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  1. Sophia Wilkins

    How to style jelly heels

    I think there are several ways and looks you can create with heeled jellies. The first one is beach ready look. This footwear is waterproof, that's why you can try them on to the beach, cute pool party or whatever the Summer occasion may be. pair them with tunic dresses, denim cut-offs, swimsuits completed with sheer kimonos, etc. How about wearing these jellies with cue socks? If you do like showing off your socks, jelly sandals is your best choice! You can also try them on with everyday outfits. All you need is to throw these shoes on to complete your casual outfit.
  2. Sophia Wilkins

    How to wear pumps in winter?

    Pumps are doable, but you should wear them with something cozy. I think the best choice so far are black opaque tights. They gonna make your legs look long and slim! All you need is to coordinate colors of tights and pumps. Or you can try knee high stocking or thin trousers socks. How about wearing sheer knee-hi stockings, believe me, your shoes will still end up looking pretty. Another trick is to have a good warm coat and scarf, that will keep you warm and won't make you feel cold.
  3. Paying attention to your accessories is a big thing! Accessories can either add colour to neutral outfit, or tone it down. Of course, everyone is different by the color of hair, skin tone, body shape and height. It also depends on your own character. There are lots of possibilities, as you can go for contrast colors like orange or red that will pop you up! I personally love adding, black, gray, nude, red, yellow, bright pink, orange, and lime hues. If you want to add white color accessories, then you better not overdo with it. Speaking of red, this hue is ideal for wearing with navy blue.
  4. Sophia Wilkins

    Is it okay to wear brown shoes with black pants?

    When it comes to picking the right shoes and pants, it's very important to know one thing called CONTRAST. If your pants material is light toned, you want darker shoes, if pants are dark, light shoes will be a good choice. Of course, you can match pants and shoes, but the color match should be EXACT. The colors that are something like close to match will always FAIL. That's why, you should not go for black pants and deep brown shoes, this will look bad. That's why black pants with brown shoes should look contrasting. Another very important thing is to always match shoes with your belt. Brown shoes with black stitching- this really works for black pants. I personally prefer to see ladies wearing black pants with light brown shoes.
  5. Sophia Wilkins

    What color shoes to wear with a blue suit?

    You didn't say it it's a pantsuit or skirtsuit. Anyway, I think you can try it with classic black, beige or brown shoes. I try to avoid beige and brown ones, but it's my personal thing. If you are going to wear blue suit in Summer season months, you should choose shoes in lighter shades. If you want to underline your uniqueness, how about wearing metallic, red or leopard print shoes with your blue suit? If you are one of crazy ones, try green, purple, yellow or pink shoes. Below are shown my favourite blue suits worn by ladies on the streets.
  6. Sophia Wilkins

    What necklace to wear with black dress?

    Let your necklace do the talking! First of all, you should always remember to keep everything balanced. If you want to wear a big statement necklace, you better be sure to keep other accessories or jewelry to a minimum. Let this chunky necklace be the center piece of your look. I see many ladies now wearing embellished detachable collars that look awesome on high-neck and cowl neck black dresses. You can also layer your black dress with 1990's style choker. How about rocking multi-necklace trend? I definitely recommend to try on tons of necklaces, make them tangled and twisted! Don't be afraid mixing materials and shapes.
  7. Everything depends on your dress color. If it's light green, you can try bone, tan or cream color shoes for Summer months, and for fall season you can wear dark neutral color shoes, like dove grey, black, charcoal. Finish this look by adding a black in the same color as your shoes. If you want to make a standout appearance, try on high platform gladiator style boots and in purple color. You can also add a belt: can be patent green, purple, red, electric blue. Speaking of jewelry, let it be in green shades. Add diamonds, topaz. I personally love to wear my green dress with cream color bag and shoes.
  8. Sophia Wilkins

    How to wear black coated jeans?

    The coated jeans is almost the same thing as leather ones, but they are not made of leather, they just have a look of leather pants. Coated denim is made for ladies who wish to wear leather pants in their everyday wardrobe. These black bottoms can be worn with oversized sweaters, bright silk blouses, denim jackets, leather toppers and fur coats. You are free to dress them down with pretty much everything, including casual tank tops and sandals, printed blouses and sexy ankle-boots, long sleeve tees and ballet pumps, big chunky sweaters and military boots, crop tops and sexy pumps. You can also dress them up with sparkling high heels, silky blouses, fitted blazers and dark or light button-down shirts. If your office dress code allows, you can wear them to work. Try on black coated jeans with blouse and blazer, basic tucked in shirts or slim fitting sweaters. Below are seen my favourite outfit ideas that were captured on the streets of big cities:
  9. Sophia Wilkins

    What to wear with red skinny jeans?

