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  1. I think best shoes to wear with skinny jeans are heeled sandals, pumps, sneakers, flat pumps and ankle boots
  2. I think white clothes will look great with red heels, animal print dresses, all black, polka dot looks, stripes, and nude clothing gonna make you awesome !
  3. Depends on the jeans fit. Skinnies, regular and boyfriend look okay, flares and capris look bad
  4. Let your scarf peak out of the turtleneck's neck or wear it on shoulders
  5. If you are sick of work uniform, but still want to look professional, then you can try a lovely dress. Think of a structured shirtdress. If it's cold outside, then I recommend a coatdress. If you are not into dresses, then you might like to try on a short sleeve jacket, or kimono and pair it with culottes or loose-fit pants. Never fear to try on something new. Getting dressed for the office can be a very cool thing, all you need is patience.
  6. If we speak about professional outfit that looks fresh and ladylike, then I recommend to start from light fabrics. If it's a hot summer, then you better think of comfort. I recommend to wear clothes with strategic slits. Why don't you try on skirts with a mid slit that will underline your femininity and still looks professional. Think of dressy tees, make it look more polished by tucking it into skirt or trousers. If you are more into dresses, then my favorite one is a shirtdress, it's professional enough for wearing to work. Some ladies want to wear black clothes, that's why I suggest you to try on black lightweight separates. Keep your clothes smart looking, lightweight and bright!
  7. I am 40 y.o. My friends tell me I am dressed very old. I would like to know what kind of summer outfits should I wear to look both confident and ladylike.
  8. Before getting tattoo you better have a shower, have a meal, forget about getting drunk. If there is one reason not to get a tattoo, then it's HAVING NO IDEA what you want. So, if you really want to make a tattoo, you better be sure what you want, otherwise you will regret in the future. The removal of tattoo will cost you much!
  9. I am not a fan of tattoos! Of course, you can make them if it's something personal and private. But, I see lots ladies who expose half of their bodies to show off their new tattoos. that's stupid thing! I hate Chinese abbreviations and dragon tattoos.
  10. I do like to see ladies with natural brushed and bushy eyebrows. If you don't have such, then you better forget about it.
  11. I am classic French nail lover, but I do like pastel nails. I like pastel green nails:
  12. I love platinum blondes too! The result looks bright, sexy and ladylike.
  13. Frankly speaking, blue eyed ladies look awesome with all kinds of hair color. All you need is to consider one simple feature, like skin tone. Personally, I love to see black hair ladies with blue eyes, they look original, as we see too many blonde women with blue eyes. Anyway, all hair colors go with blue eyes.
  14. My favorite movie is Saint Laurent. I am so in love with Gaspard Ulliel!
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