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  1. Is it considered to be trashy if black bra under white shirt is seen? I am asking this, because I started to see ladies on the streets wearing such combos. Is it okay?
  2. I have a lovely white dress, but it's see-through. Can you please tell me what can I wear under it? Are there tricks I should know about?
  3. Hello, I have a question about work clothes. I am bored of wearing suits at work, that's why I want to try a dress. Can someone please tell me what dress length is appropriate for work?
  4. Hi everyone! I want to know waht bottoms I can wear with a bodysuit? Are there interesting outfit ideas I can create? Would be nice to see images! Thanks!
  5. I want to buy printed jeans this weekend, but I don't know what to wear with them. Can you please tell me what tops to wear with printed jeans? Thanks!
  6. I have several sheer tops that I want to try on. The problem is, I have no idea what to wear inside sheer tops. Can you be so kind and advice me some tips? ideas? Photos? Thanks!
  7. Are there any tips or tricks to know how to wear blouse to look slim? I am not plus sized, but I always think I am too heavy for blouses, can someone please help me?
  8. I want to know what to wear with jeans in the Summer? Can you give me advice or outfit inspiration of possible looks I can create with denim during hot days? What jeans styles I should wear? What tops? What shoes? Thanks!
  9. Gray is a neutral color, that's why you can wear it with any shoe color you want. Let it be pink, purple, orange, aqua, coral, turquoise, emerald, light blue, black, white, etc. Or you can go for prints, like florals or wild cheetah or leopard. Sure, the classic options are silver or gray. Silver might be the best. But you can also choose bright hues, like yellow. They do look cute and youthful. By the way, I saw ladies who wear gray with bold red and green pumps result looks extremly sexy and gorgeous. Keep your look clean and bold!
  10. My personal suggestion is to stay away from running shoes, the ones that are athletic and meant for running. The result can look like you forgot to change your shoes after the gym. Wear only lifestyle sneakers or with tennis shoesor slip-ons. There are lots of nice brand which offer its clientele walking trainers. This footwear has to look trendy and modern. You can either make them look balanced with the overall outfit, or keep them bright and make a stand-out look. Your sneaks should be always clean and shiny, otherwise you risk to look like a homeless. I highly recommend to try on New Balance sneaks with skinnies. This footwear comes in so many colros and styles, you can experiment with them as much as you want. They do look awesome with skinnies, tanks to wide fit and larger toe cap. Some trainers look too big with skinnies, such as Chuck Taylors, they visually lengthen your feet. That's why choose sneaks wisely, the result should look miniature and elegant.
  11. Dress and gladiators is a perfect combination! I love the Roman vibe that makes you look very, very,very special. I personally have several dresses, like a tunic, sheath, sundress and maxi gown that I only wear with gladiator sandals. You can choose whatever style you want. Today we can buy flat or heeled gladiators made of all kinds of materials, starting from classic leather and patent looks to shinny materials and embellished versions with buckles and hardware. I am a big fan of peasant dresses worn with lace-up gladiators, this outfit looks so boho inspired. If you want to make your outfit look dressy and ready for a date night, then you should give a try to tall gladiator sandals with low heel. They can be worn with all kinds of mini dresses. The result looks sexy! By the way, there is one place is ideal for gladiators and it's Summer music festival. Go for a dark neutral slipdress and style it with black gladiators. Did I say how much do I love off shoulder dresses? I love to see them with cute metallic gladiators. As you have already understood, you can wear gladiators with almost any kind of dress. Look at these polyvore sets and choose your favourites.
  12. I recommend to try on nude color pumps. They will definitely gonna lengthen your legs and underline your individuality. It's the same as black ones, they go with virtually everything. Black and nude looks classy and timelessly voguish. All you need is to find nude pumps that match your skin color. Designer brands offer its clientelle all kind of nude pumps, including open-toe, leather, patent, pointy-toe and other ones. If you are sick of black pumps, then you definitely should try on nude heels. Anyway, there are lots of other colors you can try with your black dress, including: Neutrals, like black, white, gray; shiny glittery; one color ; colored on glossy look; printed metallic sheen; color-blocking; in the color that matches your jewelry or accessories. Below are shown my favourite polyvore sets you can copy:
  13. The skirt and ballet flats look is quite tricky to be done, but everything is possible. The shorter skirts should be worn by petite ladies and if you are tall girl, then you can try skirt in any length. If you have thick calves, I recommend to wear above the knee skirt, or a maxi or ankle-length skirt (of course if you are tall), otherwise it will make you look very large. I recommend to choose a light and fluid skirt. Take a moment and have a look at my favorite polyvore sets featuring all kind of cool skirts:
  14. Hmm...rubber shoes are classics. but I think you should try patent leather shoes, they are the same as wellies, but can fit various outfits. I recommend to choose menswear inspired Oxfords. Please NOTE! You should never wear velvet or suede shoes in the rain! Choose patent leather boots and flats, duck boots, 1990's inspired tevas sandals, jellies, or CROCS. I recommend to buy Crocs that do not look like well-known Crocs. Go for stylish ones.
  15. Wide-leg jumpsuit is quite a popular style. That's why I think its no hard to choose shoes to wear with it. You will need footwear that can balance out the volume of your jumpsuit. I prefer heels, as they are appropriate for the length of the pants. Go for chunky heels, sexy stilettos or wedges. Think of sandals or classy pumps. You can also opt for wedge heel sandals, caged or wide-strap sandals. But of course, many things depend on the setting where you are up to go. If it's a dressy event, then heels are ideal choice, if it's a more casual party, then you can try on sandals. But avoid wearing too much casual footwear. By the way, lots of things depend on the jumpsuit by itself. there are styles made of denim, so you can wear them only to casual events. Check out my favorite polyvore sets with all kinds of jumpsuits and shoes:
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