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  1. I decided to create this magnificent compilation of women's transitional coats to wear in Spring season. I know how hard it is to find an appropriate outfit for transitional weather. The time between seasons can make you crazy planning what to wear in the morning, day and night, as you really don't know what kind of clothes to choose. I am pretty sure you gonna like these styles, as every piece comes with special details that make it look special. The unpredictable temperatures between-seasons can be tricky, that's why comfort and warmth play major roles in deciding what clothes to wear. The coat is an essential outerwear piece that comes with a beautiful look, comfy fit and warm fabrics. Here are gathered a number of on-point outerwear designs that are ideal layers for glorious street walks around town. You will discover stylish outerwear picks that will feel like you are wearing lightweight garments. Personally, I am in love with every showcased styles, starting from cape-coats to duster coats. Most brands offer its clients classic silhouette designs that ideally suit any style, starting from glamour to rock chic and grunge addicted. Shop now and wear your essential favorite piece through the rest of spring.
  2. 've spent several days checking out next 2017 year’s athletic gear. I came in conclusion: This summer is full of stunning running shoes! You are about to see amazing styles to wear from Mondays to Sundays, no matter if you gonna use them for training or pairing with your lovely day frock. What is so important in newest sneakers versions? They have a minimal weight, they are extremely flexible, comfortable and functional. Each of these styles gives a fast, responsive ride. Believe it or not, but you can run for miles in this footwear. These shoes come with ideal benefit that gives you strengths to do more exercises. You can wear them for run or for training every day. The great advantage of these shoes: better design allows you to wear out them much longer. It pays dividends! Check out my approved shopping list that features all my favorite running shoes. I am pretty sure, each of these footwear designs will motivate you to hit your workout goals. All in all, it's a perfect time to refresh your running-shoe situation.
  3. Your summer outfit is incomplete without a nice panama hat. Headwear is one of the best ways to pull a look together. If you wondering how to pull off this style, then I am here to share with you my favorite looks to be inspired by. No matter if you having a bad hair day or you want to hide from sunrays- panama hat is your best friend. This hat is so simple to wear, but when it comes to styling...here comes the trouble! Panama hat is the synonymous to classic, retro inspired looks. But you can always make it look modern. How? Let me show you some of my favorites. You can rock it with all your everyday favorites, but you should keep in mind one crucial thing- BALANCE! I've rounded up the looks and here is what I've got. A hat is an automatically cool accessory that ideally suits lots of dresses and separates. You can go for a classic look by wearing a sort of Americana look by teaming striped dress with your favorite hat and espadrilles. You may try on lightweight button-down shirt and tuck it inside your fabulous skinnies and complete the look by adding panama hat. For a beach day you might like to try on your favorite panama with cute cover-up like kimono and bathing suit. Personally, I like keep things simple by wearing striped tee with denim shorts and my favorite panama hat. While, a completely effortless look is a maxi gown completed with a jean jacket and cute hat. Love the looks? Get the looks! I've rounded up inspirational yet attainable ways to style your panama hat, let me know your thoughts in the comments.
  4. I guess you all are familiar to fringe? In today's post we are about to see my favorite ways to wear fringe fashion garments and accessories and still look fabulous as never before. This detailing is everywhere right now. You can find it on shoulders of your fabulous distressed denim jacket, on wedge sandals, on bucket bags, on heels and the list can go on. Before buying any fringe style garment or accessory, you better know the perfect balance. Indeed, it's very important to know best ways to incorporate this bold embellishment with your basic essentials, so you look trendy and not like a cowgirl. Go for one piece that is embellished with fringe and leave the rest of your look basic. Fringe is always an eye-catcher. No matter if you are wearing it on shoulders, skirt or shoes. The fringed look is ideal for relaxed and effortlessly cool Fridays and Saturdays nights. This detail makes every lady look special and individual, plus it will never go out of style. Yes, this detail might look a bit daring, but fashion risks have big rewards after all. Are you ready to join fringe lovers group?
  5. Any woman can wear white jeans! Today I am happy to share with you my favorite ways of wearing white skinny jeans in day and evening time. What do I like about white skinnies is the stunning look that brightens up your overall outfit and makes you stand out from the crowd. I tell you honestly, at first I was afraid of wearing white jeans, as I thought they gonna be dirty in seconds, but then I thought to myself, the life is short, so I better wear them and look fabulous! This garment is one of those wardrobe staples that everyone must own, really! Use these looks as inspiration for your Spring wardrobe. A good pair of white skinnies will for sure turn your life around. Why? Because they look fresh and pretty! They can look unexpected during summer and winter seasons. I have rounded up easy styling tips how you can make white bottoms look perfect and voguish. I think white styles are ideal opposites to classic blue colored jeans. Here are gathered beautiful ladies and fashion influencers who illustrate fresh ways to style white bottoms in your everyday life. I know, I've been talking a lot about various denims, but the white skinnies are here to stay for a quite long time. You can look ideal by pairing flannel or tartan shirt with your chic white skinnies, or you can go for a fitted navy blazer to create professional look. Personally, I like adding neon colors, black tops and classy accessories. I know girls who do white-on-white making that special effect of a superstar look. You can go wrong by adding a chambray shirt that looks effortless and casual. Of course, if you want to make it more casual, then I recommend to try on camouflage print that will look really cool with white skinny bottoms. All in all, here are my favorite looks and style tips on how to wear white jeans.
