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  1. The collection is magnificent! I would love to buy the ruffled front tied Paisley printed blouse and deep v-neck emerald tee completed with ruffled detail! I also like the spaghetti strap V-neck printed maxi dress and boho inspired V-neck tunic dress. The jumpsuit is great for wearing to music festivals!
  2. coated jeans are also a fashionable and trendy choice for fashion-forward women who are looking for economical, practical, and stylish street style wear. More breathable than edgy leather pants, coated jeans are a great alternative to Coated jeans will give your style some flair. You can wear these bottoms anywhere you want, starting from home parties and streets to the office. Try them on casual Friday by teaming with sleek cream white blouse and fitted blazer. I like to see women wearing these jeans with denim tops, sweaters, borrowed from boys shirts, shiny tops, with coats and leather jackets. If you are looking for an inspiration on how to wear these jeans, I advice you to take a close up look at these polyvore sets:
  3. You can break away from everyday monotony by wearing sweet light pink jeans. This hue makes me think of something sweet, spring, flowers and blue skies and pony! I am pretty sure, these bottoms will make you happy, no matter what is your mood. Try them on with classic white shirts, denim shirt, black and white striped tee, polka dot T-shirt or basic white top. Of course, each of these tops can be layered with cool leather, suede or denim jacket. Just give these jeans a shot!
  4. Nowadays, I see many business ladies who wear distressed jeans to work. And it seems like OKAY. For me, it's still a bit weird and not appropriate. But I see that many stylists approve ripped jeans to wear at work. I think it's quite hard to make tiered jeans work for office environment. But I must admit the shredded jeans look sophisticated with professional garments. The contrasts make its wearer look individual and special. Anyway, it's very hard to balance the office look with distressed jeans. I saw interesting Polyvore sets I want to share with you. Hope these ideas will inspired you:
  5. A lot of people call tennis shoes sneakers because of their look. But actually they cost a bit more than basic sneakers, because of their soles, flexible uppers, comfort, stability and durability. Running shoes are designed to cushion the foot as it presses on the ground. Both runners and tennis shoes are designed for different activities and for specific movements. Tennis shoes provide a good grip allowing your ankles to move around, whilst running shoes let you pound the pavement without a pressure of the hard ground. Tennis shoes will suit for different types of courts and have to be chosen according to the height of the foot arch. Running shoes are designed for all kinds of tracks, as well as for sands run and they should be chosen according to the height of the height of the foot arch.
  6. I am wondering what can I wear with my yoga pants to school, city centre, to the mall, and casual chit-chats with my friends. I want to create a look that is sporty, but not athletic. Maybe you can have ideas or you can tell me what looks to create with yoga pants? Thanks
  7. I don't understand. Do you need ideas how to wear tennis shoes with skirts for a tennis training day or you ask how to wear tennis shoes with all kinds of skirts in everyday life? If you ask how to wear tennis shoes with skirts for a training day, then you just need to make sure your shoes and skirt match in colors. If you want to create an urban sporty look for a street walk on the town, then you are free to experiment however you like.
  8. Hello everyone! I am fan of countryside style and I want to know what kind of shirt I can wear with cowboy boots and jeans? I need something smart-casual that can be easily transitioned into dressy look. Can you help me? Thanks
  9. Stay away from thin or holey pants. The light pants with holes that are old should be avoided. Sure, old pair of leggings might be comfy, but if they look like crap, then you better stay away from wearing them. Avoid see-through leggings they will make you look weird. Better choose leggings in dark colors made of durable material. Never wear shirts that do not fit you right. T-shirts, loose fit tanks and cropped tops are not for yoga classes, as they tend to fall over your head every time you do poses. Better go for fitted tanks that are tight and don't fall down. Don't wear revealing tops that are low-cut and see-through. You don't want your boobs to fall down while doing yoga poses. Better opt for tops that support your body.
  10. I am sure, finding proper jewelry for a dress can be hard, especially if it's a red dress. This shopping process is hard, but the result can be worth your pulls. This essential accessory is a must for special parties and events. It can take your dress from drab to fab in seconds! Make sure that jewelry enhances the color of your vibrant dress. Gold is a beautiful match for red color. These two colors will ideally compliment each other. Go for a golden necklace with red dress and complete it with gold bracelets. The result looks regal and expensive. If you are more into classics and retro, I recommend to choose pearl jewelry, like earrings, necklaces or bracelet. Next thing is silvery jewelry. This is a perfect alternative to gold items. It still compliments your dress, and it's not so flashy as golden pieces. Diamonds are girls best friends. Ladies wear them to sparkle and make statement on the streets. I am pretty sure that diamond jewelry will easily grab everyone's attention and make shine like a star. If you do like funky looks, then you better go for gemstones. Pair your red dress with contrasting colors to make a statement wherever you are. Choose ruby, sapphire, emerald and amethyst gemstones. I personally think that the best jewelry to wear with red dress is yellow gold jewelry. I also want to show you my favorite polyvore sets you can get some inspo:
  11. Black can be matched with everything. This is a universal color that suits almost anything. Black frock can be worn on any occasion. Of course you need right accessories so it can go a long way. Black dress and red heels combo looks gorgeous and extremely luxe. This pairing will never go out of style. Its a timeless combination. All you need is to add classy accessories and jewelry. A pair of red pumps or sandals will make any black ensemble look fresh and feminine. I recommend to try on tulle black dress with patent red pumps and complete it with a silvery metallic clutch. Or you can go for a bodycon or pencil cut dress and team it with suede red heeled sandals and complete this pairing with glamour diamond necklace and mini clutch bag.
  12. Sneaks and dresses is a stunning combination. The same dress can look differently with trainers. Indeed, the dress you wore on a date with heels can look cool and fresh with a pair of kicks. I've got Polyvore sets to share with you, so you can see how various dresses look good with sneakers. You can choose whatever dress you want, starting from tulle, shifts, denim overall dresses to crispy white ones, crochet and sweater dresses. All these styles can work with just about any sneakers.
  13. I love to see Oxfords with fall looks that are completed with layers. Cute Oxfords can be worn with leggings and oversized sweater. Denim shorts can be teamed with jumper, tights and oxfords. You can keep things casual with boyfriend jeans and classic blazer to dress your shoes up. In love with sexy looks? Go for cardigan, flared skirt, thigh-high socks and Oxfords. Floral dress gonna make these shoes look awesome, all you need is to add a slouchy sweater and a cute hat. Black oxfords look cool with colored jeans. I recommend to try the following combo: striped shirt, cardigan, jeans and Oxfords. If it's warm, then you better try on crop top, skater skirt and shoes.
  14. How about pairing chunky heeled OTK boots with high neck minidress? This pairing will balance out your overall coverage. You can add a sexy drape loose coat to finish this look. I love to see ladies in loose-fit and soft knitted dresses worn with neutral black OTK leather boots. I know many women who choose cardi-dresses teamed with over-the-knee boots, it looks posh and glamour. Choose a dress that stops two inches above boots, this look is great for creating layered outfits.
  15. I highly recommend to choose subdued color and style of your knee-high boots. Choose black or chocolate brown colors. The bright colored and patterned styles should be left for an awesome night-out. Stick to leather or suede knee boots that look simple and classy. Depending on the office environment, pick either heeled or flat version. If you want to wear heeled boots, I advice to pick the ones with shorter heel. Of course, depending on dress code, you can choose even the ones with stiletto heels, just make sure you can still do your job. Knee-boots can be worn with leggings, sweater dresses, skirts, from short to below the knee ones. On casual Friday you can even try on jeans with boots. I've got couple of ideas for you, hope these polyvore sets images will help to create a perfect office look:
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