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  1. I usually don't wear camis alone, I wear them under other garments. I like to show a bit of camis under jackets. But I think it's okay to show them. It's not inappropriate or slutty. Of course, if the cami is see-through, then you better hide it or layer under top. As long as it fits you properly, it looks fine!
  2. Casual or everyday wide leg pants look awesome with delicate flats, thong sandals, wedge and platform sandals. I prefer to wear these pants with platform sandals and pointed-toe pumps, as well as pumps with thinner heels. If we talk about tailored pants that can be worn to the office, then you are free to wear them with almost any heels, as well as with pointed toe pumps. Wide-leg office pants can be worn with flats like women's Oxfords, pointed-toe brogues, as well as with simple loafers and slippers. Of course, if we talk about workplace, you better skip the combination of wide-leg pants and sneakers, sandals, flip-flops, stiletto heel sandals and thongs or shoes with super high platform. I almost forgot to mention wide leg jeans. These casual bottoms can go with about any type of sneakers. I love to see women wearing wide jeans styled with simple canvas or leather low-tops or high platform kicks. If we talk about Summer season, then wide-leg jeans can be ideally matched with thong sandals or flip-flops. Jeans can look relaxed, sloppy and laid-back, as they are meant for casual days. If you want to look retro inspired while wearing wide-leg jeans, I recommend to pair them with chunky heel slides or wedge sandals. This can make you look 1970's inspired.
  3. The best part about pink sweaters is a sweet and girlish look, plus you can find endless ways to wear it. Start with basics, like black or white bottoms. You can wear a simple tank top underneath, or you can use your white shirts. Speaking of clothes you can wear underneath, it depends on occasion. If it's a casual look, go for chambray shirts in blue, white for office and going outs, black camis for creative events, or you can try on a pretty one color dress underneath. The good/ bad thing about pink sweaters- they REALLY draw attention! That's why, if you feel that something doesn't suit pink sweater, better change it for something else. I personally keep things more urban and mannish, I love teaming pink sweater with ripped boyfriend jeans and cool kicks. But you can try black skinnies with ankle boots for fall season if you like.
  4. Yep, @TishaMarten is right, you can never go wrong with a pair of white canvas shoes. Today's brands offer us thousands of cool sneakers that we can mix and match with our favorite outfits and dress is no exception. I want to show you several pairs that can be styled with almost any dress. There is a pair of Puma Blaze of Glory Sock trainers in beige, New Balance 999 suede trainers in pastel blue color, Nike Stealth Grey Air Huarache Ultra trainers (my favorite), Nike Air Max Thea Trainers in gray and white, Nike Crimson Air Huarache run breate trainers (yes, they look kinda athletic, but once you try them on with a white dress...you gonna love it), Nike Air Max Thea Trainers in Premium Grey Nubuck, as well as Wize & Ope Pop Blue Light up sole trainers in laminated blue color and pink Minna Parikka Aero Unicorn hi top trainers (these are for crazy ones! )
  5. Okay, so you don't want to wear black and gold shoes. I think nude color pumps is a good failsafe choice that will make your legs look longer and let everyone focus on your dress, not shoes. But there are lots of other colors you can pair with your frock. Think of navy shoes, cream, maroon and even purple. If you want to try something bright and cool, then you should give a try to more fun shoes in jewel tones, like emerald green or ruby red. If you don't want to wear gold, how about bronze or brown strappy heels? You asked only about the color, but footwear design plays important role as well. Choose strappy shoes, or pointed-toe pumps! I almost forgot to mention prints. Your gold dress can be completed with animal or floral print shoes.
  6. I don't know if they are on trend or not, nut they are definitely in style. I have two buttoned cropped cardigans that I use to wear with my work attire and dresses. Once I try it on with a pencil dress, it automatically makes me look retro inspired. Most of cropped cardigans are made of lightweight knits. Sure, this kind of knitwear suits warm season months, when you don't have to worry about cold winds and low temperatures. I gathered my favorite polyvore sets, hope these images will inspire you to try on cropped cardigan some day.
  7. Black dress looks great with golden and silver jewelry. These two colors are classics, but you can try black, aquamarine and something daring, like red, blue, yellow, orange or emerald green. Sure, you can choose drop earrings, stud earrings, gorgeous ring or bracelet, but I wanted to speak more about necklaces. Everything depends on your dress neckline. If your black dress comes with a halter neck or turtleneck, you should wear long necklaces. If you wear V-neck black gown, I recommend to try on medium length necklaces. Strapless dress can be completed with rounded or chunky necklaces. The shoulder neckline dress can be layered with a chunky necklace. The scoopneck and cowl neck frocks should be accessorized with a more classical necklace.
  8. Hi @Elizabeth Thompson! I want to share with you my favorite Polyvore sets with different cardigans. For instance, you can pair a pretty denim pencil dress with Aztec print shawl open front cardigan and sexy suede brown-burgundy fringed boots, or keep things sweet and casual by teaming pastel-sherbet knitted loose-fir cardigan with white T-shirt and pleated white mini skirt- that's a cute spring layer by the way. If you want to create a stylish smart-casual outfit, you should try on slim jeans with crispy white shirt and open front cardigan. This combo can be updated with pastel mint bucket bag and fun looking loafers. If the weather is cold, you better try on a cozy beige wool sweater-dress and layer it with gray-white hooded open cardigan. I personally like to wear maxi gowns with fringed cardigans, the result looks fun and creative. If you want to keep things hipster inspired, I recommend to try on a striped black-white T-dress and pair it with cream-brown cable knit cardigan. Shift dresses are perfect dresses for wearing under open front cardigans. You can use loose knit cardigans during roadtrips and vacation getaways, by throwing it over tank top and shorts combos or bathing suit.
  9. First of all, you need to choose the right pair of jeans. They should fit you nice. Avoid baggy, low-rise and ripped styles. Your typical casual jeans might look a bit worn out, this is not acceptable for office environment. Of course, I would suggest you to try on denim trousers that look and feel like tailored cotton pants. The flat front will keep your middle clean and the slight wide look will for sure balance the whole look. The preferable colors are the dark ones, but you can always try on light hues. Keep away from washed and tie-dyed jeans, this is a NO NO for those who want to create an office look with denim. What I do love is the combination of slim jeans in dark color with Chanel-style tweed jacket. This look has a retro touch that makes its wearer feel stunning. I love it for classic and clean appearance. This tweed jacket will work with anything, from jeans to dresses and skirts. All you need is to add a pretty chiffon blouse underneath.
  10. Denim dress can be worn in various ways during Summer season. You can make it look like a man's shirt. The menswear look is a best way to underline your individuality and sexy appeal. You just need to keep your dress relaxed without adding any belt, wear it as a man's shirt. But you can still make it look more feminine by adding sexy heels, bright bag and eye-catching jewelry, like fabulous necklace or earrings. I personally wear denim dress in a mannish way and I use to complete this look by adding a beautiful wide-brim sun hat. If this is not a kind of look you want to create, I suggest you adding a belt. This cool accessory will underlie your ladylike silhouette. You can also add cowboy boots that will make your outfit looking more off-duty. If you are more into sport style appearance, I recommend to finish your denim dress with cute sneakers and baseball cap.
  11. You didn't say what is the style of your jumpsuit, is it wide-legged, slim, cropped, bright, neutral colored, printed, does it have any cut-outs? Anyway, you can add underneath sleeve shrug that will make an illusion of a sleeved jumpsuit. It's a pity, but you can't find a styling guide on how to wear strapless jumpsuits. Most ladies wear blazers and all kind of jackets over strapless jumpsuits. I've noticed many women wearing suit jackets draped over shoulders this style trick makes them look sophisticated and cool. By the way, the most important thing you should take into account is the fit of your jumpsuit. I highly recommend to spend extra cash to get jumpsuit tailored to your body. Why? If the fit is too baggy or tight, it can ruin the whole look.
  12. This pairing can look either dressed up or dressed down, everything depends on what top and jeans you gonna add. The heels and blazer automatically make its wearer look more formal and dressier. My personal favorite is of course casual look that consists of baggy jeans and classy T-shirt. But the same look can go from laidback to dressy in seconds. How? I just add a sparkling necklace and bracelet. The jeans, heels and blazer combo is an effective way to look sophisticated and glamour without any pull. If you want to look effective, but classic, I recommend to try on neutral blazer. The neutral tone allows you to play with jeans and shoes. Try on a sand colored one-button blazer with blue slim jeans, silken green blouse and classic heeled pumps in nude color, the result looks understated and versatile. Try on a camel color blazer with rolled jeans, striped black and white tee and classic black pumps. It can be used at fancy parties or simple day walks on the town. If you want to make this outfit brighter, I recommend to add bright color bag and jewelry, but keep them both in the same hue. How about wearing monochrome plaid blazer with skinnies, plain white tee and heeled Oxford brogues the result looks retro inspired and chic. I know ladies who love to play with all colors of the rainbow, by choosing a freshly colored blazer. Make it the focal point of your outfit by pairing it with classic blue denim bottoms and cool heels that can be in the same color as your blazer.
  13. It's no surprise you are interested in Italian fashion. Italians have style and they look fabulous in their clothes. It's no doubt, Italians have style. Just to remind: Italy consists of different regions where weather climate varies. It can be mild in Naples and south, but once you go North, it starts to become colder. That's why Milan is the city, where Fall months can be quite cold. The fall season comes with lots of layers. They love layering and they do it professionally. One thing I can't understand is that people in Italy start to wear heavy clothing already in October, no matter if it's still warm or not.
  14. Wear whatever you like! Parisian ladies wear all kind of jeans, including boyfriends, slim fits, skinnies, regular, bootcut and flares. Paris is a very big city, and it's multicultural, that's why it's okay to see "native" Parisians wearing jeans with runners. Do wear whatever you like and keep your look confident. What local Parisians don't understand and find it strange, then it's a heavy make-up and lots of jewelry.
  15. Hipsters wear comfortable footwear: cowboy boots, vintage shoes, all kind of flats, combat boots and unusual footwear. Hipsters try to be different, that's why you will never see a true hipster who is wearing the same shoes as the other hipster. There is no such thing as a cliche. Converse are no longer hipster shoes, as they can be seen on everyone. Hipsters do wear sneakers, but you should choose vintage ones, unusual runners that can't be seen on everyone. I like to see hipsters wearing classic Reebok. By the way, if you are more into heels, then heels height should be at least 5 inches! Ankle boots are still popular among hipster girls. Other shoes you can try: Keds, all kind of sandals, tennis shoes, boots, granny footwear, etc.
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