  6. Nothing is more simple, more versatile and cool than a black-white striped top. This garment exists in most people's closets. I want to draw your attention to the best street style tips of wearing striped top this 2017. You are about to see various looks featuring wide and thin stripes. Why do I love this type of shirt? It truly goes with everything. You can wear it in different ways every single day. I love to see ladies wearing striped tops with leather jackets and edgy skinnies, or styled with smart-causal blazers and semi-formal pants. I've made this marvelous compilation of easy outfits that feature the same striped shirt. Scroll down to see best ways you can wear this must-have garment in your everyday life. Breton striped shirts come either in naval inspired look or more Parisian chic classic striped. We all want to wear something that looks classy, but still fashion-forward. You really need at least one stripe shirt to create those modern looking outfits. It's like an LBD, florals, leopard spots or dark skinnies that fit just right. In other words saying: you can't have too many striped shirts. It's one of those staples that will never go out of style. I like to name it as 'neutral' garment that can be perfectly matched with other patterns. The styling combos possibilities are endless. Forget about pastels and try one of these looks for your next week wear. This year comes with a new spin on easy-to-wear print.
  7. This time I want to speak about summer must-have essentials- SWIMWEAR. I've decided to create this stunning collection of summer swimsuits you will need for 2017 year. You have the one and only chance to find best swimsuits of the upcoming season, so you better be faster, as I know many ladies are in search for a nice summer update right now. Be ready to grab one of them before they are gone. In this compilation I gathered various styles from scallop and crochet details to sporty colorblocking and my favorite scuba-inspired designs. As you can see, spring-summer ready-to-wear trends have translated into swimwear this year. Can't tell you how excited I am! You are about to see 1970's trends, sporty must-haves, contrast color bikinis, Speaking of details, then I see athletic vibes, various cut-outs, crochet details, striking cuts and bright colors. Indeed, it's all in the details. There are sexy string details, bow and scallop details, colorful tribal prints, bold prints mixes, our favorite jungle patterns, etc. In all these beautiful styles you can actually feel and look sexy. Okay, here are the styles on the radar now, it might be your last chance to get them, better hurry-up!
  8. I love wearing mini dresses. I've got about 5 LBDs and 3 WLD in my closet. I am obsessed with crop tops, off-shoulder blouses, cut-off shorts and strapless tops. The summer 2017 season is ideal for wearing all these garments, but this year is all about long sleeve maxi dresses. You might ask me- WHY? This is a paradox. The vintage silhouette and bohemian touch make this gown look superb.You know what? I am in love with it. It's extremely comfortable than any other summer look. It gently covers my body and makes me look like a real fashionista. The shape of this dress makes you look sensual and timelessly chic. It's sophisticated, but easy to wear. This style makes you look special and individual. I see many girls wearing it right now. What I really like about today's fashion world is the wide range of choices. You can find so many interesting designs, colors and prints. You can find paisley, striped, checkered, neon and dark colored styles. As a bonus, it's an ideal design to wear during cold summer days. The long sleeves will make you warm and comfortable. It's one of the best frocks to wear for beach-to-drinks days. Don't say anything, just try it on. Ahead, some of the best options I'm crushing on right now. Long Sleeve Maxi Dresses For Spring/Summer 2017:
  9. I thought mules and clogs is already a history in the world of shoes fashion, but I was wrong. In today's post I want to share with you best mules and clogs styles for 2017 year. There is kind of tomboyish touch in almost every single pair of these shoes. Mules and clogs look sophisticated and incredibly creative. One thing really matters and it's the way how you can wear them in everyday life. In this street style collection I gathered all my favorite looks. Hope you will like them too. Keep on scrolling to see everything by yourself. There are fabulous ways to pair mules and clogs with spring culottes, A-line skirts, denim minis, 1970's style flares, midi and maxi skirts, as well as with boyfriend jeans. Opt for styles that have a very wide strap or those designs that only bare the ankle. More support, the better. My personal favorites are wooden clogs that look vintage, chic, classy and sophisticated. You can pair your favorite mules with printed shorts and statement necklace styled with a basic top, or you can break up denim on denim with some mules looking 1970's inspired. Be sure to try mules or clogs with boyfriend jeans and keep your overall look simple. Personally, I love wearing my mules with skinnies and simple button-down shirt. What mules and clogs are in style for 2017? Keep on scrolling for new shoes ideas!
