hello ladies! I want to try on a sheer blouse, but I don't want everyone to see my bust. Can you please advice me what to wear under a sheer blouse? Are there any rules or tricks I should follow?
  13. I love to see ladies who wear flowy dresses with casual boots. but there are distinct rules, like the ones when you are not allowed to wear casual boots with formal dresses, or wearing midi pencil dress with thigh-high boots. Of course, thre are endless possibilities with boots and dresses for Summer and Fall season months. I personally love to see women wearing high boots with shirt dresses, as well as long dresses with ankle-boots. The most important part in wearing such combo is to keep things simple. I think all of you agree with me, BOOTS are eye-catching, especially cowboy styles, the ones with zippers, studs or chains, that's why better keeep your dress and jewelry and accessories simple. By the way, I've got inspirational street style images to share with you! Have a look:
  14. Yep, some socks looks nice with sandals. Of course, you have to be 100% sure, it will look awesome on you. Why so many ladies are obsessed with this look? I think it's all because they want to wear sandals a bit longer than just in the Summer time. You can choose different socks, high ones, short, slouchy ones or sheer. The most important part is the overall look and acceptance. If you like what you see, why can't you wear it. Just say: IDGF!
  15. If you are going to have a work party that is casual, I think you are free to choose whatever you want to wear, just stay away from sexy cut-outs and sheer clothes that can be quite aggressive and provocative. In other words, your outfit has to be event appropriate, fun and comfortable. Choose clothes that can take you through the entire party comfortably. Very important thing is the time of the upcoming party. If it's daytime party, keep your clothes smart-casual with no bright or flashy jewelry or accessories, keep it glamour, neutral and sophisticated, if it's during evening, then it's okay to be more dramatic and daring by adding sequins and bright touches. Jeans are okay for both day and evening time, just make sure they don't feature any rips and tears. Try on skinny, slim, regular or flared jeans with sequined or graphic tank top covered with a cropped or fitted blazer. You can also try on a classy dress. Choose the one in solid classic color that can be completed with a blazer, denim jacket, patterned scarf or cardigan.
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