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  1. The dress is definitely appropriate to wear to a wedding! I think you don't need to add anything. In June it's about 70 degrees f in the evening, may be you can add a printed light chiffon scarf nothing more.
  2. You can layer a delicate maxi dress with a cozy sweater and top it with leather jacket. Your summer maxi dress can be covered with a cable knit cardigan, big fur jacket. I see ladies who choose warm knitted maxi dresses with big bombers or aviator jackets and statement boots. I also love dark floral numbers styled with statement belts. Your summery gown can be topped with a fur jacket or coat, if you want to make it look less dressy complete this outfit with sneakers.
  3. You can stay comfy and simple with a white tee, leggings and cool field jacket, or go ultra feminine with eyelet skirt, simple tee and military topper. I love to see women wearing black and white striped tops with classic slim jeans and cargo green jackets. Yes, black bottoms and white top looks incredibly awesome with olive military jackets.
  4. Hi everyone! I like to wear menswear inspired looks and I'd like to know one thing- is it okay to wear brown shoes with black pants?
  5. I am going to wear a navy dress next Friday to my best friend's party. It's gonna be held in a fancy big hall in one of museums. I wanted to know what colour accessories I can wear with a navy dress?
  6. I am thinking to buy jelly heels for next Summer season, but I have no idea how to style them. Are there cool outfit ideas I can try with this footwear? Please tell me, how to style jelly heels!
  7. Does anyone knows how to wear pumps in winter season? I want to create a fabulous look for one special party, but I'm afraid I will get cold before I get there. Any advice?
  8. I am going to wear a blue suit to a party next week. I am thinking of wearing it with black color low-heeled shoes. I was womdering what other color shoes I can wear with a blue suit? Thanks
  9. I love the way how Parisian women are dressed. I always look for new ideas through Parisian street style images. I wanted to know if Parisians wear sneakers? If so, how do they wear them?
  10. I want to know how to wear dresses with cowboy boots? Should I choose somekind specific dress, so it perfectly matches cowboy boots. Are there any tricks I should know?
  11. Hi everyone! I was wondering how to wear a maxi dress with sneakers right way? Is it possible? Can you please tell me what tips I should follow to make this combinaton look nice on me.
  12. Is it okay to wear running shoes with skinny jeans? I have no old scool sneakers, that's why I'm thinking of pairing my favourite running shoes with skinny jeans. Can you please tell me how to wear them together?
  13. I want to amaze everyone, that's why I am thinking of buying hot pink shoes. Please can you advice me interesting outfit ideas what to wear with hot pink shoes? Thanks!
  14. I never wore white jeans and I decided to give them a try. The thing is, I don't know what shoes t owear with white jeans? Are there any interesting pairings I can try? Maybe there are rules or tips I should follow?
  15. What ladies usually wear when its raining outside? I want to know what clothes, shoes and accessories women tend to wear during rainy days.
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