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  1. That's a marvellous lookbook. Plus size ladies gonna love these boho inspired outfits.
  2. Harem pants come in solid colors as well as in colorful prints. They can be easily dressed up or down. I personally recommend to pair them with tweed jackets or fitted blazers over tucked in blouses or button downs. This look is great for professional office hours.
  3. A peasant blouse can be long- or short-sleeved, long or cropped, ruffled or embroidered. This loose, breezy top can be worn with jeans, tailored pants, pencil skirts, shorts and maxi skirts. I like to see short-sleeve peasant tops with light blue flares or with floral, high-waisted pants. There are cool striped styles that can be paired with denim shorts and leather sandals. If you like sheer peasant blouses, try them on with edgy asymmetrical skirts or demonstrate a sexy 1970 look by adding high-waisted flares or patterned flares. Keep it Coachella inspired by wearing cropped peasant blouse with high-low hem black skirt and a wide-brim hat. A ruffled peasant top will look awesome styled with leather pants and minimalist-style heels. The same white peasant blouse can be worn with white lace shorts or wide-leg jeans and strappy flats.
  4. The wide-leg trousers should be balanced with your silhouette, that's very important. Neutral wide leg pants look awesome with classic loafers made of leather in dark colors, like brown, gray, navy. You can add textured or printed flats to add more interest to your overall look. I gathered my favourite Polyvore sets with wide-leg trousers. You will find absolutely stunning mannish looking outfits featuring oversized gray coats with matching gray wide-leg trousers and black heeled sandals, as well as brocade cherry trousers styled with white blouses and patent burgundy chunky heeled sandals, as well as many other office-friendly and casual looks.
  5. Pink is actually an easy color that matches completely anything. I have three pink sweaters: one in hot pink, other comes in a bit darker tone and the third one is sweet pastel blush. Each one of them looks good with all kinds of colors. I usually wear them with my skinny dark blue jeans, navy pants in flared look or with flared gray skirt. I haven't tried them with brown bottoms, but I know they gonna look awesome. I've got some Polyvore images with my favourite ideas how to wear pink sweaters. Hope you like them.
  6. @TishaMarten Yep, flats are great, but sometimes we want to look a bit higher.
  7. Everything depends on the color of the dress. But if you ask in general, then I guess slip-ons, Nike Air Max (sometimes they look big), Nike Roshe Run, Nike Flyknit, Nike SB, low top Converse, classic New Balance, old scool adidas are okay. Stay away from hi-top styles and athletic running shoes (they have weird look)
  8. Navy peep toe shoes with stiletto heels are perfect for those ladies who want to make an elegant appearance. It's a pity you don't want to try gold shoes. The result can be incredibly chic and sophisticated. I recommend to take a look at these Polyvore sets. I really hope these outfit ideas can change your mind!
  9. I like cropped everything! That's why I am not worried if it's int or out of style. If the garment suits me and feel comfortable in it, why should I follow some kind of fashion rules? And if you think it is too old fashion, you can always make it look modern with other pieces. Just to let you know, cropped cardigans will never out. Cropped cadigan is a perfect layering clothing piece that looks great with skirts, dresses and jeans. Here is my favourite way how I usually wear it in my everyday life. I use dark neutral color cardigan and wear it atop black-white striped top teamed with dark red skinny jeans.
  10. I think almost any color goes with black dress, that's why these frocks are so versatile. But I recommend to stay away from navy and brown color jewelry. Neckline of your dress also plays an important role. Square or scoop necklines look great with a necklace that is either longer or shorter than the neckline of your dress. Strapless black frock will definitely look awesome wit h a choker. V- necks look chic with necklaces and pendants. If your frock is completed with sequins or some kind of beading, better keep your jewelry simple. Never overdo your black dress with jewelry. Choose only one item that can underline your personality. If you choose long earrings, you better avoid necklaces. It will be too much! If you decided to wear more than one jewelry, make sure all your accessories are in the same color.
  11. There are thousands ways you can wear open front cardigan. The easiest way would be layer it over dresses and tops. I love the way it is worn with skinny jeans, capri leggings, dresses (all styles) , as well as with skirts and shorts. For a casual weekend look you can pair oversized cardigan with jeans and tee. If you are more into classic corporate look, try on belted cardigan that can be worn over pencil skirt. I love to see women who wear long cardigans under cropped leather jackets. If you want to add a bit of drama, I recommend to try on floor length cardigan and balance its length with a short skirt or mini shorts.
  12. If you are allowed to wear jeans at work all the time from Monday to Friday, then I am jealous! I really love jeans look! Of course, you should keep jeans dressed up and prevent casual outfits that make you look like you were jsut passing by. My personal suggestion: match your jeans with professional pieces, this will make you look classier and ready to work. Another thing is the jeans with distressed look and cuffed boyfriends- these types of denim bottoms are only for casual days, stay away from wearing it to the office. If you want to keep things simple, you can add a solid neutral color jersey top in clean lines and cover it with a blazer. Jeans in light wash often look too casual. Wide-leg jeans might be the easiest ones to wear at work, but I advice you to play with skinnies. Silk blouses are ideal tops for pairing with jeans. If you are not into blouses, how about classic button-down shirts? Anyway, I gathered several outfit ideas for office hours. Each look is completed with jeans. Hope you like the following ideas:
  13. I wanted to mention a cool way how ethnic fashion can update your denim dress. All you need is to add accessories (scarves, tiaras or hats) and jewelry (large earrings, set of rings, arm parties) with ethnic prints, or cover your dress with an Aztec print cardigan or kimono, if it's cold outside. The following accessories and layers can be colored in bright and unexpected colors, as denim by itself is a neutral color, that's why you can combine it with various hues and prints. Your denim dress can be accessorized with animal print, fluorescent and neon color accessories. Of course, many things depend on the style of your dress. If it's more fitted and comes with no rips or distressed details, you better keep it more formal and classy. All other versions, like off-shoulder ruffled designs, the ones in patchwork, ripped and oversized denim frocks should be worn in a more casual way. I've got polyvore sets featuring my favourite denim dress looks, hope you will find what you are looking for:
  14. This classy go-to option is a versatile one-piece garment that can be worn for various occasions. Plus you can style it in different ways. The strapless version can be dressed up or down, depends on what jacket you will wear over it. I gathered various polyvore sets. As you can see, strapless jumpsuit can be made in different lengths, cuts and legs width. There are thousands ways you can style it. Keep it edgy and casual for street walks on the town and cinema evenings, or dress it up with your favourite suit jackets and bright jewelry for a very special evening at restaurant with your boyfriend.
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