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  1. Try these bottoms with heels, as harem pants are very slouchy. Heels will make them look more professional and dressy. Heels will let you wear harem pants to work. Better choose solid neutral color pants. Classic colors will ideally work for office wear. Keep in mind the construction of harem pants. Go for clean lines with structured pleats.
  2. You can style it with all kind of jeans. I personally wear my white peasant blouse with frayed denim pants or boyfriend jeans completed with white sneakers. This style blouse is great for day looks and night events. Peasant blouse will ideally fit holiday looks and vacations. It can be worn on the beach and rooftop parties. Try it on atop bikinis and xool denim shorts. It can also be worn to night clubs. Choose off shoulder design and tuck it inside tailored shorts with classy strappy sandals or wooden wedges.
  3. I wanted to know how to wear jeans to work and still look professional? I worm in a medium size company and we don't have a special uniform, the dress code is not strict. The bosses only want us to look representative, so we are free to wear what feels and looks nice. The thing is, no one wears jeans, only men. So, I wanted to ask, if I can wear jeans to work and still look professional. Please, can you tell me, if it's possible, or not? If yes, how should I dress up my jeans to look ready for work.
  4. I am going to buy several denim dresses for next summer season and I wanted to know how to wear a denim dress during Summer season? Maybe you know tips or ideas how I can make this denim piece look good on me? Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone! I want to know how to wear a black strapless jumpsuit? I want to wear it to my best friend's party that takes place in a restaurant and then we go clubbing. I wanted to know what should I wear over a strapless jumpsuit?
  6. I want to create a smart-casual outfit that I can use for dating, work and travel. I really want to pair blazer with jeans and heels to look more put-together, but I don't know it can be done. Would be great to hear suggestions or may be styling tips I should follow. Can you tell me how to wear a blazer with jeans and heels?
  7. If you are going to meet friends, then I guess you better choose practical and comfortable outfit that can be a blouse tucked in skinny jeans or a pencil dress that can be covered with a cute cardigan or blazer. If it's a restaurant, the best look is the one that is formal and dressy, but do not overdo it. I recommend to choose a classic color dress with no deep necklines or cut-outs and cover it with a cute shawl or fitted blazer. If it's an office party, you can keep things more brighter than at restaurant, you can try on shimmering or sequined looks. If it's a fancy fashion event, be queen and shine like a star with something bright and eye-catching, try on a cool jumpsuit in a slim of relaxed fit.
  8. Italian women during fall seasons love to wear classic neutral colors, like brown, camel, gray, black, beige, etc. This is a perfect background for adding pop of colors. Lots of women wear jeans in slim fit that are completed with chic boots or ankle boots. Italians love to wear sunglasses, it seems like they wear them during all seasons. Sunnies is a great way to pull any outfit together. Oh and I almost forgot to mention outerwear. No matter if it's trench, blazer or classic overcoat, they love to wear heavy layers.
  9. If you are beginner to this dress, then I recommend to start from a tailored shift. Choose the one that can be completed with a matching blazer, this will dress you up and make you look ready for conferences and business meetings. Speaking of colors, I advice you to choose a shift dress in blue, dark gray or black. Dark colors are more professional, classic and easy to match with accessories. If it's an ordinary day at work, then try on a cardigan over your dress. Go for a patterned cardigan over solid color shift. You are free to experiment with shift's length, try on maxi or midi styles.
  10. I think every hipster girl has her own style. That's why it's quite hard to identify most popular shoes worn by this subculture. Once you can surely say what shoes are popular among hipsters, then it's no wonder this footwear will be out of style in hipsters fashion. For instance, I remember Converse shoes were popular in hipsters wardrobe, until that day when everyone started to copy this look. If you want to look like a hipster and wear hipster shoes, I recommend to study street style images and choose yourself comfortable footwear.
  11. I personally like denim shorts that I named 'BOYFRIENDS'. They look awesome with white blouse. I also like the pairing of nude bodysuit with ripped jeans with wide upper area and slim bottoms. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention tomboy look that features slim black blazer, white shirt and special blue jeans with buckled ankle boots.
  12. Long sleeve dresses are very popular right now and I am 100% sure, they will be still IN next 2017 Summer!I personally love long sleeve dresses, as I am not so keen getting my arms out, as I have two scars that I don't feel like showing off. That's why I always cover my arms under layers. By the way, I have nice polyvore sets I can share with you. These dresses are perfect for wearing in warm summer days for various occasions.
  13. It's a big surprise to me that bride doesn't care about what shoes you gonna wear with your grey dress. Anyway, if you have such opportunity, then I advice you to experiment with footwear. You can choose from neutral dark hues, like black, gray and brown to silver, white and bright hues. I would definitely go for black, it's classic, elegant and you can wear bag in any color. Silver metallic or rose gold can be a good choice as well, but you might have a problem matching a bag with it. There is a good choice like nude color. It will elongate your legs and can be styled as black shoes. I know ladies who love to wear gray dresses with yellow shoes. The result looks really awesome. Or you can try navy, they look great as well.
  14. Skinny jeans look awesome with sneakers. They give a sort of an unexpected chic touch to your look. Make sure the chosen sneakers are fashionable, the same concerns your clothes. I recommend to play with your colors. Choose bright hues and keep them the center of everyone's attention. You can start from bright white styles with black outsoles. If you want to wear bright and multicolored ones, then you better pair them with neutral separates. My favorite sneakers are Adidas Stan Smith and Nike Roshe. Both look different, but very impressive. Adidas comes with white ones that make feet look elegant and chic, Niker Roshe have an atheltic touch that makes you look sporty and modern. By the way, skinnies require a lot of attention for teaming with sneakers. The skinny fit of jeans can make sneakers look bigger than they are in real life. That's why it's quite difficult to find appropriate sneakers that look nice with jeans.
  15. This footwear is a perfect match for a summer dress. This year we see lots of cool designs, including ankle-length gladiators, knee-length, metallic thigh-high pairs, spaghetti straps, strappy versions, as well as heeled and wedge designs. This footwear creates a very special and timeless appearance. Yes, this footwear comes with awesome silhouettes. Answering to your question: no matter what is the length of your gladiators, if you feel and look fine, then I see no point saying no! You are free to pair these shoes with all styles of dresses, from short to maxi ones. Yes, there are so many choices available now! Let me show you my favorite street style images of ladies wearing dresses with gladiator sandals. You gonna see women clad in off shoulder dresses styled with knee height gladiators, paisley loose-fit frocks paired with strappy gladiators, sleeveless red dresses with lace-up V-necks teamed with brown ones, maxi gown in bright red and dark green colors styled with golden high gladiators, as well as casual striped T-dresses worn with ankle length flat gladiators amd ,any more.
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