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  1. Can I wear a leather bomber jacket with a knit turtleneck sweater? What You think?
  2. Can I wear a leather bomber jacket with a scarf? Yes or no?
  3. We all know about sexiness and glamour look of blue color. In today's post I want to draw your attention to cobalt blue color looks. The cobalt blue is one of the most loved hues in the modern fashion world. I can't keep this as a secret no more, as I want to share with you all those must-have outfits to try next year. Keep on reading to know great ways on how to wear and style this color in your everyday life. This vibrant shade has a special eye-catching look that universally flatters all skin tones, making it easy to wear with smart-casual basics and evening attire. I am not afraid saying that this is one of few colors what is versatile and makes a bold statement. You can wear head to toe cobalt blue or add subtle pieces to your outfit, like outerwear or glamour accessories. This color is everywhere this season. Why? This hue adds energy and intensity to any outfit. If you are tired of wearing classic colors, like brown, black, grey and white, then this trend might be exactly the wardrobe update you are looking for. If you still not sure how to wear it, then I've got this brilliant street style compilation that features all my favorite street style looks featuring cobalt blue pieces. Keep on scrolling to see awesome ideas.
  4. Let's discuss these Celine Fall-Winter 2016-2017 outfits.
  5. Let's discuss these Chanel Fall-Winter 2016-2017 outfits.
  6. In October I go to my best friends wedding and I am looking to dress in a bohemian style, hippie or ethnic chic manner....
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