    Red skinny jeans are versatile and great for wearing to different places, no matter what is the occasion. Yes, they can be dressy, casual and laidback. Try them on with neutrals for a start. It can be a white tank top/ blouse/ shirt styled with black blazer and mid heel pumps in black. Your top can be also colored in camel, grey, black. Once you create an outfit with neutral colors, you can add something bright, like a colorful scarf, fresh bag or jewelry to update your look. Some ladies like contrasts, that's why you can try on red skinnies with blue, cobalt, navy blue and yellow colors. I am a big fan of wearing red with charcoal. If you are bold, how about teaming red skinnies with turquise blouse or light blue or aqua shirt. How about wearing red skinnies with turquoise pumps, white top and turquoise scarf. If it's cold, try red jeans with white sweater, black ankle boots and black leather jacket.
  10. Sophia Wilkins

    What to wear when its raining?

    I think the most important part of rainy day outfit is the footwear. It has to be water-friendly and protective. You will also need an outerwear that can withstand rain drops. I personally always try to be ready for rain days, I even have a special place where I keep all my waterproof clothes and accessories. Anyway, I want to mention some things you should avoid wearing during rainy days. Do not wear delicate fabrics, like silk, cashmere, fur, velvet, lace and keep away from light colors. Stay away from heavy trousers and oversized clothes. Better avoid tall and clunky wellies. Opt for something simple, sturdy and dark colored. Better wear slim pants in dry fabric. Longer jackets in full coverage and the best. As I have already told, better avoid wellies traditional rain boots and try on something comfortable made of leather. As we all know, rubber does not breathe well, so go for leather ones. Of course, gumboots will protect you from stepping in puddles but wont make you look stylish. Keep hair dry by wearing a nice beanie or umbrella.
  11. Sophia Wilkins

    How to wear a scarf like a Parisian?

    Parisians like to tie scarf in the following ways: Once around, twice around, in reverse drape, they do also like wearing knots. I've got some street style pics where are seen ladies wearing scarves in different ways.
  12. Sophia Wilkins

    How to wear a maxi dress with sneakers?

    Yes, it's totally possible! There are no strict rules in wearing maxi dresses with sneakers. The only thing you need to ask yourself where will you wear this kind of outfit? Is it a casual walk around city? A cool night out with friends? date with your BF? Cinema evening? family gathering? Etc... If it's a casual day-off and the weather is warm, go for a lightweight maxi gown in solid neutral, bright color or printed style and pair it with bright sneaks or whatever style you want. You can try on a black maxi lightweight gown and style it with fuchsia sneaks, or go for a striped white maxi frock and pair it with cool white hi-top sneaks and camouflage jacket, or you can try on black maxi with denim vest and red low-top trainers. If it's a smart-casual occasion, then you can try on a prnted maxi gown with leather jacket and solid neutral color kicks. If it's a date, better choose a long sleeve dress and complete it with white sneaks or cool hi-top wedge sneakers. If you want to look abit dressy, how about pairing a jersey maxi gown with a fitted blazer and solid neutral color kicks. Below are shown my favourite street style images with maxi gowns and sneakers
  13. Sophia Wilkins

    Best ways to wear dresses with cowboy boots?

    You might think cowboy boots look weird on you, but believe me, this footwear can be easily paired with dresses. Best dresses that look awesome with this footwear are: drop-shoulder maxis with high slits, semi-sheer and lace sundresses, long-sleeve shortened tunic dresses with deep necklines, A-line frocks with spaghetti straps, tight lace dresses, ruffled strapless designs, as well as knee-length shirt-dresses. Best way to make them look cool with cowbboy boots is to add cowboy inspired hats, leather belts, thin necklaces, bracelets, denim vests, leather jackets, cardigans, denim jackets, plaid shirts, blazers. Below are my favourite inspirational street style images to get inspired by:
  14. Sophia Wilkins

    Do Parisians wear sneakers?

    Yes, sneakers are an option and it's acceptable to wear them! You can choose awesome styles from the likes of New balance, Stan Smith, Converse, Bensimons, etc. Sure, you better avoid the ones that are only meant for doing exercises or for run. The striped tee, slim jeans and New Balance sneakers look pretty awesome together! You just need to open your mind and think of something cool, fun and chic! I mean, try sneakers in solid neutral colors, or rich hues to make them the centre of everyone's attention.
  15. Sophia Wilkins

    How to wear running shoes with skinny jeans?

    Everything depends on the way these running shoes look. There are too athletic and sporty designs that simply don't fit jeans and meant only for active running days. Would be nice to see what kind of running shoes you have, so I can advice you something. Anyway, I've got interesting street style images of running shoes paired with skinny jeans. Hope these ideas will inspire you: