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  1. It's doesn't look trashy, but I would say: this girl didn't have sex for months! Better avoid wearing black bras under white shirts. Of course, from men's prospective, it looks NICE and COOL, but ladies know: it looks cheap!
  2. One trick is to wear nude color undergarments. if you want to try something bold, how about wearing white undergarments? Sliptanks and slipdresses is an ideal choice, but make sure it comes with no embellishments, especially around neck area. Another option is to wear a plain white slip skirt around natural waist and pair it with tight white camisole. Look for cute chemise that is fitted at the waist. Buy the one made of satin fabric, so it looks like it's the lining of your dress.
  3. Your dress length should be at a length that allows you to sit comfortably in public. Never wear dresses with short and tight skirts, as they can ride halfway up and it's extremely inappropriate for work and unprofessional. I think you should forget about mini dresses, sun dresses, spaghetti strap frocks and beach gowns...all these dresses are not for work! The following ones shown below are ideal for wearing to the office:
  4. No matter what is your bodysuit style, is it sleeveless, long sleeves, V-neck, lace-up neck, turtleneck, or whatever, it looks great with various bottoms. For instance, try it on with black slim leather pants, pencil denim skirt, mid-rise skinnies, midi slim skirt, cropped pants, mini tweed skirt, shorts, etc. Of course, if you wear leotard with low-rise jeans, you gonna look ridiculous. So, never make your bottoms slid lower than bodysuit leg holes. The fact: bodysuits allow you to do more activities than usual. The best part of bodysuits- your back will never be exposed.
  5. There are tons of printed jeans, starting from animal print to floral, tribal, Paisley and striped styles. You didn't specify the print, but most of them are bright and eye-catching. There is one simple rule: while wearing printed jeans, you need to keep your top neutral colored. The best tops, no matter if it's a shirt, blouse, tunic, peplum top, sweater or T-shirt has to be in solid neutral color. Think of white, black, gray, pastel hues. If you want to keep things a bit bolder, go for two color top. Incorporate color of your top with shoes. Make sure, it doesn't overshadow the print.
  6. You can be so creative with a sheer top! A sheer or see-through top can be worn in various ways. if you are new to this trend, then you better start from simple undergarments, like nude or pink bras, camisole or slip-tanks. Sure, nude bras can be seen, but you can layer sheer top with a jacket to keep away everyone's eyes from bras. You can also have fun with bodysuits, crop tops, and tanks. If you work in a conservative corporate office, then you better avoid sheer tops. That's why I recommend to be careful with underlayers. Go for tank or camisole in the same color as your sheer top. Sheer top in solid color works ideal with muted tones. You can even layer your sheer top over button down shirt, or over dress.
  7. Do you want to make the whole look slimmer, or may be you have a feeling your arms look heavy? The slim effect can be achieved by wearing a V-neck blouse, high neck, or halter neck. How about wearing blouse with sheer sleeves? I love the ones made of net or sheer fabrics, this trick will make any lady look feminine, plus it will allow strategically hide the flaws, if you have it. Another very important aspect of wearing your blouses and look slimmer is choosing solid color versions. I recommend to buy dark neutral colors. Stay away from blouses with bulky pockets, thick pleats, or layered styles. The last but not least thing is to tuck your blouse in your bottoms. Don't wear it untucked.
  8. Jeans are okay to wear in the Summertime. Of course, it depends on what jeans styles you are wearing. Ladies wear the same jeans styles during the summer season, they are skinnies, slim-fits, boyfriends, flares and bootcut. I see lots of ladies who wear ripped jeans, because of the ventilation! Speaking of tops, I think it depends on the occasion. If it's a casual look, I recommend to choose lightweight chambray shirts, loose tank tops, light sweaters, band tees, light tunics. For a smart-casual or dressy outfit use solid light color tops, blazers, peplum tops, silken blouses, classic button-downs and lace tops. If it's a summer night, you will need some layers, like denim or leather jacket, cardigan or kimono.
