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  1. I am so tired of wearing dresses with heels! I hate being limited by my footwear, I want to feel comfortable and relaxed. That's why I want to know what sneakers look good with dresses? Thanks
  2. Hi ladies! I was wondering what color shoes should I wear with a gold dress? I am having a fancy party coming up and I think black heels is quite boring to wear with gold dress. I want something nice and trendy and please don't advice me to go gold from head to toe, I hate matchy-matchy looks!
  3. I was cleaning my closet and found lots of cropped cardigans. I am wondering are cropped cardigans are still in style? I think it's not fashionable any more. What you think?
  4. Hello ladies! I am going to attend one very special event next Wednesday, where I need to look dressy and formal. I decided to wear a black dress, as I have no time to buy a new one. I know black dress can look pretty much simple. So, I was wondering what jewelery to wear with a black dress? Thank you!
  5. Can someone please tell me what clothes I can wear with an open front cardigan? I know there are plenty of cardigan styles to choose from, but I need to know basic outfit ideas I can create with it.
  6. I am very glad you have such a nice dress code at work. I personally work in a company where we all have work uniforms, we have a very strict dress code. Sure, you can wear jeans if your bosses are okay with it. There are plenty ways how to dress your jeans up for work. Choose skinny, slim-fit or straight leg jeans in a dark hue. I would recommend to pair them with a navy or black blazer and white shirt underneath. You can finish off with a classic pair of black mid heeled pumps, classic watches and structured handbag. You can also try on cropped flares by teaming them with sleek and high-heeled ankle boots, but I try to avoid such looks. Another thing is the footwear. It can either break or make your office outfit. I recommend to choose traditional and classic pumps in neutral solid colours, but you can play with lace-up heels, ankle-boots and even with sandals. The colour of jeans should be dark, this will add a sophisticated touch to your office look.
  7. I love colored blazers, the ones colored in deep turquoise, dark blue, rich green, magneta, in other words, all styles that can create a gorgeous impression. You can style them with classic blue, black, red, pastel or white jeans. If you choose blazer and jeans in bright colors, you better keep heels in dark neutral hue. If you are not into colors, the best option so far is a tested look featuring black fitted blazer, white shirt tucked in dark blue slim jeans completed with black pumps. This outfit is both sophisticated and luxe. I know women who choose to wear distressed or boyfriend jeans with fitted blazers and classic pumps. The result looks casual and elegant. Imagine a sophisticated gray blazer with rolled up jeans and black stilettos. There are thousands and more cool ideas you can recreate with these three pieces. It can be both casual or dressy and suit almost every occasion. The blazer can be oversized, classic, fitted, cropped, elongated and jeans can be flared, skinny, ripped, cuffed, slim, boyfriends or regular. All you need is to mix and match three pieces together and create your own outfit that will underline your personality.
  8. I still have no idea what to wear to a Christmas party, that's why I decided to have a luck and ask this question in this forum. I have several places where I can go: a night out with my friends, family gathering in a restaurant, office party or a fancy fashion event. Can anyone, please advice me any outfit?
  9. I am going to Paris next month for one week. I wanted to know if Parisian ladies wear jeans? I want to look smart-casual, but I can't see myself without jeans. Please, let me know if French ladies wear jeans. If yes, what type of jeans are their favorite ones?
  10. I want to try hipster look, but I don't know how to finish my outfit. Please tell me, what shoes do hipsters wear? Are there any specific tricks I should know about? Thanks
  11. I am interested in Italian fashion, as I find it elegant and uber feminine! That's why I really want to know how to dress like an Italian woman in the Fall season. Anyone, if you know interesting ideas or tips, please share them with me. Thank you!
  12. I know it's not Summer season right now, but I really want to get some inspiration about Summer dresses with sleeves I can wear next 2017! If you know something, or want to share your favourite designs, please do it! This topic is made especially for those who are in love with long sleeve dresses!
  13. Hi everyone! This topic is made for those who know how to style shift dress for wearing at the office. If you know tricks, tips, inspirational images, please share with me!
  14. Another thing is the type of your jeans. If you wear neutral color skinnies, then they will make the overall look more classy and elegant, if you want to wear boyfriends, baggy, flared, wide, ripped or distressed jeans, then I am 100% sure your outfit will have a casual appearance. I also wanted to share my favourite street style images of ladies wearing various jeans with chic blouses:
  15. This combo is very popular among celebrities and models. I love this look because it consists of things you already own, so no additional pieces are needed, just your lovely dress and classic shirt. By the way, you can use any top you want: T-shirt, turtleneck, as well as light oh heavy sweaters (just need a structured and thick dress). Keep in mind several things before creating such look: white cotton shirt is good, but you should think of various textures, like lace, silk. A classic shirt with a structured collar will give you a dressy and somewhat formal look, that's why you should add a pretty necklace. All in all, wearing shirt under strapless dress will for sure give you an unexpected appearance. Believe me, your shirt will sharpen your lovely dress.
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