  10. "WALK THE LINE" Collection by Understated Leather. Photography: Alexandra Valenti Muse: Nicole Trunfio Styling & Creative: Alyssa Miller
  11. In today's post we are going to speak about my favorite color — gray. You are about to see fabulous style ideas on how to wear an all gray outfits to work. I hope this compilation will inspire you to go into your closet and find many beautiful items to use with grey clothing. Before we move on, I want to say couple of things about grey color itself. Most people say it's a boring hue, but I consider it to be an ideal capacitor for making a special accent on details and components of your look. Be careful in choosing gray color. It comes in various hue shades, where dark gray makes you look older, strict and severe, so you better choose light grays, if you want to look younger. I do love this hue, it's the one neutral that can be worn by everyone. Anyway, I think we should move forward and see the best grey looks to wear in the office. May be this color is not your best friend, but in the end, it does creates a good outfit. For instance: crispy white shirt underneath grey pantsuit or skirtsuit can be upgraded by a statement green necklace, or you can add purple/pink handbag and pumps so you don't look boring. Gray color is one of the style trends. In other words it's a softer alternative to black and is actually easier to wear for women over 30 and 40. As I have already mentioned it's incredibly versatile color that can be worn in different ways. It looks ideal with soft pastels (baby blue, blush and pale turquoise), is great to combine with white and bright neon shades. It can be used as the starting base. Grey and pink create a soft romantic, but still classical look, for instance, you can go for a light pink knitted sweater and pair it with a lovely grey pencil skirt or tailored, pleated grey pants. I know many friends who love combining grey with dark green. This combo creates a more sophisticated and mysterious look. The classic must-have so far is the grey and cripsy white pairing. Don't be afraid of playing with different shades of gray.
  12. Festival season is not only music concerts, it's a real season of incredibly awesome street style fashion. In today's post I am going to show you my favorite festival street style looks and garments essentials that are so must-have in creating your one and only festival outfit. With SXSW around the corner and Coachella not far behind, it's an ideal time to choose and buy free-spirited garments and accessories, so you better take a closer look and let me know your thoughts. I took a free-spirited fashion cue from previous years' 1970's boho inspired looks and pulled together a beautiful street style collection of women's festival ready outfits. Believe me, every single piece will make you stand out from the crowd. Let's face it, everyone wants to feel that kind of nature friendly look that is half hippie and boho inspired. We want to wear loose, floating maxi gowns, lace tops and skirts. I promise, once you try one of these items you will look cool as hell. Be ready to wear hats that will not only block the sun from your eyes, but also look totally boho chic paired with sunnies and your flowy separates. Don't be afraid of mixing prints. Try on chic maxi skirts and gowns completed with vibrant patterns. You can complete your outfit by adding awesome boots that are made not only for walking, but also for making you look insanely hot. I recommend to wear suede made designs that can be paired with colored denim shorts and loose-fit 1960's inspired tank top. There are lots of other badass things to try, like see-through crochet mini dresses, butt-hugging shorts, jean-jacket vests, chunky sandals, ankle-boots, worn-looking jean shorts, big and statement bracelets, ladylike lace and chiffon crop tops, etc. Anyway, see everything by yourself and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
  13. Little white dress is a perfect choice for summer 2017 wear. In today's post I want to show you my favorite styles of LWD and ways to wear and style it in your everyday life. It's light, bright and fantastic piece of clothing that brings endless styling possibilities. You can wear it with anything you want, starting from metallic accessories to glamour blazers and modern accents. You gonna find plenty of amazing white frock designs, featuring sexy cutouts, luxe lace embellishments, asymmetrical hemlines and ladylike silhouettes. LWD is every summer season's must-have piece. You can wear it anyway you want, starting of pairing with your favorite athletic runners and sneakers for zipping around town, or pairing it with sexy heels and statement necklace for a glamour cocktail party. If you are short on ideas how to style this perfect frock, then I am here to highlight best ways to use this ensemble for your next walk out around town. When it feels like you want to wear something bright and versatile, then there is no better way than trying on one of these fabulous little white dresses. You can pair your sexy LWD with a cropped leather jacket and trendy sneakers for adding the right amount of an edgy touch to your casual look. Keep things ladylike by adding ladylike structured bag and black leather pointed-toe pumps. My personal favorite combo is white dress and gladiator sandals, it feels somewhat boho inspired and simple. Of course, sometimes all you need is just to add a statement necklace that will underline your femininity and make your LWD look like a brilliant. How about adding black ankle booties when it feels chilly outside? Ankle booties will make you look chic and sexy. Another great way to update your little white dress is simply add mannish essentials, like brogues and fedora hat. Anyway, let's have a detailed look and choose our own favorites. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Little White Dresses (LWD) For 2017 Street Style Inspiration:
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