  9. First of all, you need to start organising! I use to keep sweaters with pullovers, hoodies and sweatshirts. If you have space to hang it, then better do it! It will be easier to choose what to wear and you wont need to iron it. You need to fold heavy sweaters, so they don't lose shape on hanger. you can keep tops in the same color palette. Organize jeans by cut, color and style. I prefer to organize them by color. Pants, skirts and shorts can be placed in a closet hanged by clips. Fold them in the sides. Your dresses can be hanged by color, sleeves or length. Your clothes should never be held in plastic bags, this will cause damage. Your accessories, like bags, scarves and hats should be visible, so you don't take out of your clothes to find your black bag. Shoes can be organized by color, or you can place them in clear plastic boxes. Lingerie has to be organized by style and color. Don't wear the same for a long time.
  10. My favorite style icon is Naomi Campbell! She looks so pretty in her clothes. Of course, she's a super model, but she has her own unique style that is unique and sometimes even provocative!
  11. Yes, my favourite one is Kenzo World! I know it's a new one, but I love it VERY much! Here is the vid: The new perfume was created by Carol Lim & Humberto Leon and KENZO Parfums. The showcased film is directed by Spike Jonze starring Margaret Qualley. You can hear an original track by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums feat. Assassin “Mutant Brain”. I love the green dress Mrgaret is wearing! Anyway, everything looks AWESOME, her moves, the dress, the effects! Love, love, love!
  12. Hi, everyone! In this topic you can share all your favourite fragrance campaigns you know! It can be photo or video.
  13. I like that tailored boyish touch in this collection. The only thing, it's too dark for me. I also like the tailored cape, I would definitely wear it to the office!
  14. No matter if it's a Disney World theme park or any other amusement park, you better be dressed appropriately. I am not saying it has to be some kind of fashion catwalk day, but you need COMFORTABLE and STYLISH look. If there is an unofficial dress code for any kind of amusement parks, then your uniform has to feature jean shorts, tank top and comfy trainers. But you can get more creative! You can choose other shorts, much longer than denim ones. Speaking of short shorts, if it's hot outside, you can burn your upper thighs while riding attractions. Yes, you can go for leggings, but your butt has to be covered. That's why add a long tunic or a dress to cover you up. I don't recommend to wear skirts and dresses. Why? Short and mini length can be so short, that everyone will see what color panties you are wearing, plus they are not comfortable for long time wearing. If there will be water activities, make sure yo take a nice printed bandeau bikini top or any other swimwear under your shirt, tee or tunic, so you don't have to worry about looking weird after water drops. Speaking of shoes, it' very personal, but I prefer sandals, but I know ladies who love sneakers. Nevertheless, keep away from high heels and wedges, better try shoes with higher platform. Comfort is the key in theme parks. Don't overdo with jewelry, as it can fall down and you will never find it. Hope these ideas will help you! Wishing a good trip!
  15. Yes, I am wearing band T-shirts and I love it. I have several favorites, like Nirvana, Guns N Roses and Bon Jovi.I don't have pictures, but I wanted to share with you some thoughts on how to wear these tees on the streets. You might think it's useless, but sometimes I see girls wearing these T-shirts in a very, very wrong way! No matter if you are a young girl, or an adult, you can rock these cool tees in various cool ways. I've got my favorite outfit ideas that I want to share with you. The most easiest one is to try T-shirt with jeans. That's a casual look you can style in different ways, by adding edgy accessories, cool trainers, or sophisticated ankle-boots. If its Summer outside, you can try on band T-shirt with shorts. Shorts can be chinos, tailored, denim or lace. As I have already said, you can easily wear shorts and tee in the summertime, but during cold months you can add tights under shorts. If you are not into casual look, how about keeping things smart-casual and dressy? You just need to add a blazer and formal pants! I am pretty sure you will look awesome wearing fitted blazer and casual band tee. You can try a sexy glamour look by teaming band tee with a cute skirt. A skirt can be in long or short lengths in different colors and prints. I personally like teaming rock band tees with maxi skirts. Anyway, I've got inspirational images to share with you, have a look:
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