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  1. I am invited to a wedding this October as a bridesmaid. The ceremony takes place in a garden and then we go to a big ballroom. The bride told us to wear gray dresses, but she doesn't care what shoes we will wear. So, I want to know what shoe color should I choose with a grey dress? I have a charcoal grey dress and I have no idea what color shoes to wear with it. Would be nice if you can give me some advice? Tips? Ideas? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! I have a problem here. I can't decide what sneakers to wear with my skinny jeans. That's why I want someone tell me, how should I wear skinny jeans with sneakers? Are there some rules or tips I should follow to create a fabulous street look? Thank you
  3. I am a big fan of gladiator sandals. I like them for their ancient Roman inspired look. I want to wear them on the streets during casual days, as well as to malls and casual parties. Please tell me, how to wear gladiator sandals with a dress? What kind of length should my gladiators be to fit dresses?
  4. What color shoe I can wear with black dresses? Hi everyone, I have a question regarding styling my favourite black dress. I know black pumps will for sure fit me right, but what else can I wear? Please advice!
  5. I want to invest in beautiful ballet flat shoes, but I have no idea how to wear them with skirts. I really want to try this footwear with a skirt, but what should I know before creating such a combo? Please, tell me how to wear ballet flats with skirts. Thanks.
  6. Amelia Walker

    What shoes to wear in the rain?

    Ladies, I need advice from you! What shoes to wear in the rain? Today is a rainy day and I have to meet my friends in the city centre. I know I can wear gumboots, but may be you can advice me something else? What shoes do you wear when it rains to keep your feet dry and look nice? I usually wear ugg boots when it's cold and rains, but in the summer time I wear jelly sandals.
  7. I have a problem. My mom bought be a beautiful wide-leg jumpsuit, but I have no idea what shoes I can wear with it. The wrong style of shoes can completely ruin my look, that's why I ask you for help. Can you give me some advice or ideas what shoes can I wear with wide-leg jumpsuit? Thanks.
  8. Amelia Walker

    How to wear loafers with a dress?

    If there is one pair of flats that really drives me crazy, then it's a pair of loafers. Anyway, my question for today is can you wear loafers with a dress? If yes, how to wear them? Please advice...
  9. I just received an awesome romper that I felt in love with, but the thing is, it's going to be cold soon, that's why I was wondering how to wear a romper with tights? Can I wear tights under it for colder days and nights? And how to wear romper with tights and boots? Please advice!
  10. Hi everyone! I really want to know what do French people usually wear in their everyday lives? Can you tell me what clothes are basics for them? And how to create that French chic look? If you have street style images or clothing sets you can share, I'd be thankful! Waiting for kind replies
  11. Amelia Walker

    What are best jeans for middle aged woman?

    I have an hourglass figure.
  12. I was wondering if there are some kind of certain styles of jeans for middle aged women? Are there any rules for women over 40+? I faced a real challenge in shopping jeans. I see so many styles, colors, washes and details to choose from, but I don't know which ones should I buy. Any help?
  13. I am going to attend my best friend's casual birthday party which takes place in a local bar-restaurant. I want to wear fun and functional attire that can take me through the entire event comfortably. It starts around 3 pm and ends about 9 pm. What should I wear to such casual birthday party? Please advice.
  14. I've got an unexpected and versatile denim dress. It comes with a knee length in mid blue color. My question is: how should I wear this denim dress to work? It doesn't have any cut-outs, sheer details, the overall look is classic, fitted and I would say conservative. I want to ask you, what to throw on underneath and atop and how to accessorize it, so I look professional and ready to work.
  15. Hi everyone! I am 32 years old and today I bought light blue jeans. I wanted to ask you, what color shirt will ideally go with my new light blue jeans? I have spend too much time on Pinterest and it didn't help me! That's why I need women's opinion, not some kind of stupid machine offerings. So, please can you suggest me interesting pairings I can recreate tomorrow? Thank you!